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How 8 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Advertising Technique

From emotional appeal to promotional advertising, from weasel words to unfinished ads, everything is bits and pieces of advertising technique. It depends on your brand and on your message that will direct you to focus on one advertising technique at a time.

Advertisers are running every day to compete with customers? changing needs and demands in this fast-paced world. But sometimes, despite all our efforts, things seem to go in vain.

That Is Why We Need To Learn Some Tricks Of Advertising That Will Change Our Approach.

1: Bandwagon

Probably one of the most persuasive techniques in advertising that is not prioritized by many people. The bandwagon technique can surely tap into what your audience wants and needs if you use some emotional cues. Convince your customers that they are suffering from FOMO, and that is how you can make them purchase your product.

For example, Maybelline uses the tag ?America?s Favorite Mascara,? and it is a bandwagon technique because if you are not using Maybelline mascara, then you are lagging behind the cool crowd. Make your customers understand that they are the ones left who are not using their product, making them feel like they are not part of a particular social circle. That is how you use the bandwagon to improve your advertising technique.

2: Emotional appeal

Fear and needs go side by side in this advertising technique. Fear of being sick, fear of being old, fear of accident can be combined with the need to be fit, the need to be young and attractive, and the need for security. That is how you work on the emotional appeal of ads and pierce straight into your customers? hearts. 

Advertisements evoke human emotion, and they can also provoke a human desire to take action when using symbolism and associations. For example, the 2015 ?Choose Happiness? campaign of Coca-Cola was successful because it encouraged people to share their happy memories with this beverage. Now, this was successful because it evoked the happiness emotion in people.

3: Minimalism

Another important advertising technique that is the most popular across social media channels is minimalism. It is no harm to create minimalistic content and post them on the news feed of some popular social media channel to get a bit of attention without much effort. If you want to promote more than one product in a single ad, there is no better way to go than minimalism.

For example, Visme created a pop-up ad that focused on the join us button in blue color. Still, it was beautifully contrasted with the yellow background with some basic information about their products. So, the color scheme is an essential criterion to focus on if you approach your advertising in the minimalistic technique.

4: Color Psychology

If we are talking about the color scheme, then color psychology certainly deserves a place on the list of 8 things that will change the way we approach advertising techniques. It is one of the most effective advertising methods and has been so since the phenomenon became popular. If you can figure out which colors influence human behavior, decision-making, and purchasing habits the most, you can make the most of your ads.

One typical example of this approach is McDonald?s and their appreciated use of the color Red. Red creates a sense of urgency; that is why many fast-food chains worldwide use this color scheme. In addition, the red color is all about passion, emotion, and high energy, so that has been working well so far for conveying the brand?s message.

5: Typographic Composition

Not only in advertising but also in design, the typographic composition is a popular advertising technique. Fonts are powerful when you want your audience to receive a message in a certain way and act on it. Therefore, the more attractive and visually stimulating the fonts are, the better your ads? chances are the most effective.

One example of this advertising technique would be the ?Come Eat our Meat? advertisement of  Victors and Spoils. They did not use any attractive font on the computer, but they made the font attractive with the materials they sell. It was a fresh take on the promotional aspect, and it sure did make a statement powerful enough to attract ample customers.

6: Weasel Words

An intelligent technique in the world of advertising is weasel words. In this technique, the companies don?t directly state that they are the best but use phrases and words that don?t seem to deny the fact. A pathos and rhetorical appeal are also quite crucial in weasel word advertising, and that seems to be working just fine for many cosmetic brands.

For example, Loreal Paris uses the word ?scientifically proven? in many of the ads. Strong words such as ?signature hair,? ?smooth,? ?shiny,? and ?design? also have a repeated connotation in this ad that attracts every girl because it speaks of their dream hair. It makes the women watching this ad question whether their hair is good enough or not, and that is how they sell it.

7: Promotional Advertising

Promotional advertising is an effective technique for increasing sales and more than often, it is a combination of several activities at once. Of course, this is a short-lived advertising technique, but companies retain their popularity among the users with frequent promotional events.

For example, eBay uses promotional advertising in the unique way of enabling customers to arrange a garage sale. Instead of a garage, they organize the deal in an online neighborhood, and customers get to buy and sell their products to their chosen vendors at their desired price. It highlights eBay as a unique e-commerce site to access new and old products at cost-effective prices.

8: Unfinished Ads

This advertising technique involves giving away certain information but not much, and thus it plans to retain a mystery about the product. It increases customer curiosity and works quite effectively for some brands because they don?t disclose how better they are than the competitors.

For example, Lays uses the tagline that ?no one can eat just one.? Thus, the slogan does not disclose how many more one can eat, how many competitors can eat, and just enough information to boost customer curiosity and increase sales.


These approaches will be helpful if you want to improve your advertising technique in 2021. Some of these techniques have been in the industry for a long, and some are gaining recent popularity. However, you can also use the golden ratio technique, gestalt principle, web banner advertising, and many others to change your advertising perspective.

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