Apple recently rolled out the iOS 17.2 operating system. This gives every user the ability to record multiple spatial videos. This new feature of Apple lets users film in three dimensions and experience their favorite memories. Not only that, but this new feature lets every user capture a special moment that they can enjoy with the latest and upcoming mixed-reality headset.

Apple explains further why iPhone users can create three-dimensional video. Apple uses both ultrawide and main cameras while recording. After that, users can save this as a single file within a new album in the photo app called “Spatial.”

The videos will also sync through devices with the help of iCloud. Users can record Multiple spatial videos in a quality resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second.

How Users Can Enable Spatial Video Recordings:

As every user has heard about the new feature of Apple. But did they have an idea how to handle it? Below we have elaborated on the same.

  • First, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Then go to “Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro.”
  • After that, Apple will suggest users hold the iPhone in landscape mode.
  • Lastly, results will come out.

You can view the spatial video on every iPhone device, even in regular 2D format. This new and latest feature allows users to record videos, which Apple’s senior VP of marketing described as “Magical.”

This is a differentiator for Apple’s high-end iPhone, heightening users’ connections with Apple’s new products. Greg Joswiak, who is the senior VP marketer of Apple, stated, “iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max feature the most powerful camera systems we’ve ever developed, including the best video quality in any smartphone. And now, we’re setting a new bar for what’s possible, enabling users to record special moments just as they happened,”

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