Computerized Valet Parking Systems

Computerized Valet Parking Systems: Asset Or A Liability For Businesses?

Being a business owner comes with its own sets of challenges. Right from providing the best customer experience to ensuring safety and security for customers, businesses have several challenges to deal with.

Imagine someone that owns a large shopping complex. The challenge of increasing footfalls is directly related to renting collections, valuation, and revenues!

Thankfully, technology and innovation are coming to the aid of business owners in more ways than one. In this article, we look at valet parking automation software. This is a crucial piece of tech that can drastically improving parking management systems.

If you are a hotel, casino, or event organizer, you need to pay attention to this article.

Computerized Valet Parking System: What is it and how can it benefit your business?

I am sure most reading this article are familiar with how traditional valet systems work.

You arrive with the car at a mall, queue up for your turn. Once you arrive at the gate, an attendant gives you a ticket. You need to store that ticket for your life! Then you need to find an empty spot. You might drive around for 30 minutes but not find the space. After you are done, you leave, pull the car up to the exit point, hand over the ticket, and then pay cash. If you do not have the exact amount on you, it leads to another set of problems.

However, if the same place has installed a Computerized Valet Parking System, then-

  • You can reserve your parking space before you arrive at the location.
  • Swipe your smartphone and get the automated ticket on the phone itself.
  • Use the GPS to arrive at the space without driving around like a fool.
  • After you are done, pay using your smartphone and drive away.

As you can see, valet parking automation software can revolutionize the way car owners parking solutions in locations.

A Business can Improve the Experience of a Car Owner in Multiple Ways

In this section, we are going to outline how a business that operates in a specific location can help improve its customer experiences using a Computerized Valet Parking System-

1. Shows a Commitment to the Environment by going Paperless-

Most users are now aware of how Global Warming and Climate Change are contributing to making our planet uninhabitable. When they visit a business, they do not appreciate seeing paper or plastic tickets, payment slips, and other undertakings drawn on paper. A Computerized Valet Parking System can work exclusively through a smartphone thereby going paperless.

2. Digital Payments and Cashless Transactions-

We have already pointed out how harrowing of an experience you can have when you do not have exact change and ten cars are honking behind you. In disgust, you might pay three times the amount simply to avoid all the honking. A Computerized Valet Parking System allows for digital payments. This is something in line with what consumers prefer- cashless!

3. The Overall Experience of Visiting Locations-

There have been multiple times when I have turned down visiting a location simply because of the unavailability of good parking experiences. Poorly managed parking spaces can cost businesses dearly in a location. By making the entire process automated, businesses can allow for greater positive experiences for their customers. This can aid more footfall.

How a Computerized Valet Parking System is Beneficial for a Business?

In this section, we look at why CVPS solutions are beneficial for businesses. In the last section, we have already shown how they help create a positive experience for the customers.

1. Prevents Financial Losses for the Business through Faulty Claims-

Large parking spaces can sometimes become happy hunting grounds for unscrupulous individuals looking to claim financial compensation for big businesses. They can easily claim that the valet has damaged their vehicles and they want compensation for the same. In a CVPS solution, all the vehicle images are taken at entry points to prevent such claims.

2. Ensures that the Business can Scale-Up its Operations-

While handling a hundred cars in a parking lot can be something that can be handled manually, what happens when you have 10000 vehicles? You need automated solutions that can track the entry of every vehicle, take images, scan VIN plates, and show in and out times. Over a period, this can help with data analysis and allow a business to scale its operations.

3. Enhances the Safety and Security of the Business Location-

One dangerous criminal activity can result in the closure of a business location. Imagine a criminal using the vehicle to park some dangerous chemicals or explosives. Vehicle tracking, especially through the VIN can alert a business of any suspicious activity. This can be a major avenue through which law and order within the premises can be maintained.

The Bottom Line:

There is no doubt that a Computerized Valet Parking System can be an asset for a business. You might be forgiven for thinking that the cost of investments is astronomical. In reality, if you look at the long-term benefits of the same, you will realize that this is not the case. A CVPS solution is just what your business needs to boost safety, improve efficiency and contribute to revenues. If you wish to know more, drop your questions and queries in the comments section below.

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