ActiveCampaign: How to Use the Tool to Maximize Reach And Impact

One of the leading email marketing platforms is ActiveCampaign. This has been revolutionizing the industry since its establishment in 2003. On the other side, the headquarters of ActiveCampaign in Chicago has a global reach. ActiveCampaign has appointed itself as a well-known player in the content writing domain.    

 This email marketing tool boasts a team of over 1000 dedicated employees, serving a large set of customers, around 150,000. Recently, ActiveCampaign has gathered a reputation for its innovative creation of solutions and exceptional service.   

 After estimating the fact, it has been seen that ActiveCampaign has an estimated annual value of $174.6M and a current valuation of $3B. After all, ActiveCampaign continues to demonstrate its significant and remarkable growth. This affects the business market across the world. ActiveCampaign is like the email marketing software Moosend.    

What Are The Benefits Of ActiveCampaign, Especially For E-retailers?

ActiveCampaign understands the unique requirements and other challenges that these organizations face. Above all, ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive email marketing platform that empowers several other businesses to create effective and engaging email campaigns. Below, I will discuss how to use ActiveCampaign to maximize the effect and reach.    

1) Email Marketing    

ActiveCampaign lets e-retailers send and create targeted email campaigns to many customers. Above all, the email marketing tool ActiveCampaign would help to build relationships and increase customer engagement rates. Furthermore, this would drive sales via personalized communication.    

2) Marketing Automation    

ActiveCampaign platform offers a robust marketing automation capability, enabling e-retailers to create an automated workflow. The sequences of ActiveCampaign are based on customer behavior and several other actions. Moreover, the automation feature would help to nurture leads and convert them into customers. This would re-engage the existing customers.

3) CRM Integration    

ActiveCampaign implements multiple customer relationship management systems. This would enable e-retailers to centralize customer data, and this would help to streamline their marketing and sales efforts.   

 Implementing such CRM provides a unified view of several other customer interactions and would allow customers to build better relationships. On the other hand, this email marketing tool would also be feasible to target a specific set of audiences.    

4) Personalization    

ActiveCampaign permits e-retailers to garner and store customer data. This includes purchase history, behavior, and preferences. On the other hand, the data of email marketing tools can be used to create highly personalized experiences for several customers. In this case, it could significantly enhance the conversion rates.    

5) Lead Scoring and Segmentation    

ActiveCampaign email marketing tool offers several lead scoring abilities, and this would allow e-retailers to identify the most qualified leads.   

The information from other email marketing tools can segregate customers into groups based on such interests. Afterward, this would also be beneficial to enable more targeted marketing campaigns.    

6) Reporting and Analytics    

ActiveCampaign email marketing platform provides detailed analytics and reporting, giving e-retailers insights into their performance. This would apply to their campaigns, click-through rates, open rates, and so many others.   

 Several insights would help your business in terms of evaluating the effectiveness of other marketing strategies, and this would allow you to make such data-driven decisions.    

7) E-commerce Integration   

ActiveCampaign is implemented with several popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.    

At the same time, the implementation allows e-retailers to analyze and track customer behavior and automate orders. The cart abandonment follow-ups trigger the targeted campaigns based on such specific Ecommerce events.   

What Are The Best Features Of Activecampaign?   

ActiveCampaign has a user-friendly registration procedure and an intuitive interface. Below, I am going to discuss the best features of ActiveCampaign.    

1) Segmentation    

After researching the facts, the segmentation feature of ActiveCampaign would empower businesses to send several other personalized emails. Furthermore, it would also be feasible to segregate the contact list.    

 Tailoring such emails would differentiate the audience segment based on demographics, location, or even purchase history, which would help you achieve higher engagement rates.    

 Furthermore, this would also enhance the campaign’s effectiveness. If you want to send such targeted emails to such a one-man, then ActiveCampaign’s exceptional feature would enable the creation of relevant content for every segment.    

2) Subscription Forms    

The subscription forms of ActiveCampaign would help you to capture and automate the customer’s information. This offers several other subscription forms that allow businesses to capture business leads and automate information management of customers.    

 From simple sign-up forms to more advanced options, businesses could easily collect valuable data from their website visitors. Furthermore, you could seamlessly add subscribers to such contact lists and be able to send other welcome emails. This would even enhance the customer’s journey from the beginning.    

3) Live Chat Conversations and Messaging    

One of the most significant features of ActiveCampaign is live chat conversations and messaging. With the help of this feature, you can engage with your website visitors and where you can turn them into customers and subscribers. This feature is also unavailable to several other users, which is a letdown.    

 When somebody visits your site, they can contact you through Live Chat. You engage them and ask them what they are looking for. Eventually, you could further ask them to share such email addresses with you. Therefore, you will be able to send such detailed information.    

 Moreover, if you want to enable such chat conversations, you must add a short snippet of code to your site. Overall, the chat windows will appear at the bottom of the webpage for a few minutes once you can add the code.    

4) ActiveCampaign Security Features   

After estimating the fact, it has been seen that ActiveCampaign offers such a top-notch security method. At the same time, this company has established such systems and several other security measures to protect your data and customer information.   

 ActiveCampaign is a GDPR-compliant. The pricing of ActiveCampaign is especially for enterprise users. On the other side, the active data security of ActiveCampaign implements such a development procedure while you constantly use several other in-house tools through which you can scan code and infrastructure.    

 Furthermore, the security features of ActiveCampaign would also protect your data and information via single-tenancy classification. This means every user’s information has been stored separately, and such an application has secured every user.    

What Are The Top Alternatives And Competitors Of Activecampaign?

There are several alternatives and competitors of ActiveCampaign. After all, they are suitable and applicable for every type of user. Below, I will discuss the top options and competitors of ActiveCampaign.   

1) Brevo    


One of the cost-effective alternatives of ActiveCampaign is Brevo. Especially if you are sending bulk emails, this email marketing tool is one of the most significant. Moreover, this marketing automation software would offer every email feature and even more other features.

What are the most significant features of Brevo?

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Easy-to-use automation workflow editor
  • Email & SMS personalization feature
  • Transactional email service feature
  • And drag-and-drop email builder feature is also available.
  • GDPR-compliant sign-up forms for multiple lead generations. 
  • Why is Brevo better than any alternative to ActiveCampaign?
  • After researching the fact, it has been seen that ActiveCampaign doesn’t charge for the contact list size. By charging $25 per month, you could access over 20K email credits and unlimited contact storage.
  • Users could send up to 300 emails per day. Even users can store an unlimited number of contacts.    
  • Every Brevo user can transmit transactional SMS and bulk SMS marketing campaigns.
  • If you have required only such a transactional service, these plans start at just $15 monthly. 
  • Brevo users can make and run Facebook Ads directly from multiple Brevo accounts.

2) Klaviyo

Another one of the most significant SMS and email marketing automation tools is Klaviyo. Eventually, users can choose this for advanced automation workflows and several other e-commerce-specific features.

Why is Klaviyo one of the most significant alternatives to ActiveCampaign?

  • Firstly, Klaviyo gets expensive relatively fast as your mailing list grows. In this case, this alternative email platform is free for more than 200 contacts. But once you exceed the limit, you must pay an additional $20 monthly.
  • Secondly, another reason Klaviyo is one of the most significant software is that it offers some powerful features, especially for ecommerce. This email marketing tool has exceptional features, such as dynamic coupons for Shopify and Magneto platforms.
  • Finally, the free and paid users can also send SMS messages to such customers within the US. Over 50 and 100 SMS sends are included in all plans.

3) MailChimp


Another world-famous email marketing platform and one of the most significant alternatives is Mailchimp. Aside from that, this combines a wide range of features into one intuitive interface. After all, with the help of this email marketing tool, you will create several simple email campaigns.

Why is MailChimp a beneficial email marketing tool?

  • One of the most significant differences between MailChimp and ActiveCampaign is that they offer such a free plan. Moreover, this could be more generous. This gives you access to over 500 contacts.
  • The customer journey builder of Mailchimp would allow you to create simple customer journey-based automation.
  • MailChimp is such a good option for small businesses that you are just getting started with email marketing.

4) ConvertKit


One of the most significant alternatives of ConvertKit is primarily for content creators. Even more, YouTubers and Bloggers can build lists, monetize their content, and run newsletters through this email marketing tool.

Why ConvertKit is such a crucial email marketing tool?

  • ConvertKit starts at $9 per month for almost 300 mailing list subscribers.
  • A free plan is available for users that don’t store more than 1000 contacts. The free tier doesn’t include an automatic email series or advanced reporting functionality.
  • ConvertKit offers an implemented payment procedure with low transaction fees.
  • ConvertKit’s integrations, such as webinar services, affiliate management tools, etc., are exceptional. This would also allow you to run successful promotional campaigns.

5) AWeber


AWeber is one of the most crucial email marketing tools and a remarkable alternative to ActiveCampaign.

Why is AWeber a remarkable email marketing tool?

  • Firstly, AWeber users can store up to 500 contacts and send over 250 emails monthly.
  • Secondly, AWeber starts at $12.50 per month for up to 500 subscribers.
  • Finally, an unlimited landing page and other email templates are also available in AWeber. Advanced analytics and behavioral automation are included in AWeber’s paid plan.
  • AWeber offers assistance with developing customizable email or other landing page templates. This is applicable if you pay the additional fee.

6) Drip


Another best ActiveCampaign alternative, especially for Shopify merchants, is Drip.

Why Drip is a remarkable email marketing tool?

  • Firstly, drip is not the cheapest alternative like Sendinblue to ActiveCampaign. This begins at $39 per month for almost 2500 contacts. Users will pay more to add contact credits and SMS notifications to their packages.    
  • Secondly, drip doesn’t offer such a free plan, which you could test. Even you’d start a free 14-day trial.
  • Even more, it has been seen that Drip has only one paid plan. This usually starts from $39 monthly. Users access all advanced features, which include custom automation, templates, dynamic segmentation, and so many others.
  • Drip and ActiveCampaign both provide implementations with Facebook’s custom audiences.

7) MailerLite


Another crucial viable option, especially for individual creators, is MailerLite. In this case, you could get an affordable CMS solution if you are looking for a combination of email marketing tools.

Why MailerLite is a remarkable email marketing tool?

  • After researching the facts, MailerLite is probably one of the cheapest alternatives to ActiveCampaign.
  • ActiveCampaign which is a great mailerlite alternative, would allow for monthly over 12000 emails along with over 1000 subscribers. This is similar to MailerLite.
  • CMS users could create such custom domains and would see click map reports in both growing business and advanced businesses.
  • Several ecommerce brands could connect their online stores even more. You could set up such behavior-triggered campaigns.    

8) GetResponse


GetResponse is one of the most significant email marketing tools if you want a marketing automation solution.   

Why is GetResponse such a remarkable email marketing tool?

  • In this case, the basic plan of GetResponse starts with over 1000 contacts, costing around $13.30 per month.
  • Moreover, users could access several other autoresponders, basic segmentation, ecommerce tools, etc.
  • At the same time, users could also send approximately 500 contacts in a permanent free plan.   
  • SMS marketing and transactional email sending are only included if you go for a custom enterprise-level plan.

9) Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

When this is about a very similar email marketing tool to the active campaign, then Campaign Monitor would be one of the great options.

Why is Campaign Monitor a significant email marketing tool?

  • Firstly, the pricing packages of Campaign Monitor and ActiveCampaign are quite similar. The pricing plans of Campaign Monitor start at $9 per month.
  • In particular, campaign Monitor doesn’t have any free plan.
  • Campaign Monitor has several unique features, and one of them is Link Review. This tool would identify several other broken links in current emails.

In Conclusion

I have discussed how to use ActiveCampaign to maximize reach and impact above in this article. With the help of ActiveCampaign, you can create several targeted campaigns. Even more, you can also manage your audience with your closed eyes. The powerful features of ActiveCampaign will make your life easier and the business handling procedure easier.

I hope you liked this article! If you have any questions, please comment below!

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