Ideas For Halloween

Ideas For Halloween-Themed Packaging And Product Displays For Your Business

There?s no better season than the spooky season, and the marketing world seems to agree! As is expected, customers across the world tend to dig up holiday-themed marketing – top among which are areas such as packaging and product displays – resulting in a boost in sales around that period.

And Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of this trend by adding a fun and spooky twist to your product packaging and displays. How? Well, the limit is your creativity!

To get you started, here are 4 crafty ways that you can make your business Halloween-themed this holiday season:

Don?t Underestimate The Power Of A Flyer

While making the physical changes to your packaging and product displays is one of the key steps in your company?s Halloween-inspired takeover, advertising this seasonal promotion is just as important! And what better tool to go for when it comes to advertising than the trusty old flyer? With dozens of designs available under Postermywall?s Halloween flyer templates section, choosing one – or two or three – that you love will be a piece of cake!

Start by selecting a template you like, customize it according to your brand?s requirements, and then post it on your social media to get the word out. And the best part? You can do all this – and more – for free with PosterMyWall! Once your flyers are made and up, the results will roll in themselves. After all, there?s nothing quite as convenient and effective as a flyer to really boost your marketing ROI!

Switch Up Your Color Palette

Out of all the design elements, if there?s one that emphasizes association, it?s color. Designing marketing campaigns and product packaging based on specific color schemes helps tie it to seasonal events, such as Halloween, and introducing the same for your spooky displays will be a hit!

Think of colors such as black, orange, purple, and green – all classic shades that have a longstanding link to the spooky Halloween realm. You can alter your product packaging and display stands to incorporate these colors along with design elements such as spiders, cobwebs, skeletons, pumpkins, and the like.

The result will be a revamped look that screams of the spooky season – pun intended – and gets your brand involved in the holiday festivities!

Set Up Interactive Product Displays

There?s nothing like some in-store attraction, and making your product displays interactive is not only a great way to capture customer attention but also get involved in the Halloween spirit!

You can set up a skeleton bones area where customers can join bones to make models, a pumpkin carving counter, or even one where you catch flying ghosts with a wand. By setting up these interactive games – and combining them with different products – you?ll be able to utilize the holiday marketing period to boost your in-store sales. And not only that, but you?ll have some happy and satisfied customers that return time and time again!

Create Fun – And Spooky – Halloween Characters

Characters, mascots, brand faces – whatever form they take, creative personalizations have been around for a long time in the marketing world. Not only do they help build customer association and relatability with the product, but they also add in a fun and playful element that can separate even the most mundane product from just its usability.

For Halloween, you can take into account popular elements and create characters around them. You can come up with absolutely anything ranging from Wendy the Witch to Patchy the Pumpkin to much more – all that it depends on is your creativity!

Once your characters are complete, it?s time to put them on your packaging and displays. Be strategic in choosing which character goes where – for instance, a witch character could be paired with colored extensions or black shoes, whereas a pumpkin character could be paired with the vegetable itself or even carving tools. Of course, these associations are not to the book, and they can differ according to your brand and product line, but what?s important is to create elements that your audience will connect with.

So, if you?re looking to revamp your product packaging and displays this Halloween season then these tips and tricks are your go-to marketing hacks. Just be sure to make adjustments according to your brand, and soon you?ll be making the most of the holiday season!