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Goof Troop Cartoon: Goof Troop Characters

Goof Troop is one of the most popular cartoons, which was released as a sitcom series in 1992 by Disney. The series mainly focuses on a relationship between a single father named Goofy, and his son, named Max. The neighbor, Pete, is also an important character in the show. In this article, we will mainly talk about some of the major Goof Troop characters, which are important to know to understand the show.

The show was created by Robert Taylor and Michael Perarza Jr. The story is based on Goofy, a cartoon show in the 1950s. Here, we will discuss some of the Goofy cartoon characters. Also, also with these characters, you will get to see the Goof Troop characters’ pictures as well. Since the show extends to multiple episodes, there are many different Goofy characters in the show. Here, we will just discuss the main characters, and knowing whom, you will be able to enjoy the show better.

Important Goof Troop Characters That You Must Know  

Important Goof Troop Characters That You Must Know

Goof Troop has some of the most interesting, relatable, and funny characters. Here we will discuss some of the most important Goof Troop characters that you must know of to understand the show better:

1. Goofy  


Also known as G.G. Goof, he is a single father. He has a son, with whom he moves next door to the family of Petes. Goofy is shown as a person with a short span of attention and a scattered brain. Furthermore, he is also clumsy.

However, he is calm and quiet and is a lovable character. He doesn?t do anything when Pete insults him. In a few cases, he gets angry with Pete but forgives him later on. In some cases, he even considers Pete to be his best friend.

2. Max  


Also known as Maximillian Goof, he is the son of Goofy Goof. He is 11 years old and is in the same grade as Pete Jr. at their school. He is a very active and alert character, created as a complement to his father. However, he is shown as friendly but cunning and gets coercive when he gets tricked by others.

He loves his father but is sometimes embarrassed by his clumsy behavior. He likes skateboarding, listening to rock music, and playing video games.

3. Waffles  


He is the pet cat of the Goofs. He is sometimes a victim of all the problems that go on between the two neighboring families. Sometimes, he tries to please himself with extra food and is sometimes mischievous with Chainsaw, the pet dog of the Petes family.

However, in general, like most cats, he is shown as having a lazy and laid-back attitude, just lying around here and there and minding his own business. Sometimes he just needs some peace from the problems existing between the Goofs and the Petes.

4. Pete Sr.  

Pete Sr. 

Also known as Peter Pete, Sr., is the neighbor of the Goofs. He sells used cars, and lives with his wife and two children, Pete Jr. and Pistol Pete. Pete Sr is cunning and dishonest and exploits Goofy quite often. He even comes up with various schemes to create a trap for Goofy and earn quick money.

However, he sometimes feels guilty and wants to make things normal, and he is supported by his wife and son to become good. He is shown as both a supporting character and the villain of the story in Goof Troop.

5. Peg Pete  

Peg Pete  

She is the wife of Pete Sr. and works as a real estate agent in Spoonerville. She is quick-witted, wise, and sarcastic. However, she loses her temper sometimes when she is crossed. She does not like Pete coming up with cunning schemes to trap others but loves him dearly and wants him to be a good and honest man.

She has been faithfully married to her husband for twenty years. However, unlike her husband, she likes the Goofs and behaves well with them.

6. Pete Jr.  

Pete Jr.  

Pete Jr the son of Pete Sr. and Peg Pete. He has a good friendship with Max, and unlike his father, he is a really well-behaved and honest boy who tries to be better. He is kindhearted but shy and timid. Max often encourages him to be risk-averse and to achieve his dreams.

In many cases, P.J. finds himself on the receiving end of his father’s doings and cunning schemes. He often helps Max and Peg to thwart the plans of his father. Like Max, he enjoys skateboarding, video games, and bike riding.

7. Pistol Pete  

Pistol Pete 

She is the younger sister of P.J. and is the daughter of Pete Sr. and Peg. P.J. loves her and gives her whatever she wants. She is a cute girl who likes dolls, animals, tea parties, circuses, and other similar stuff. However, on the other hand, she has a tomboy attitude with her fascination with wrestling, speed, flying, and other stuff.

She is also mischievous, and because of that, P.J., Max, and Goofy sometimes get into trouble to save her. She is also talkative and asks many questions at the same time.

8. Chainsaw  


She is the pet dog of the Petes. She absolutely hates Waffles and, at times, gets mean. Waffles sometimes get the better of Chainsaw, who regularly finds herself on the receiving end of his mischiefs of him. However, at other times, Chainsaw also minds her own business, sleeps in different places, and buries different objects. Sometimes, both Chainsaw and Waffles get along quite well.

Summing Up  

These are some of the funniest, most interesting, and most relatable Goof Troop characters that you will come across in the show. Although there are many more characters, we have stuck to the most important ones, as knowing these characters will give you a better idea of the show, and you will be able to understand and enjoy it better.

Hope you understand that there are important characters in Goof Troop, apart from Goofy and Max only. Do you think that we have missed out on some more important characters that we should have included in this article? Tell us about who you think plays a significant role in Goof Troop in the comments section below.

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