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Cracking The Code: The Ultimate Guide To Landing A Gig As An Amazon Product Tester

Did you have any idea of an Amazon interview? Well, it has been seen that overall, only 2% of people can crack the interview on Amazon. The tech giant of Amazon has a very rigorous hiring process. On the other hand, interviewers select the questions carefully to test the applicant?s abilities.

That is why taking a lot of practice tests and guidance and following the proper strategy can help you become an employee of Amazon. There are thousands of resumes every year, and limited applicants are getting selected. In this article, we will discuss the ultimate guide to becoming an Amazon product tester.

The Complete Guide To The Amazon Interview Process

Amazon Interview Process

Before preparing for the Amazon interview process, you must know how to conduct the interview and what they want. Below, I will elaborate on the complete guide to the Amazon interview process.

First, I would like to inform you that you have to pass many rounds of the Amazon Interview Process. This is a crucial part of this process. So, let?s begin the process of how to become an Amazon product tester. 

1) The Initial Phone Screen

The first round is the initial phone screening round, which starts with a recruiter from the Amazon brand. This initial round happens when your profile gets shortlisted if you are interested in applying for Amazon product tester.

The recruiter will ask you about your previous experience, expectations, core skills, and so many others from the role.

  • The phone screen is done by one from the same team. In this case, for ICs, an L7 will do this, and when it is about for the manager, then a manager will do the phone screening round.
  • After that, a few skills interviewers will check, such as leadership skills, functional skills, and position fit like coding, people skills, design, etc.
  • After that, the interviewer will use an automated tool for evaluations.

This is not the end of the first round, but the interviewer will ask multiple behavior-related questions. Then, at the end of this stage, the recruiter will set the date for taking up the Amazon coding challenge questions.

2) The Amazon Coding Assignment

At this step of the interview process, the coding assignment will happen either in person or remotely. But this is not possible every time the coding assignment happens in person, but it happens remotely.  

You should know what the questions of the Amazon coding Assignment are.

  • The Amazon coding challenge questions where you can solve 1-2 coding problems within the exact time. This test usually happens on the interview platform of coding or Google Docs.
  • After that, the hiring manager of Amazon will evaluate the problem-solving approach and how you can reach the solution.
  • At the end of the assignment, you will get the job of solving problems.

In this stage, if the performance of the Amazon coding interview questions is up to the mark, the recruiter will show interest and fix the interview date on-site.

3) The Loop

What is known as ?Loop?? Well, ?Loop? is the on-site Amazon interview, which is also the final stage of the hiring process. Getting through this entire stage is quite challenging because the recruiter will ask you so many questions that it helps them to make the hiring decision.

  • The hiring manager will create a panel of 4 to 5 interviewers, and each interviewer will handle the best functional area. Even one of them would be the bar raiser nominated by the recruiter. After all, no team member from the hiring team would connect with you.
  • The interview panel will include Sr. Eng., principal engineers, and many others. In this case, each panel member will be at least of the same level according to the interviewing level.

Are You Ready To Pursue Your Career As An Amazon Product Tester?

Career As An Amazon Product Tester

Do you know what you must do as an Amazon Product tester? Or if you want to become an Amazon product tester what should you do? In this case, your job is to review Amazon’s free samples and to purchase them at a highly discounted rate. Below, I will discuss how to become a product tester for Amazon.

1) Joining The Facebook Group For Product Review

Amazon review group means this is the middle ground for testers and sellers to trade services. This means the seller will approach reviewers and offer them to purchase the product at a very discounted price. If reviewers later feel that the product is not up to the mark, a free refund will also happen via PayPal.

2) You Can Be A Member Of Amazon Vine

Being a reviewer, increasing your ranking before getting the invitation to the reviewer program on Amazon is a must. In this case, you will get a rank based on your quality reviews and how other customers benefit from your feedback. This means the more likes you will get, the better you can make the rank.

3) Check Other Review Sites

If you are new to this platform, especially writing reviews, check other review sites. In this case, you will get multiple Amazon reviewing sites to understand how to write a review properly.

4) Build A Social Media Page

You must build a social media page if you want payment over reviewing the product. Here, you have to set up your blog, and then you can improve your social media presence. As we know, bloggers and vloggers are known as social media influencers. Thus, if you can become a powerful social media influencer, you can also be a great Amazon product tester.

In Conclusion

This article discusses a comprehensive guide of Amazon product testers above. If you want to become a part of Amazon product tester, it can be challenging and tedious for the first time.

In this case, you have made a name on any social media platform to become an Amazon product tester easily. Also, make sure you are not promoting any product considering you are getting paid, but you have to give an honest review that you have felt.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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