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Hey Arnold Cartoon: Hey Arnold Characters

Craig Bartlett is the creator of the Hey Arnold! animated comedy television series in the United States. On October 7, 1996, Nickelodeon broadcast its premiere, and it aired there until June 8, 2004. 

On December 7, 2001, the show’s production came to an end after five seasons and 100 episodes, on June 28, 2002, Hey Arnold!: The Movie, a feature film based on the television series, had its cinematic debut.

In the television series, Arnold resides in Hillwood, a fictitious community on the southwestern edge of Washington state and British Columbia. 

Gerald’s home is based on a home found in Portland’s Nob Hill, while the bridge going to downtown Hillwood is similar to the Burnside Bridge in Portland.

In this article, we shall help you learn more about the Hey Arnold characters and connect better with the show!


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The main character of the Hey Arnold television series and associated material is Arnold Phillip Shortman. Helga’s lover as of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, he is also Gerald’s best buddy. 

Craig Bartlett, who previously produced the clay-animated Penny-Shorts for CBS’s Pee-Playhouse, invented Arnold in 1985.

Arnold’s most physical distinguishing feature is that he has a head that resembles a gigantic American football (or rugby ball), garnering him the moniker “Football Head.” 

Before settling on the current appearance, his head appeared longer and more like a balloon in early episodes. 

His typical outfit consists of a teal sweater over a long red plaid shirt, blue trousers, and black shoes (sometimes mistaken for a skirt).

Near a secret Green-Eyed People temple in San Lorenzo, Arnold was born. According to most fans, he was most likely born on October 7, the day the series premiere aired. His relationships are one-sided on his end throughout the entire series. 

Before the Jungle Movie, he had no romantic relationships but did have crushes (on girls). Arnold becomes friends with most of the Hey Arnold characters, if not all, of his classmates and schoolmates because of his kind heart and intelligent nature. 

Arnold’s voice performers have varied during the series. At that moment, Mason Vale Cotton voices him Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is his most recent actor.

Helga Pataki

Helga Pataki
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The deuteragonist and occasionally false antagonist of Hey Arnold! is Helga Geraldine Pataki. She is Arnold’s first best friend, a fictitious arch-competitor he never gets to meet, a love interest, and, subsequently, his girlfriend. 

Helga has a thick, black unibrow and brilliant, golden hair pulled back into long pigtails with no obvious hair ties (both of which are shaped like broomstick ends). 

Helga is highly sensitive and capable of understanding extreme emotions like love and hatred.

She exhibits a wonderful talent for poetry and a startling memory for written works. She accurately identified individuals in the show who were trustworthy or who weren’t, including members of her own family. 

“Olga Gets Engaged” and “Helga on the Couch” is a couple of such instances. Helga frequently reminisces while gazing at a heart-shaped locket with Arnold’s photo since she secretly loves him. 

She takes great measures in several episodes to keep her secret a secret. After Arnold finds her helping him, Helga gradually admits her love. 

Gerald Johanssen

Gerald Johanssen
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The tritagonist of Hey Arnold! is Gerald Martin Johanssen, who Jamil Walker Smith portrays. Gerald is the class president at his school and, according to his buddies, thinks he’s pretty cool. 

He might develop jealousy of others if they take his limelight, which comes from his childhood as the middle kid who was regularly picked on.

Gerald frequently serves as the voice of reason and a somber counterpoint to Arnold’s cheerful perspective among the group of fourth-grade friends. 

Arnold frequently tries to talk Gerald out of helping others since Gerald is much less willing to do so. 

He is also more inclined to harbor misgivings about others or hatred toward someone, like his brother, whom he feels has harmed him.

One of the primary Hey Arnold characters in The Jungle Movie is Gerald. He performs the storytelling duties for the fourth graders. 

Gerald’s talent for performing has been heard in his musical compositions, such as “Gerald’s Tonsils,” in which he sings as a chorus soloist. He plays the piano in “Partners,” and he may be seen playing the violin in “Arnold as Cupid.”

Philip Shortman

Philip Shortman
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In addition to having a prominent Adam’s apple, bony elbows and knees, a sharp cleft chin, and what looks to be some sort of mass on his skull, Phil is renowned for having several other unusual protrusions. 

Assuming he can convince the boarders to pay the rent, he manages the Sunset Arms boarding home. 

He served as a private in World War One, as revealed in “Veterans Day.” Grandpa has seen several Hey Arnold characters in the series that have been seen as his competitors, such as the wealthy Rex Smythe-Higgins, Robbie Fisher, and his boyhood pal Jimmy Kafka. 

In the most recent city competition, he and his longtime checker’s nemesis tied for first place and were both champions Chinese checkers players (which gave him his nickname “Steely” Phil).

He claimed to be employed by the Great Northern Railway in “Haunted Train.” Grandpa appears to have had his old green Packard since it was brand new. 

In “Grudge Match,” the Packard had a small collision with Big Bob Pataki’s vehicle, and in “Mr. Green Runs,” Grandpa accidentally drove the Packard into many deep holes. 

When the unstable ice cream salesman inadvertently pushed the Jolly Olly Man off the road while driving carelessly, he disguised himself as a charming older woman, conned Grandpa into giving him his address, and then took the automobile.

Gertrude Shortman

Gertrude Shortman
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Most of the time, Gertie behaves weirdly, dressing differently from other people and referring to them by strange names or labels. 

This is one of the Hey Arnold characters who has a positive attitude and approaches every circumstance with the same zeal. Grandma is a passionate, devoted, and loving grandma despite being somewhat insane and senile.

She cares deeply for Arnold and is frequently fiercely protective of him. She is frequently cited as a source for philosophy, particularly when Arnold is involved, using analogies that are typically misunderstood. 

Although senility has been blamed for her wacky and quirky conduct, it is also indicated that it was, to some degree, planned.

Arnold’s maternal grandma is Grandma Gertrud. She is Grandpa Phil’s wife, and they have known one another since they were little. 

She not only has a black belt in martial arts and can handle bigger battles like fixing the wiring in the subway. They are the parents of Arnold’s mother and Stella’s father, Miles.

Phoebe Heyerdahl

Phoebe Heyerdahl
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Young half-Japanese woman Phoebe Marie Heyerdahl was born in Kentucky. In the animated series Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, she is one of the major Hey Arnold characters.

Phoebe is little and speaks in a squeaky tone (though it was less squeaky in the earlier episodes).

One of the sweetest characters in the series, Phoebe, is supposedly Helga’s sole friend. She is intelligent and endowed with a nice, likable demeanor. 

Her victory in the City Academic Bowl is among her most memorable achievements. In another, she was discovered passing gas on stage and then refused to return to school.

Phoebe, a tomboy who hangs out with Arnold and has a thing for Gerald, is somewhat rebellious. She manages a fencing sword even when it’s a flashlight (“Wheezin’ Ed”). 

She is seen practicing a huge horn in “School Dance” and carrying what looks to be a string bass in “Helga on the Couch,” proving that she is also musically talented.

Harold Berman

Harold Berman
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Harold Berman is another one of the Hey Arnold characters. He was one of the original Hey Arnold! characters from the comics and claymation shorts and were voiced on the program by Justin Shenkarow.

Despite his menacing demeanor, Harold is a sweet-hearted student who is overweight. He resides in P.S. 118, Ohio, with his mother and father and is of Jewish ancestry. 

In the episode “Harold the Butcher,” Harold steals a ham from Green’s Butchery, demonstrating his tendency toward theft.

In the episode “Weighing Harold,” Harold’s embarrassment about his weight is taken to the extreme. 

Additionally, due to mistakes made during aptitude exams in the episodes “The Aptitude Test” and “Suspended,” he was expelled from school, received his Bar Mitzvah, and believed himself to be intelligent.

Eugene Horowitz

Eugene Horowitz
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Although Eugene Horowitz’s, name means “born lucky,” he is the class curse. He likes musical theatre and frequently breaks out into spontaneous public singing and dancing. 

His head has a strange form, with the top cylindrical and the lower half fashioned like a bean, with his long nose sitting in the middle.

He is frequently bullied by his classmates and prone to bad luck. Arnold saved Eugene from street robbers in “Mugged,” attempting to take his macaroons and mallomars. 

However, many of Eugene’s misfortunes?not seen on the show?occurred when Arnold wasn’t there, as well as the numerous little mishaps he encounters each time he makes an appearance.

The series makes hints about his orientation. Eugene is “kind of proto-gay,” therefore he’s uncomfortable dating any lady,” claims Craig Bartlett. 

Examples of this may be found in the films “School Play” and “Married,” yet in “Eugene, Eugene!” he had no issue kissing Lila for the play.

Why Watch Hey Arnold?

In the middle school setting of Hey Arnold, a youngster and his buddies struggle with various problems. 

Hey Arnold covers a variety of subjects from both an emotional and cerebral perspective, covering anything from understanding bullying to believing in yourself to being who you are. 

Hey Arnold was a well-written sitcom, as I’ve realized after binge-watching it as an adult.

The 1990s cartoon Hey Arnold! is full of absurd events, yet the Hey Arnold characters’ reactions to them have some valuable lessons for young viewers. 

A loud, domineering girl who picks on all her friends but singles out Arnold for the worst of it engages in some bullying. 

Be prepared for some moderate playground slang from your classmates, such as “freakin’,” “crap,” and terms like “dork” and “geek.” 

In general, the odd Hey Arnold cartoon characters are a likable group, and Arnold will come across to parents as the sort of kid they’d like their kids to get along with.

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