Common Household Items That Cause Drain Blockages: What To Avoid

Picture this: you’re running late for work, and just as you’re about to take the quickest shower of your life, you realize the water isn’t draining. Panic sets in as you’re left standing in ankle-deep water. This scenario is all too common and often results from blocked drains caused by everyday household items we thoughtlessly dispose of down our sinks and toilets.

To save you from potential plumbing disasters (and to keep your mornings running smoothly), let’s dive into the typical culprits behind drain blockages and learn what to avoid.

 1. Cooking Grease And Oils

One of the biggest adversaries of clear drains is cooking grease and oils. While it might seem harmless to rinse off your pans in the sink, these substances solidify upon cooling, clinging to your pipes and eventually leading to severe blockages. To avoid this, let grease cool and harden, then dispose of it in the trash.

 2. Hair

A primary villain in the shower drain saga is hair. Over time, hair can accumulate, weaving into formidable clogs, especially when mixed with soap residue. A simple solution is to install a drain guard to catch hair before it becomes a problem, ensuring easy disposal and –drain clearing.

 3. Coffee Grounds

You might think coffee grounds are fine enough to wash away, but they’re notorious for settling in pipes and creating dense blockages. Instead of flushing them down the sink, add them to your compost pile or garbage bin.

 4. Paper Products

Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in water, but not all paper products are identical. Items like paper towels, wipes (even those labeled “flushable”), and feminine hygiene products can quickly block your pipes. Always dispose of these items in the trash, not the toilet.

5. Food Waste

Even with garbage disposal, certain types of food waste should always stay in your sink. Hard items like bones or fruit pits can damage the disposal blades, while starchy or fibrous materials like potato peels and celery can bind together, forming clogs. When in doubt, opt for the compost or garbage bin.

6. Small Objects

Small objects, from children’s toys to jewelry, can accidentally fall into drains, leading to blockages. Always keep sink stoppers in place, and be mindful of small items that could slip down the drain unnoticed.

What Are The Benefits Of Drain Blockage Cleaning Professionals?

Drain blockages have their issues, leaving a heap of sediments and troubles like diseases for the common people. This is why you, being the denizen of society, must protect your family from dirt, foul smells, and mosquito breeding.

The drain blockage maintenance professionals are best suited for these services. These professionals are experts who can provide the best solutions to your problems. Therefore, without a second thought, you must get the help of an expert.

Quick, Efficient, And Proper Drainage 

The professionals have their methodology for cleaning and maintaining your drinks. They perform their tasks with the utmost professionalism. Do not be worried? these professionals have the best know-how regarding drain maintenance, and they understand the pain points of their customers. Ultimately, you will be contented at the end of the day’s play.

Help Prevent Drain Blockages.

The professional services have their quality, have all the knowledge, and can help you prevent your drain from clogging. The clogged drains are usually attributed to sedimentation of dirt. Consequently, the place becomes a breeding ground for drain blockages. Sewage or safety leaks can create problems in your house. You may need to fix them. Therefore, it’s better to get the help of professionals to fix the issues.

Stopping The Fruit Flies And Drain Flies

You will find fruit flies over the ripe fruits and vegetables which are not refrigerated. Fermentation of the clogged dirt attracts these bugs. These insects are hovering near your kitchen utensils, basins, and pipes. The role of experienced professionals becomes important in getting the best services.

These insects carry germs and move easily from one place to another, causing many issues. The professionals have the required ideas and tips which can help fix the issues.  This is where professional plumbers have the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Taking Care Of The Health

Bacteria and molds thrive in the clogged kitchen. It helps liberate the stinky odors from food and organic stuff. The debris decay can cause a foul smell inside the pipes, and it prevents the growth of bacteria and unpleasant smells. Drain blockage clearing services have the tools and expertise to help them gather ideas and take care of the drains as required.

Healthy Pipes

Corrosions and leakages may occur when organic material gets trapped in the pipes. This could cause a lot of issues. The slab leaks and the pipe bursts are difficult to fix and maintain. Extensive work remains to be fixed. They removed the blockages and attended to the smaller leaks, which required expertise.

This is where the experts play their role. They have the required tools and technology to fix these issues. They may use the high-powered water inside the pipes to free them from sedimentation and clogs completely.

When approaching a professional drain blockage cleaning expert, you must have the required experience and the accreditations from the relevant authorities. Also, ask them about the project they have been part of. At the same time, look at the prices. Overcharge services may not be necessarily great, and underpriced services may need to be better.  The role of experts becomes crucial here in getting the right services.


Preventing drain blockages is critical to maintaining a smooth-running household and avoiding emergency calls to the plumber. By being mindful of what goes down our drains and toilets, we can save ourselves from the hassle and expense of unclogging them. Remember, the sink and toilet are not trash cans?treat them carefully to keep the water flowing and your day on track. Avoiding these common blockage culprits can lead to more efficient -drain clearing and a happier home.

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