Bedroom Color Ideas

4 Bedroom Color Ideas We’re Loving For Summer

You might have thought “Why are these people googling for bedroom color ideas?” Well, let me tell you the reason!

Choosing the right color for the walls of your house plays a crucial role since you will be the one staying here.

However, did you know that the colors that you might choose for one room in your house might (and should) always differ from another?

Think about it: you like the color yellow as it makes you feel energized and positive. However, considering that is what the color symbolizes, it is a rather wrong choice if you pick that one for your bedroom.

If you are planning to choose the right wall color for your bedroom, we have you sorted! So, keep on reading this blog till the end to learn more?

Best Bedroom Wall Colors For This Summer

Best Bedroom Wall Colors For This Summer

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to refresh your bedroom decor in summer is to update your color scheme. By using appropriate colors, you can create a soothing, vibrant, or sophisticated atmosphere that makes your bedroom a true sanctuary.

Consider flooding your bedroom with cooler tones for relaxation only. These consist of shades of grey, blues, greens, and purples. These colors are well-known for reducing stress and anxiety, creating an environment of tranquility suitable for resting. 

Cool tones also create an illusion of space, giving the impression of bigger spaces; therefore, they are perfect for smaller bedrooms. 

When these calming colors are used on the walls, bedding, or any other decoration in your room, you will turn it from a regular space into a serene refuge dedicated to peace and quietness, improving the quality of rest and sleep while boosting general well-being. 

For summer, here are four bedroom color combinations with their corresponding bedding ideas that we love:

1. Icy blue

When looking for soothing colors, remember that nature does not disappoint. One such color would be that of the sky on a crisp, clear day. This light blue mixed with some grey is great if you want something more colorful than gray but not too dark.

Unlike pale baby blue, which is meant for nurseries, ice blue has some tinges of gray that tame its ?babyish? look. Like many neutrals, icy blue will go well with almost any other color when used as either a wall paint color or an accent.

Combine icy blue and chocolate brown warm grays or taupes to make this area feel restful. Once achieved, this combination becomes even better since it converts your space into a calm retreat where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Icy blue paired with white throw pillows can be luxurious and suitable for people who like classic yet modern bedrooms.

2. Lavender

For master bedrooms, a soft purple wall color can be an elegant choice, as soft purples can also help relax you and reduce stress.

While cool in nature, its coldness may be softened with warm wooden floors or carpeting in warm tones.

Combine lavender with dark grays and blacks to give your room an adult feel. Silver is also great alongside lavender to create a sophisticated, calm space.

The lavender shade, with its subtle refinement, turns your bedroom into a peaceful haven where style and relaxation merge effortlessly. Lavender bedding with hints of gray pattern is perfect for when you want something unique yet not overbearing.

Add several throw pillows in shades of lavender and gray and finish with light gray throw blankets. This combination is ideal for those who want a quiet, peaceful bedroom.

3. Soft Gray

To achieve a lighter tone, go for soft gray. Occasionally, a pure white room can feel too cold and sterile. This gives your space an airy feel while leaving the room light and bright with little contrast.

A subtle change makes it look more finished and welcoming instead of feeling like an impersonal environment. For any room that has a bright white background, grey offers color balance as it adds warmth and sophistication to your area.

This color is perfect for creating a serene yet elegant atmosphere in your bedroom. However, use neutral sheets and pillowcases in soft gray tones as the base, then bring in a yellow duvet or comforter set to add some brightness.

4. Soft, Neutral Green

Consider sage, celery, or a pale pistachio shade for your bedroom. These greens are found in nature and create feelings of calmness and satisfaction within us.

Even a barely perceivable amount of these shades looks subdued but grounded because they are not pastels. The secret to making it work is selecting greens with enough gray.

Unlike other colors, surrounding yourself with gentle earthy greens creates an oasis-like atmosphere where you can find peace of mind, thus resulting in relaxation mode and enhancing well-being factors, whether health-wise or psychologically speaking, through achieving restful sleep each night.

These colors can be easily combined with different décor styles for a beautiful overall look in your bedroom. Finally, add white throw pillows and maybe a light gray throw blanket. Now, your bed will be invitingly stylish.

Why Does The Right Color Matter For Your Bedroom?

The color that you choose for the walls of your bedroom plays a major role, especially regarding mood and how you feel when you are in that room.

Think about it: The bedroom is where you go to rest at the end of the day. This is where you want to feel calm and at peace. Why would you even think of feeling energized in this room?

For instance, the right color will positively affect your mental health and your energy levels. It will also affect the quality of sleep.

Here are some of the other reasons for the same. Colors can:

  • Calm or stimulate: Soft, cool colors like blue or green can create a relaxing atmosphere, while bright, warm colors like orange or red can energize and stimulate.
  • Affect emotions: Certain colors can evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, or even anxiety. For example, yellow can boost your mood, while dark colors can make you feel gloomy.
  • Impact sleep: A dark, cool color like navy blue or purple can promote better sleep, while a bright, bold color like red or pink can keep you awake.
  • Create ambiance: The right color can make your bedroom feel cozy, romantic, or peaceful, setting the tone for a relaxing retreat.

Always consider your lifestyle and personal taste when choosing a color for your bedroom!


Remember to use lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen that breathe well when choosing summer bedding.

Layering is important even in the summer because it provides depth and texture without adding excessive heat.

Getting your summer bedding here at Latest Bedding can transform your bedroom into a gorgeous retreat perfect for enjoying summer days that never seem to end. 

Happy decorating!

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