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A Comprehensive Guide On Blocking An Ebay Buyer

Are you searching for ‘How do I block a buyer on eBay?’ Then you must read this article. In this article, we have provided information on how to block eBay buyer. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about blocking buyers on eBay.

eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce websites online that offers products for buying and selling from several sellers and businesses. eBay is also one of the oldest and most successful e-commerce sites online. On eBay, buyers have to bid prices on the product they want to purchase.

Often, there are buyers who do not take further action after bidding the price on a product. Hence, a seller needs to send an invoice on eBay to the buyer, but if the buyer still doesn’t respond, sellers usually block list buyers.

If you are thinking, ‘Can you block a buyer on eBay?’ Then the answer is yes, you can block a buyer on eBay. Sellers can block up to 5,000 buyers at once on eBay.

Blocking buyers ensures that the legit buyers get a chance to purchase products instead of fake buyers.

How To Block eBay Buyer On eBay?  

How To Block eBay Buyer On eBay

Here is how to block a buyer on eBay:

Log In  

To block a buyer on eBay, you must have a personal or business account on eBay. If you have any of these accounts on eBay, you must log in first to block buyer eBay. You must enter an email address and password to log in from a website or third-party app.

Go To Account Settings  

After you have logged into your eBay account, go to account settings and search for the ‘Help & Contact’ section. You can block buyers through Account settings, as there are two ways.

First, you must click the arrow beside your name to access the menu. You will find the Account Settings in the menu, which you will select. On the subsequent page, you will see the ‘Buyers’ column under ‘Selling Preferences.’ You will find the eBay buyer block list in this area.

The second option to block eBay buyer is to go to the ‘Help & Contact’ tab, and you will find a link to your Block Buyers listed page.

Once you find the ‘Help & Contact’ page, you must type “block a buyer” in the search field. Then, you can visit the page Block eBay bidder by clicking the links displayed.

Type In The Username  

You will see a text field on the eBay blocked buyer list page where you must provide the username of the eBay buyer you want to block. You must provide the user ID or email linked with the account to block the buyer. Then click the submit button.

After you click submit, all accounts with that particular user ID will be blocked from your account. The user ID might have seller and buyer accounts which will get blocked simultaneously.

How To Unblock an eBay Buyer?  

How To Unblock an eBay Buyer?

Now, if you change your mind and want to unblock the buyer on eBay, then follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Buyer Blocked’ list
  • Select the unblock button next to the buyer’s username, and the buyer will get unblocked.

Why Block A Buyer On Ebay?  

Why Block A Buyer On Ebay?
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eBay block buyer option is a feature for those sellers who have fallen victim to negative feedback or have been getting spam messages that bother them. A buyer on eBay can be blocked anytime for any reason.

These reasons include when buyers don’t pay for the products they bid on, when buyers break agreements, or when sellers don’t want to sell any product to buyers. Here are some of the listed reasons to block eBay buyers.

  • Fraudulent activity
  • Non-payment of purchases
  • Abusive language used by buyers
  • Competitors don’t get to purchase your products
  • Backing out of bids after agreeing to purchase a product from a seller

After you block a buyer on eBay, the buyer won’t be able to bid or purchase any of the seller’s products. Hence, eBay warns sellers to use the block buyer feature sparingly. The blocked buyer won’t be able to purchase other listed products of the seller as well.

Is The eBay Block Buyer Option Permanent?  

Is The eBay Block Buyer Option Permanent?

Buyer block is not permanent, as sellers can unblock a buyer at any moment by clicking the unblock button. The ‘Unlock’ button beside the user ID in the ‘Block Buyer’ list. So, the block is temporary.

If the seller blocked a buyer previously, then the seller can only unblock the buyer.

Is Block And Buyer Block The Same Thing?  

Is Block And Buyer Block The Same Thing?

Buyer block and block are two separate things, serving two separate purposes. While a buyer block prevents users from purchasing products listed on the seller’s account, blocking buyers restricts users from the seller’s account.

How To Block Messages From Buyers

You can still engage with blocked buyers through messages.

By going to the ‘Buyer Requirement’ section in your eBay account. You will find the ‘Filter Options’ and review it by unchecking the ‘Please allow blocked buyers to contact me’ option.

This will ensure blocked buyers cannot contact you, even through messages. However, blocked users can contact you for issues relating to past transactions. Managing your buyers and bidders does not take much time and makes the selling process easier.

Block eBay Buyer By Specific Requirements  

Block eBay Buyer By Specific Requirements 

You can set some buyer requirements while selling products to reduce the risks of unhappy buyers. Like checking if the buyer has been a member of eBay for at least six months or has positive feedback. Or the member has bought at least ten items from the site within 12 months.

Block a bidder who:

  • Have not paid for a purchase that they bid on
  • Have a low feedback score
  • Have breached eBay policies
  • Does not have a PayPal account
  • Has shipping address in areas where you do not ship
  • Have bought at least a specific number (of your choice) of items from your seller account within the past ten days.


Sellers can block up to 5,000 buyers at one time on eBay. We hope this article was able to provide you with information on how to block buyers on eBay. Let us know if you could easily block buyers on eBay through these steps or not.

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