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How Many People Watch Anime In The World? Must Read!

How many people watch anime? The answer is one billion. But is that all you want to know? As an anime fan, you have many more questions, like why is anime so popular? Or why do people like anime? Don’t stop yourself from reading this article if those topics interest you even one bit.

If you are reading this, you have watched some anime atleast at some phase of your life. Also, if you are a seasoned otaku like me, you may continue to watch new anime.

Now, it is ok to feel lonely about your taste in anime since the number of our kind was not impressive even five years ago. However, thanks to the internet boom, many countries outside japan have adopted anime as an exciting mode of entertainment.

Since the number of Otakus is increasing, this puts forward the question: how many people watch anime? How many people in the world watch anime? Surprisingly the number is more significant than you can imagine.

One billion among the seven billion of the global population watch anime. Many famous people watch anime; you can take Elon Musk, for instance.

What Is Anime?

what is anime

Anime is a term generally referred to as animated content. But you cannot go around telling any animated content anime. The place of anime’s origin is deeply concerned with it. Anime is an animation made in Japan. Anime is based on Japanese comics (manga).

The anime vs. cartoon debate has been going on for a long time. Anime is not a cartoon (funny giggle). There is a clear distinction between anime and cartoons. Cartoons are generally made in the US or the UK with a younger base audience in mind.

On the other hand, anime deals with serious manga content (often going to the extent of adult content) that tells more serious novel-like epic stories.

Certain anime is censored, and only adult audiences can watch them. However, whereas cartoons are for entertaining children and catering few morales in the process, anime entertains, inspires, and provokes thought in all ages of audiences.

How Many People Watch Anime And Why Do People Love Anime?

The number of people watching anime is increasing every year. Most of us have grown up watching Dragon Ball Z at some point in life. We have sailed on several adventures with Luffy and his crew in several treasure hunts across the new world. Now, I do not need to remind Naruto fans why people love anime, do I?

Even if you are in your twenties, I bet you are updated with all the new episodes of Demon slayer season 2. Demons Salyer is the most popular anime right now. There is a hundred percent chance that you are hyped by the final season of Attack On Titan.

So, if you are wondering why people love anime, here are some possible answers.-

Anime Is Not Only For Entertainment

Unlike funny cartoons for children, anime is not for entertainment alone. It is also for inspiration and enlightenment. Characters like Naruto and Rock Lee are pure inspiration for every underdog human being. They teach us to push our limits and work hard.

Despite Naruto’s miseries, he never gave into the darker side, and he struggled to become the Hokage. On the other hand, we can learn from different aspects of pain from Nagato and Obito; despite their criminal acts, we can sympathize with them and get an enlightened perspective.

Anime Has Great Characters

anime has great characters

One of my friends asked me, “Is anime popular in japan?” Are you kidding? Japanese people are drunk on anime. Do you want to know why? Because anime has great characters.

Unlike cartoons that center on four or five characters, anime throws hundreds of characters your way. And anime does not stop there. It shows most of these characters’ black, white, and gray shades.

A general mold of these characters makes the audience relate to and sympathize with their situations and shortcomings. Unfortunately, light Yagami went down the path of a tragic hero. But, you will not see a fan who did not try to mimic his intelligence.

The sturdy character of Kakashi Hatake in Naruto shows his resilience against pain, injustice, and negativity. Why don’t you look at Luffy? This guy turns discrimination to dust by humbly welcoming beings with unimaginable backgrounds and origins.

Anime characters are not only inspiring, but they also have lessons worth learning. And there is no wonder people love anime; you can look at the anime community; it is growing every day.

Anime Has Rich Stories

When talking about anime, we are not talking about many funny stories that involve fighting over a piece of bread (does that sound biased?). Instead, the stories in anime are rich and deal with epic sagas like the great shinobi war.

If you watched Dororo, you know how a medieval age cyborg goes through its character journey, finally getting redemption. The story of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is also an excellent one. It deals with the governing structure and the internal corruption of a country in a fantasy-driven story.

If you watch anime, you won’t be disappointed unless you watch Boku No Pico.


Many naysayers are shouting, ‘I hate anime,’ but that won’t decrease the number of people watching anime. So, how many people watch anime? While the answer may be one billion, the exact number may be greater than that. In addition, many celebrities like anime; you can take Elon Musk and the famous spiderman actor Tobie Maguire as the two most famous examples.

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