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Top 18 Google Games(Google Doodle Games) In 2023

Google Doodle games are undoubtedly very special – these are basically certain temporary changes that are made to Google?s logo right on its homepage for commemorating anniversaries, holidays, and other important dates. These changes are inclusive of a cool Google logo which represents fun animations, events, video clips, and even cute games.

Perhaps, these games are the best aspect of the popular Google Doodles mostly because these are easy to learn and play – and not just easy, these are fun too! You can even access them simply via Google Search, making this one of the best hang-out activities on a really busy day.

So today, let?s find out the best Google Doodle games that you must check out at least once on a boring workday – scroll down to find out now!

Top 18 Google Games(Google Doodle Games) In 2023!  

While there are several google games that you can try out, there?s no point in going through all google doodle games. Not all of these games are interesting – then why should you waste your time on games that do not make sense? Instead, let?s talk about the games that will make a boring workday really fun!

1. Pac-Man:  


Perhaps one of the most iconic games since forever is Pac-Man! First launched in Japan and that too in 1980, Pac-Man was originally developed by Namco. Of course, the game became instantly popular – the game?s objective? To finish eating all dots located in a maze and avoiding ghosts simultaneously.

Naturally, while checking out google doodle games, we did stumbled upon the iconic Pac-Man! The game?s super easy and simple – you don?t need to experience it, you just need a desktop or a smartphone!

2. Pony Express:  

Pony Express

Inspired by the real Pony Express, the mail delivery service which operated between 1860 to 1861 in the United States, Pony Express is the racing game you definitely need to play! What is the game?s goal? To obtain the mail while reaching the game?s finish line. It is one of those games to play when bored on google – trust us, you won?t be disappointed.

Again, it?s a simple game you can easily learn how to play – and the best part? You can play this game on both your smartphones and desktops!

3. Cricket:  


If you are looking for popular google doodle games, then how can you forget about Cricket? The google doodle version of this popular sport was first launched in 2017, simply as a vital part of the legendary ICC Champions Trophy. The best part? Yep, it?s easy! You just have to click on a single button in order to hit the ball.

A very entertaining game, you can easily play google doodle cricket on both your desktop and smartphone. Plus, it?s always fun to play cricket.

4. Soccer:  


If Cricket is not your go-to google game to play, then how about their version of Soccer? Released in 2012, Soccer?s google doodle version was launched to celebrate the Soccer World Cup in 2012. Again, it?s a user-friendly game that you can play. There?s only one limitation – you have to play as the goalkeeper and prevent your opponents from scoring.

Of course, you can either use a keyboard or a mouse in order to keep track of the players in case you are playing on your desktop. Similarly, if you are playing on your smartphone, then you can easily control players by just swiping.

5. Basketball:  


Another Google Doodle version of a popular sport that we loved playing was Basketball! You will get twenty-four seconds, and in that given time, you have to throw the basketball through the net, just like in a typical game of basketball. If you do play on your desktop, then you can play with the help of the spacebar or even your mouse.

We had a lot of fun playing the google doodle basketball game, but we do wish there were more elements to this game than just a few buttons.

6. Coding For Carrots:  

Coding For Carrots

When Kid?s Coding celebrated its 50th anniversary, we got Coding For Carrots, the fun game we were all waiting for! The game has a learning aspect since it teaches players basic principles of coding while allowing them to drag as well as drop different blocks for making a rabbit eat carrots.

The game specifically highlights a programming language known as Logo, which was originally developed by MIT researchers, and of course, Seymour Papert for teaching children programming.

7. Champion Island Games:  

Champion Island Games

On 31st August, the Doodle Champion Island Games is celebrated every year, and Google decided to commemorate this date, and boom, Champion Island Games was released. The game allows players to become the protagonist under the garb of a cat who has to enter Champion Island and then compete with seven sports champions.

From the very beginning, the game is pretty challenging and fun – players also get to explore the entire island while competing in any games that they prefer. At the same time, players will win a crown once they have beaten the different other players.

8. Hip Hop:  

Hip Hop

Originally created to celebrate Hip Hop?s forty-fourth birth anniversary, the google doodle version of Hip Hop was launched. If you love to groove to the music, then you can always take the role of a DJ and play some crazy music on this game. There?s a certain cool vibe about this game – plus, it?s damn fun!

The game comes with not one but two legendary records – you can actually utilize the crossfade for mixing all the different beats, selecting various tracks, and doing so much more.

9. Base Ball:  

Base Ball

The next Google doodle game to get featured has to be Base Ball. In July 2019, Google came up with a fun doodle of a baseball for celebrating Independence Day in the United States, along with this fun backyard barbecue doodle game. It?s much like traditional baseball – players have to hit the baseball right out of the backyard for scoring runs.

It?s a fun game, and the best part? The names of all the participating players, inclusive of American dishes of their preference. It can be a pretty good stress reliever.

10. Cut Pizza:  

Cut Pizza

If you love cutting pizza into different pieces, then this is the google doodle game you most definitely need to play. Did you know that the Cut Pizza game was actually introduced for celebrating pizza?s inclusion into the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity? The game?s challenging and fun at the same time.

The game?s not just about cutting a pizza into different pieces – it?s also about meeting requirements. Plus, you can play this game on your desktops and smartphones.

11. Google Doodle Hurdles

In the Google Doodle Hurdles, you essentially control an in-game athlete by using the keyboard or the phone’s controls to adjust the athlete’s movement. The athlete needs your assistance using your controls to go over obstacles and sprint as quickly as you can to the track’s end or the finish line.

However, the game becomes harder with each step that is taken. As a result, using your controls requires superb timing as well as rapid reactions. A set number of points will be awarded to you once you have successfully overcome an obstacle. Furthermore, you will receive points if you finish the race in a record-breaking time.

More Google Doodle Games To Light Up Your Day!  

More Google Doodle Games To Light Up Your Day

Before you can look up ?google games snake,? let us introduce you to some more Google Doodle games that are not just legendary in their own light but also so interesting to play! Scroll down and check you some more entertaining Google Doodle games!

  1. Scoville
  2. Loteria
  3. Slalom Canoe
  4. Pangolin Love
  5. Magic Cat Academy
  6. Quick, Draw!
  7. Rubik?s Cube

And It?s A Wrap: Let?s Start Playing!  

Are you wondering how to play google play games on pc? Or are you already looking for ?google games doodle? – then stop! Because we have brought to you the best Google Doodle games out there – you just need to type their names and figure out which ones you love playing the most! So tell us what your thoughts are. And feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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