After using Apple Pay or G-Pay while you get a reward or an incentive, then how would you feel? You might know this feeling while earning cashback, especially while making an online transaction. In this case, are you wondering if can you get cash back with Apple Pay?

Well, you not only get cashback with Apple Pay, but you can get several benefits after using your credit or debit card. Above all, this is a perfect way to save and balance the pretty expenditures.

Recently several customers have had the similar question does home depot take apple pay or not just only home depot sometimes they ask Publix take Apple Pay. Yes, these retail stores do accept Apple pay. After all Apple Pay is not just only a convenient way of payment but also has several benefits. After going through this blog, you will know how to get cashback with Apple Pay.


Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

If you are an iPhone user, then you would have discovered the convenience and ease of Apple Pay. Below, I will discuss how you can get cash back with Apple Pay.

1) The Store Accepts Apple Pay

Recently, there have been several retail stores that accept Apple Pay as a convenient form of payment. In this case, you can tell them which one to use because you can see the Apple Pay logo on the payment terminal here.

You can also look for stores that accept Apple by searching for “Apple Pay” in Google Maps. Above all, you can see the nearby stores that will help you pay this way.

2) You Are Using A Cashback Card

If you are using a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, this must offer cashback rewards. Above all, this card will process the Apple Pay transaction as this would be another transaction. This way, the cashback rewards will immediately be credited into the bank account. This happens while you are using the physical card.

On the other hand, the cashback amount depends on the debit or credit card while you are using this. Even if you are using Apple Pay instead of swiping away the card. Furthermore, ensure that the credit or debit card you use for Apple Pay is one of the most generous cashback programs.

3) Using The Apple Card

If you hold the Apple Card, you can earn even more cash back. Above all, you will get 2% cash back on every purchase with Apple Pay. Moreover, you can earn 3% cash back on purchasing every Apple product and even this at a specific merchant.

How To Add A Card To Apple Pay?

How To Add A Card To Apple Pay?

You can easily use Apple Pay to make purchases without carrying several credit cards or bank accounts. Below, I will discuss how to add a card to Apple Pay.

While setting up your card, it is easier, and this takes a few minutes. In this case, you don’t have to pay extra fees while using the wallet app. This happens especially on iWatch, iPad & iPhone because they are all incorporated into just one system known as “Apple Pay.”

On the other hand, if you want to make purchases using different devices like Windows smartphones or Android Phones, you have added your card correctly. If this needs to be done properly, you could have issues while purchasing something virtually.

Can You Use Apple Pay At An ATM?

Can You Use Apple Pay At An ATM?

Suppose your Apple Pay is not working while adding card or while purchasing then you can use it at an ATM. Recently, Apple Pay has been one of the great ways to help you make purchases without your wallet getting bulky. Below, I will discuss whether you can use Apple Pay at an ATM.

Here is the list of ATMs that support the Apple Pay payment method:

1. American Express

2. Citibank

3. Barclays

4. Bank of America

5. Well Fargo

6. Capital One and so many others.

Now let’s talk about the procedure to use Apple Pay at ATMs:

  • Firstly, you have to add your bank card. Then, locate an ATM that displays either contactless symbols or their certifications for this system.
  • After that, you must verify them across multiple procedures, such as Touch ID or Face ID on your iPad or Apple Mobile.
  • Next, while verifying the debit card by using Apple Wallet, you have to enter the card PINs you requested.
  • Lastly, you should complete the remaining steps on the ATM screen. You can do this similarly while withdrawing cash with your debit cards.

Where Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay? 

Where Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay? 

Yes! You can get cash back on your credit card primarily via Apple Pay at any store. This accepts Apple Pay as a payment procedure, including Target, Walgreens, McDonald’s, etc. Below, I will discuss where you can get cash back with Apple Pay.

1) Apple Store

You can earn up to an unlimited 3% daily cashback using the Apple card. This happens when purchasing every product at the Apple store.

2) Major Retailers

Multiple retail stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS offer cash back while you are using Apple Pay.

3) Online Purchase

Several online retailers and other online services that accept Apple Pay will also offer several cashback rewards.

4) Certain ATMs

Here are some ATMs that allow cash withdrawals by using Apple Pay. In this way, you can consider this a form of cashback.

There are several types of cashback with Apple Pay:

  • If you love to buy anything from Apple? Then, you will get up to 3% cash back using an Apple card.
  • Some other Apple retail partners will also give you up to 3% cashback.
  • Aside from that, there are other places where you can get 2% cashback. In this case, remember that your Apple Pay card has already been linked.
  • If the Apple store doesn’t accept Apple Pay, then you will still get 1% of cash back on every Apple Pay transaction.

In Conclusion

I have discussed about can you get cash back with Apple Pay in this article. You can get cash back on your credit card with Apple Pay at any store that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. Above all, other stores also give you a vast Apple Pay offer to every Apple Pay user. Thank you for reading till the end!

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