High-Quality Preschool

How High-Quality Preschool Can Support Healthy Development and Learning

Are you wondering whether to enroll your child in a preschool programme? For most parents, preschool is a great alternative to socialize the child away from the family. While Singapore boasts one of the best education systems in the world, preschool is not mandatory.

However, most parents have discovered the crucial benefits these programmes offer their children. Research shows that high-quality preschool promotes a child?s healthy development and learning. These are not transient benefits, but early school has a long-term impact on your child.

In this article, find out how the best preschool Singapore programme can support your child?s healthy development and learning.

What is a High-Quality Preschool?

What is a High-Quality Preschool? 

Preschools are not equal and it?s crucial for parents to choose wisely. With the popularity of preschool programmes, many institutions have come up. Luckily, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) serves as the regulatory and developmental authority for the sector.

So, what is a high-quality preschool? One of the most prominent features of these schools is the child-centric approach. Everything in a high-quality preschool revolves around the child. You?ll find highly trained and certified preschool teachers working in a safe and nurturing environment. The teachers prepare and offer age-appropriate planned learning activities that foster healthy development of your child.

Moreover, the teachers are attentive and caring, with all attention being on the growth of the child. The school setup is also welcoming and kid-friendly. Safety is a priority in these facilities to guarantee children can play and learn. The materials required are available and teachers get all the support they need to boost development of these kids.

Teaches tailor learning to suit every learner?s level and needs. They monitor the progress of every learner to identify those who might need extra attention. Evaluation and monitoring is a key part of high-quality preschools such as Lorna Whiston preschool.

Teachers note how the children are developing and make notes in their files. Parents also play an important role in the best preschool programs. Teachers include the parents to build trust and ensure they reinforce the teaching happening at school.

Preschool and Social Development

The transition from the comfort of the home setting to preschool isn?t easy. The child finds other children and adults and might struggle to fit in. However, teachers have the expertise to create situations that allow the child to love the new environment.

The child thrives in the environment through interactions with the other children. Through these interactions, the child learns crucial social skills such as sharing, cooperation, making friends, communicating, and compromising. They quickly learn how to coexist with others and these skills come in handy in their life.

A child who has been through a high-quality preschool knows how to deal with other people. For instance, they appreciate the need for respect for adults. The child can greet other people and interact freely in social settings. This social development greatly influences how your child turns out in later stages of their academics and even in their life.

Preschool and Academic Development

High-quality preschool programmes innovatively use play to learn. Teachers develop creative games, songs, quizzes, and other activities that promote early learning. This stage of education sets a strong foundation for your child?s academic development.

Teachers introduce activities that help inculcate crucial academic skills. These include language skills development like a Chinese enrichment class Singapore, reading skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and listening skills. Pre-schoolers are familiar with math, the alphabet, problem solving, vocabulary, repetition and much more.

Preschool and Emotional Development

Have you struggled to control your child?s emotions at home? You?re not alone. Most parents have to cope with their kids? tantrums and other emotional problems. A trained preschool teacher can help and promote your child?s emotional development.

Children learn about different emotions such as joy, anger, sadness and others. The teacher creatively uses diagrams and other tactics to demonstrate such emotions. The students can label the emotions they feel and learn how to change or control such emotions. By learning aspects like sharing, compromising and apologizing, your child can make great leaps in their emotional life.

Emotional development also helps kids make friends, and build trust with others. Preschoolers also learn how to show warmth and affection, respect each other, and appreciate diversity. All these skills are critical for the holistic development of a healthy child.

Preschool and Physical Development of a Child 

Preschool and Physical Development of a Child 

Health experts have raised concerns over the physical health of children because of poor lifestyle choices of parents. One way to ensure your child embraces a healthy lifestyle early in life is through preschool. Here, teachers employ games, dances, games, sports and other activities that require the use of motor skills.

The child not only stays physically fit but also learns in the process. Activities such as drawing and painting also help your child develop fine motor skills. Your child can write comfortably, paint, and coordinate body and mind.

Final Thoughts

Preschool is the first step in promoting your child?s healthy development. A high-quality preschool programme focuses on holistic development which impacts greatly on your child?s life. Go ahead and find the best preschool near you and enrol your child. It?s the best gift for your child.

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