Denim is becoming a popular fashion accessory and sets its firm place in the men’s and women’s wardrobes. And now we are all abandoning the thoughts of repairing our favorite pair of jeans. Distressed, pinned buttons, distressed pockets, everything is coming into fashion, and now the fashion designers are giving more attention to the bottom part of the jeans. Why you are waiting for the designers for fray jeans. You can also start to fray or distress your jeans. So let’s start with how to fray jeans with your own.

Cropped bottom, fringe jeans, flayed pants, everything is just in the fashion. And all of these are the result of experimenting with the bottom part of the jeans. Fashion designers are giving special attention to creating something unique and different by experimenting with the frayed jeans’ hem. This fraying is not tough to work to do. You just have to manage an excellent sharp scissor along with some readily available household items.

Let’s start with the how-to fray bottom of jeans by using a simple scissor.

A Step By Step Guide Of How To Fray Jeans 

Distressed and fringed denim is in the cloth fashion, and every guy and lady loves this distressed style of denim. And wants to do experiments with one pair of distressed jeans. But the distressed jeans are no doubt looking very stylish and trendy. 

But the right fringe, according to your body shape and size, is very challenging to get. Fashion-conscious people love to do the style on their own and want to follow the easiest method to fray denim by using simple scissors. So want to ask how to fray jeans?

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to fray denim like a pro:

 Step 1: First gather all the required items like one pair of the 

  • Jeans(which you want to fray)
  • Fabric Scissor
  • Cloth marker chalk
  • Ruler
  • Sandpaper or pumice stone

Gather these all items and then start to DIY fray jeans making.

Step 2: Take off your jeans and lay flat on the room floor or any table. Make sure there is no crease on the jeans.

Step 3: Slip on the jeans and mark the bottom area of the jeans which you want to fringe. Mark the jeans’ bottom area with a chalk marker and measure the bottom part of the jeans’s exact area. Mark the area.

Step 4: Draw the line across and carefully measure the hemline of the bottom. Mark the second leg as the first one. Or after your marking, simply fold the jeans in half, and you are getting a fade marking a line in the second leg.

Step 5: Grab your scissors and cut the marking area of the pants. When you are marking the lower portion of the pant, carefully measure the exact area. And always keep one thing in your mind, that you have to measure your pant length and have to keep some extra space in the bottom. Because when you are wearing the pants after fraying, your leg length will automatically look shorter in size.

Step 6: Then grab the cloth scissors and cut off the marked area of both legs.

Step 7: How to fray cut off jeans? Quite simple, just pull out all the loose thread from the edges. Don’t pull it all out. Just make sure the bottom part’s loose threads are looking like a small fringe.

Step 8: Use sandpaper to distress the lower part of the jeans. If you want to see the broad distress area, use the pumice stone to achieve the fringed and distressed look.

Step9: Most fashion-conscious people are not going to be satisfied with only the fringed bottom fringe. Jean is looking more stylish when you add some distress look on the side of the two pockets along with the hip pocket.

Step10: How to fray jeans? Fraying and adding a distressed look is smart. To give your denim a distressed finish look, mark the area beside the pockets. Grab your pumice stone or sandpaper and rub the marked area. It will take some time to achieve the look.

Step11: For achieving the finished look, grab the two legs and crunch and rub the fringe. By using this simple technique, your fringe is going to be more natural and flowy.

Not only the sandpapers but your scissors are also going to be another weapon to achieve a light finish look. How to fray jeans with scissors? Use this weapon and start distressing the cutout open edges.

Other Stylish Looks With Frayed Denim 

Your distressed look and your unique style statement are turning you into a fashion icon. So do not stop experimenting with the denim look.

When you love a more distressed look, add some trendy and rocking style statements in your jeans.

If you want to add some extra rock style look to your distressed frayed jeans, please follow the simple tips.

  • Add some metallic corner chains to your jeans. Multilayer chains are combining a very trendy and rock-style statement to your look.
  • Extra distress beside the side pockets and knees are adding some extra trendy and casual looks. Do Experimenting. But always mark the specific area which you want to distress.
  • Do you love a gothic look? Install some metal buttons on the side of the pockets. Carefully place the button on the hemline of the pocket, sew it, or glued it down.
  • Love sparkle look and cristal? Then add some fabric cristal on the hemline of your denim’s coin pocket.

Wrapping up:

How to fray jeans? This is the very frequently asked question that is commonly coming from jeans users and trendy fashion-conscious people. As most of you want to wear distressed and fringed jeans according to your own fashion and style statements. And here we are sharing very easy ideas to distress your jeans and make fringed DIY fray denim. If you think our article successfully shares the denim style statements, do not forget to comment on us.

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