How To Help Your Child Take His Medicines

How To Help Your Child Take His Medicines: A Step-By-Step Guide

Giving medicines to your children can be really tricky. There are also some liquid medicines that smell and taste too bad for children. In some cases, medicines come with strange textures to make them harder for children.

When the children do not feel well or fall sick, they become more stubborn, or than he or she usually is. But that does not mean that you will leave it like that. There are ways that will make this super hard task a bit easier for you.

How To Help Your Child Take His Medicines?

Just by following some tips and tricks, you can make your children take medicines with fewer struggles. There is no rule that taking medications always has to be like World War III, right? So, let?s look into those tips, which can settle World War III without launching a bomb.

Avoid Power Struggles:

Avoid Power Struggles:

Those power struggles are the first thing that you need to avoid. But how? Here is the answer with the oral medication help.

  • In case your children refuse to take medication, instead of reacting immediately, take a moment to pause. Stay calm, take a deep breath and then plan your next step or go for plan B.
  • Show your baby that you and your little one are both on the same page. Use words like ?we? instead of saying ?I? or ?You.?
  • It is also a great idea to offer some comfort. Hug your baby, or give him or her the favorite cuddly toy.
  • Once your angel takes medicine, do not forget to praise him or her.

Giving Your Child Some Control:

Giving Your Child Some Control:

Giving your little one some control also can unload your shoulder a bit.

  • You can directly ask your children if they want to know how taking this medication will help them. In case you get an affirmative answer or ?YES,? offer them a simple answer.
  • Let your child choose the way the little one wants to take medicine. For example, ask your baby whether he or she prefers to stand or sit at the time of taking medication. In case your children are grown up, you can allow them to put the pill or tablet on their tongue and also hold the cup of medicine.

Opt For Liquid Medicines:

Most of the children are too concerned about the taste of the liquid medicines or the best liquid vitamins. And if a medicine tastes bad, they refuse to take it. Here are some tips that will help you to deal with this.

  • You can give your little one an ice pop or flavored cold drink. The cold will dull the sense of taste of your child.
  • Ask your little monster to pinch his or her nose closed. This will make the medicine taste less strong. You also can apply this if the medicine smells weird.
  • Ask your doctor whether you can mix the medicine with a little portion of food, like pudding or applesauce. Some medicines do not work that well with food as they do if taken solely. So, it is really vital to have a doctor?s permission. But if you are mixing the medicine with the food, you also need to ensure that mister or miss little is having the whole food.
  • For quickly washing away the bad taste of medicine, keep a glass of milk, water, or juice ready.

Taking Pills Or Tablets:

Taking Pills Or Tablets:

Some medicines are also available in a chewable form. Once your child has grown molar teeth at the back of the mouth, these chewable can be the option. Once your superstar reaches the age of 10, he or she may learn to swallow pills.

Here are some tips that you need to share with your little bunny when you are teaching him or her to swallow pills.

  • Put the pill far back on the tongue.
  • Now drink from a straw in order to wash down the whole pill.
  • As you swallow the pill, tilt your head back.

Final Tips:

If you have children that require special assistance, then you need to make sure that the special education school has sensitive individuals that can help them take their medicines. Children that are specially-abled might be required to take regular medication.

I hope this guide will help you when you try all these things in practice. Always remember that we were also used to being a kid and our parents also handle this whole thing with a lot of patience and calmness.