Handle Travel Stress

How to Handle Travel Stress During Back-to-Back Trips

Traveling for business is exciting. It means that your company trusts you to represent them and accomplish specific tasks and goals on the road. Business travel is also an opportunity to network, enjoy the amenities, and move up the corporate ladder.

However, traveling causes stress, especially if you receive back-to-back assignments. For travel nurses, construction workers, and salespeople, it?s common to hit the road often; it?s a trade-off between work-life balance.

More assignments lead to more income. In many cases, the additional income doesn?t discount that frequent travel increases the physical and mental strain.

Although some professionals thrive in this environment, it can catch up to them too.

We outline seven ways that help road warriors handle travel stress during back-to-back trips.

1. Communicate with Your Office

Communication with your office and corporate travel planner is essential. When you understand your itinerary, you can plan timely how you?ll travel from Point A to Point B. You can also discuss your accommodations, meals, and reimbursable expenses.

Touching base with your office also reminds you that you have their support behind you. If you do not have a base office, touch case with the recruiter or contact the person who finds assignments for you. It?s good to have human contact with people who support you professionally.

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2. Maintain a Routine

Some professionals feel stress during extensive travel since it disrupts their routines. Therefore, maintain it despite finding yourself in a different zip code and time zone.

The itinerary will dictate when you eat your meals, have downtime, and go to bed. However, you can still maintain elements of it.

For example, if you exercise at home, exercise on the road too. Exercise benefits everyone, especially business professionals.

Physical activity sparks creativity and improves problem-solving skills. It helps dissolve stress and puts you in a productive and positive mindset.

traveling routine

3. Keep the Essentials Packed

All business travelers must pack smartly. Otherwise, they?ll realize that they left some essentials behind. Those who travel back-to-back benefit from keeping a packed bag with the essentials.

Travel essentials include:

  • One business professional outfit
  • One business casual outfit
  • Undergarments
  • Tech accessories such as chargers and wires
  • Travel grooming kit
  • Sweater or jacket

Then, add more items based on the destination?s weather, length of the trip, and reasons for the trip. For example, travel nurses should keep one set of scrubs packed. Salespeople benefit from packing several shirts and ties.

4. Pack for Comfort

One way to relieve anxiety from frequent traveling is to pack for comfort. Ideally, your accommodations will provide comfy beds and bedding. You can round it out by bringing a high-quality pillow or throw blanket.

For long-term assignments, bring pictures, comfy loungewear, and toiletries. Essentially, you want to pack things that make you feel like you?re home.

business travelling comfort

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5. Stay Organized

To reduce stress from back-to-back travel assignments, stay organized. Keep your paperwork in one place and sorted. Realizing that you misplaced your passport or airplane ticket at the gate is far from ideal.

Other items that you should keep organized are:

  • Receipts
  • Confirmations for accommodations, flights, and care services
  • Assignment documentation
  • Professional certification and licensing documentation

When you keep important documents arranged, you?re less likely to lose them.

6. Use Technology

Another way to remain organized is to use technology. Your smartphone doubles as a mini desktop computer. Load it up with productivity apps that help map out your travel, calendar, and work.

Most companies have a website and complementary app. Each allows clients and guests to manage their appointments, subscriptions, and services digitally.

If you misplace your paper airline ticket, loading it on the airline?s app on your smartphone is an acceptable alternative.

travelling tech

7. Maximize Loyalty Rewards

Frequent trips provide great opportunities to earn more rewards. Once you accumulate several, cash them in for upgrades, free hotel nights, and free meals.

The rewards make handling the pressure of frequent travel easier. For example, self-care is a great way to deal with stress. You can cash in your rewards for a day at the hotel?s spa or a scrumptious meal.

If you use a business credit card, you can accrue rewards more quickly on everyday purchases.


Receiving back-to-back travel assignments is a good thing. However, it can cause stress, especially if you leave on long-term trips. To handle the pressure of frequent trips, keep the essentials packed. Also, communicate with your home office and stay organized. Then, maintain a routine.

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