DUI cases have become pretty common these days, and as a result, the need for attorneys dealing in such matters has also arisen. For those who are not familiar with the concept, DUI stands for Driving Under Influence and most commonly refers to drunk driving cases in all states of the US.

A DUI case usually occurs when someone is caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or similar substances – in such cases, law enforcement is usually responsible for catching people with alcohol levels higher than the legally accepted limit inside their body. The typical level of BAC (blood alcohol content), which is legally accepted, is 0.08%.

Sounds pretty strict, and rightfully so – keep reading to find out all the evidence that can be used against you in such cases.


The Truth Is In The Evidence (In The Eyes Of Law): What Evidence Can Be Used Against You In A DUI Case?

Let’s imagine that you have been in a DUI case (no offense) – wondering about evidence is vital, but what will you do with all the evidence if you don’t have legal help by your side.

For instance, if you are located in Washington DC, you can get in touch with a good Washington DC criminal and DUI defense lawyer for a change! Of course, you can also find the perfect DC Criminal Lawyer online, but don’t take any steps without consulting with your attorney first.

So instead of beating around the bush, scroll down and find out all the evidence that can be used against you in DUI cases – after all, prevention is better than cure!

Results From Chemical Tests:

If arrested for cases of drunk driving, you will be required to submit results from chemical tests. The BAC (blood alcohol content level) has everything to do with your chemical tests because these determine them in the first place.

The BAC or Blood Alcohol Content level is calculated with the help of factors such as urine tests, blood tests, and even the most commonly done, breathalyzer tests. Don’t be so flippant about the chemical tests because the same is one of the most vital pieces of evidence against you that the prosecution is surely going to use.

FST (Field Sobriety Test) Results:

When the police stop anyone for drunk driving, they might also ask you to appear for FST (Field Sobriety Test)  – do you know the meaning of appearing for this test! Well, there are three types of FSTs that are most commonly practiced.

There are as follows,

  • The HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) Test,
  • The Walk-And-Turn Test,
  • The One-Leg Stand Test.

It all depends on the decision of the arresting officer when it comes to interpreting your test results from the Field Sobriety Test, which in turn can be used during the trial as well.

Driving Behavior:

If an arresting officer ends up spotting you weaving, drifting, speeding, or basically exhibiting any sort of behavior that is not normal, it is indicative of impaired driving. In fact, the arresting officer can choose to testify against you during the trial.

And that’s where finding your DC criminal lawyer is crucial if you are based out of Washington DC or wherever you are located in that case. So, even if you are not driving under the influence, your driving behavior is vital, and it also happens to be under constant observation.

Self–Incriminating Statements:

One right that you do have in such cases is your basic human right of staying silent. If you are not silent, then everything that you might have said during the same time can be utilized against you in court.

This holds true for most cases and just cases of drink-driving if you think the same. Moreover, self-incriminating statements can alter the course of any case, even when you are innocent.

And It’s A Wrap!

The types of evidence mentioned above are not the only kind that can be presented against you for DUI cases. There could also be testimonies from eye-witnesses or even video evidence against you that the prosecution might use during the trial. So, it’s best to seek legal help from experts in the industry.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences (if any) in the comments below.

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