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I don’t have to explain how fun and helpful Instagram is as a social media platform. But not all of us want to have an account to view what is going on Instagram. If that is the case, you case you can use an Instagram Viewer app. Dumpor is a great Instagram viewing app you can use. 

But why should you use an app like this? What are the benefits? Well, for starters, you can see Instagram profiles, stories, followers, and so much more. If you want a review before deciding to use this platform, then this article can be helpful. Here is a complete Dumpor review.

What Is Dumpor?

What Is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a free Instagram viewing app. Users of this app can anonymously view what is on Instagram. They can view stories, reels, like posts, tagged posts, and the followers and following lists of the people they want to check. 

You can also call these apps Instagram stalking apps. They let you view Instagram without benign tracked back and fired with an array of advertisements. If you want to take a peek at Instagram, then this is the tool you should use. 

Users can also use the search engine of this platform and make use of specific usernames, products, and hashtags. You can anonymously view content performance using this tool. Most importantly, the platform is supported on iOS and android. 

Features Of Dumpor

Features Of Dumpor

If you are still wondering how it is possible to view Instagram without an account, then you should look at the features of Dumpor. 

Free Instagram Content Download

Now, you can download Instagram content without having an account, and that is also for free. You can download Instagram images, videos, reels, and stories using this app. All you need to do is to copy the link of the content and paste it into Dumpor. 

Anonymous Instagram Browsing 

If you want to check any Instagram account without being noticed, then this app can be worth the try. Dumpor lets your check the stories, posts, reels, videos, and photos of other accounts anonymously when you don’t have an account. This means that you can use Instagram without owning an account yourself. 

Powerful Search Engine 

The search option on Dumpor lets you search using hashtags, profiles, and locations. The powerful search option of this app allows you to search Instagram without any problem. 

Instagram Profile Analyzer

If you want to analyze the Instagram profiles of other users anonymously, then this can be a handy tool. It allows you to see the profiles, likes, comments, and list of followers of the profiles you want to check. 

How To Use Dumpor 

How To Use Dumpor

So you want to use the Dumpor app? This is a web-based platform, and you don’t have to install any application to use Dumpor. Here are the steps to using Dumpor Instagram viewer?

  1. Go to the Dumpor website using your browser. 
  2. Now enter the username of the Instagram profile you want to check on the search bar. 
  3. Choose the account from the search results. 
  4. View the photos, stories, reels, and videos anonymously. 

The app is free and allows you to check Instagram stories without getting noticed and without having an account. 

How is Dumpor Helpful?

How is Dumpor Helpful?

There are some noteworthy benefits of using this Instagram checking app. Here are the different benefits that you should know ?

Online Instagram Viewing 

The app offers free Instagram viewing services. The steps are simple and minimum. Anyone can use them. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The interface is not hurdled by too many options. The user interface is clean, and even newbie Instagram stalkers can use it with ease. The options on the platform are easy to use. 

Users Can Download Anything

You can download news, posts, songs, reels and any other types of posts from Instagram using this tool. The Dumpor app puts no restrictions when it comes to downloading content. 

More Insight About Hashtags

Discovering different forms of hashtags and different industry-related hashtags is made easy by using this app. You can use the platform while also sharing the same with your friends. You can make use of all the different types of hashtags once you use this tool.

Dumpor Pros And Cons 

Dumpor Pros And Cons 

Before using the dumpor app, you should also check out the pros and cons of the tool. The pros are pretty much explained in the features. Here is a simple overview of the pros and cons of this too ?


  • Free Instagram browsing and content download. 
  • Instagram hashtag checking. 
  • Anonymous Instagram checking. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Free app for Instagram checking. 
  • Allows users to check Instagram profiles and account insight. 


  • Instagram users might feel negative about the use of such tools to stalk them on Instagram. 
  • It cannot be an alternative to an Instagram account. 
  • Users cannot post, share, comment, or chat using dumpor. 
  • The app can be addictive if you use it to stalk people too much. 

Dumpor Alternatives

Dumpor Alternatives

There are some dumpor alternatives that offer the same features as this app. You can check these apps out ?

  • Instastalker 
  • InstaStories
  • IzoomYou
  • 4k Stogram
  • Pixwox

Frequently Asked Questions

I think that this review was useful. However, here are some additional questions and answers that you should check out ?

How Do You Anonymously View Instagram?

You can use any anonymous IG viewer app to view Instagram posts, stories, and other content on this social media platform. For example, you can use Dumpor, The Anon IG Viewer, or Instalkr. 

Is Ig Stories Anonymous?

Yes, there are many Ig story viewers that allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously. The user who posts the story will not get a notification if you use story viewers like StoriesIg.

Can Someone Unsee Your Instagram Story?

Yes, you can unsee someone’s Instagram story. But the cost for that you will not like. You have to keep your Instagram account deactivated for 48 hours if you want to unsee someone else’s Instagram story.

Bottom Line

When it comes to an anonymous and free Instagram checking app, then Dumpor is a good option to consider. There are many alternatives to this app. But you can especially use dumpor for the features and the clean interface this app offers. 

Did you find this article informative? Please share your feedback with us in the comment section. Also, you can shoot any query you might have about the same. We will answer as soon as possible.

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