Wedding Invitations

What to Include on Your Wedding Invitations

There are approximately 2 million marriages each year in the United States?that’s a lot of wedding cake! Organizing a wedding can be challenging and it takes time. Weddings in the US typically take place 12 to 18 months after the engagement, highlighting the amount of planning that is involved.

The average wedding has 167 guests and each of these needs to be sent a formal wedding invitation. In this blog post, we will highlight how to include your wedding invitations so that your guests have all the information they need, including how to RSVP. Let’s get started on how to craft the best wedding invitations.

Names of the Hosts

A wedding invitation generally opens with the ‘invitational line’, i.e. the people who are hosting the wedding. This may be the couple’s parents, relatives, or the couple themselves.

Names of the Couple

This one is fairly self-explanatory. In a heterosexual couple, it is traditional (though not mandatory) for the woman’s name to be placed first. In an LGBT couple, either name may go first. Couples may choose to order their name alphabetically, for example.

Date and Time of Ceremony

This is essential information to include so that your invitees can start planning their own availability. Guests should be informed at what time they need to arrive, given that you’ll want them seated before the bride/s arrive.

Ceremony and Reception Location

Is your wedding going to be held at the same location as the reception or will there be two (or more) locations? This information should be clearly stated, as should information on the kind of reception that will take place. For example, ‘Dinner and Dancing to Follow the Wedding’.

Attire Details

How do you want your guests to dress? It could be a black tie, dressy casual, casual, semi-formal, or any other kind of dress code you prefer. Clearly state this information to avoid doubt.


It’s important to include a specific reply date on your RSVP card so that guests will confirm their attendance with plenty of time for you to make arrangements for exact numbers.

Don’t forget to include the return address so that invitees can post their replies.

Extra information About Venue

It’s useful to include information about how to make a reservation at the hotel where the reception is taking place, for example. In some instances, the couple will be able to arrange for a discount for guests booking rooms.

If there is anything else that you think your guests should know about the venue (be it the reception or wedding venue), be sure to communicate that information here.

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Create the Best Wedding Invitations

The best wedding invitations are stylish and provide all of the necessary information for invitees. They should be able to get your guests excited for the wedding. The above wedding invitation template will do just that.

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