Is Emery Rose legit or not? So, you are curious about the clothing brand Emery Rose. In this article, you will find every important information that will help you to decide whether to buy or not. In addition, we will discuss the quality, consumer review, and price.

With the increase in online shopping, small to large brands are shifting to online shopping. So, the competition is high, and it is getting difficult for customers to choose a brand to shop for. There are two reasons that the brand is growing. The first one is that the prices are comparatively low, and so many options exist. You can buy seasonal or trending clothes here. 


Emery Rose

This brand is a retail store where you can find thousands of products at pocket-friendly prices. The main focus is to give trending clothes to customers at a reasonable price. Also, if you see the website, you can experience that there are seasonal clothes, and with this brand, you can make your closet up-to-date, and the clothes are not expensive. So, go through the review to know more about emery rose clothing.

Emery Rose: Company Basics 

emery rose products

The vision of the company is to give all consumers an experience of being up-to-date with fashion at a reasonable price. They also claim the innovative and affordable design of clothes. And if you are a woman, then it is good news for you that the core of the store is womenswear. In addition, there are beach wears, bags, and accessories. Most importantly, the emery rose shoes are quite famous.

Emery Rose Reviews

emery rose products

From my perspective, I will give this brand three and a half stars out of five. This is the overall rating of the brand. There are reasons that I give this, and there are reasons that I cut the rest one and a half stars. This is because we have researched so many consumer reviews from different brands. 


And from the perspective of price, I will say four stars, because the brand is providing really good clothes within range. If you want the cheapest product of the brand, you can get that for only $2. And there are different clothes in different ranges. The maximum amount that a dress of this brand can cost you is $50. 


When it comes to shipping, the cost is not expensive. So, I will give three stars for the shipping part. There are mainly two options for shipping, these are standard and express. If you order products over $49, then that will be under standard delivery, and if you order products over $79, then that will be under express delivery. There are reports that the shipping is slow, and sometimes, customers do not get the products at all.


When it comes to the quality of the products, then I will give two and a half stars. The main reason is that you will not find any high-quality products. Also, it should be understood that cheap retailers can not provide high-quality products. But you will get trendy, seasonal, fashionable, and cute products, but you can not expect that those products will last longer than a year or two. 

Customer Service

I will say, the brand needs to work on its customer service. This is a new company, and they are trying to work on customer service. There are supports for live chat and submitting tickets. If you face any issues, then the live chat can help you for resolving the issue. But most customers say that the representatives are not helpful at all. They themselves are confused most of the time and can not fix anything.

Emery Rose Clothing

Emery Rose Clothing

You will find various clothes here. But the brand mostly focuses on casuals, party wears, striped and floral. If you want to try some short bodycon silhouettes and flowing maxis, then you can search for these dresses here. The brand also offers you plus-size tops, jumpsuits, co-ords, denim, and more. You will get some sexy beachwear too.

From the customer reviews, here are some reviews that you should check.

  •  The brand is not known for its quality.
  • Most clothes are either miss or hit. 
  • Most of the time, clothes are different from the advertised ones.
  • The customer service is very poor and unable to resolve issues.
  • And the return policy is confusing (You have to pay $7.99 to return a product, and also, you need to replace it within 45 days).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers. 

1. Is Emery Rose And Shein The Same?

➥ The products of Emery Rose are distributed by a Corporation name Shein Distribution. The headquarter is in Los Angelos and Singapore. So, you can see similarities between SHEIN’s eCommerce store and Emery Rose’s products. 

2. What Company Is Emery Rose?

➥ The company is a B2C eCommerce company. The focus of the company is women’s wear, but it sells shoes, accessories, home decor, bags, and other fashion items. Right now, the target audience is mostly from America, but they are trying to expand their business all over the world.

3. Is Emery Rose A Trusted Brand?

➥ Most customers say that this is quite a good brand for fashionable and cheaper clothes. While others say that most of its products are not good enough as shown in the advertisements. Also, the return policy is not good enough. But if you want to wear cloth for a couple of months for $2, then you can use its products. 

Our Verdict

To conclude this article about Emery Rose, I will say that there are so many brands that sell clothes that are so expensive that we can not imagine using them at all. And for our everyday use, there are brands too. But this brand focuses on people who can not afford medium-range and expensive clothes. But it is impossible to give good products for $2. So you can try a couple of dresses from here.

If you want to know more about this brand, feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

Thank You.

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