Ingramer Review 2024: Will It Work For Your Instagram In 2024?

Are you planning to grow your Instagram account? If yes, then you must think about using Ingramer!

If you are stuck with a limited budget and want to grow your Instagram, let me tell you something. For the most part, it is not your story alone. There are so many people out there struggling to grow their Instagram on a limited budget with no results. Chances are you have been relentlessly pursuing your same old Instagram strategy based on follow-unfollow, comments, and automated liking.

Why spend time, money, and efforts on the same old strategies that do not even guarantee you results? Instead, why not spend your budget, time, and efforts on software like Ingramer? Chances are you haven?t heard about the same before.

But don?t you worry because we are here to tell you all that you need to know about this revolutionary software. Keep reading to find out more on the same!

What Is Ingramer? An Insta Revolution For The World!

What Is Ingramer

Ingramer is a type of promotional software for multiplying your growth on Instagram. The software has several useful features, and as a result, it provides plenty of services along with those free likes that you desperately need. The main concept behind the software is to automate your marketing strategy and scale business growth for the same.

However, there might be a small issue with this revolutionary application. The software has ?gram? within its name, just like Instagram. In fact, the two terms are not that different from each other. That could be seen as a probable violation of Instagram?s copyright and consequently can easily make Ingramer a target on social networking sites.

Keeping legal troubles aside, let?s find out about the time-saving, business-growing features of the software. Then, scroll down to find out more about the same!

Features Of Ingramer:

Features Of Ingramer

Before exploring Ingramer download options, check out the features of the same first! Then, scroll down to find out the same below!

1. Automated Likes:

The best part about this feature is people really look for likes. Unfortunately, with changing algorithms, it is challenging to keep up for most people, especially on a platform like Instagram, where getting likes on your feed is pretty difficult! This is where Ingramer steps in to save the day!

Since likes boost both reach and engagement on social media, automated likes can work wonders with relatively new accounts. Moreover, the software does not generate just post likes but also likes on hashtags, video content, usernames, and even location.

2. Automated Follows:

If there is one thing that everyone needs on Instagram, then that?s followers. Followers are your fundamental basis, whether you use the platform for professional or personal use. If you don?t have followers, who will see your content and engage with the same? Thus, you need follows, and the quickest way to go about this would depend on automated follows, at least initially.

Ingramer allows users to target accounts based on a few things like,

  • Username,
  • Location,
  • Hashtags,
  • Follower count.

3. Hashtag Generator:

There is no way you have not understood that hashtags can make or break your Instagram strategy. New ones come into the algorithm every single day – what?s trending today might not trend tomorrow. That?s why you need a dependable hashtag generator for coming up with relevant Ingramer hashtags so that you can keep up easily.

The hashtag generator feature of the software helps users come up with relevant and trending hashtags. This can really help brands grow on Instagram, especially in terms of both reach and engagement.

The features mentioned above are the three main features of Ingramer, but that?s not all. There are certain secondary features of the software as well. These are as follows, 

  1. Trending Hashtags – The best part about using the Ingramer hashtag generator is it helps users find trending hashtags from their niche.
  2. Smart Unfollow – Instead of that conventional mass unfollow system, the software allows users to set the following criteria. Now if the accounts fail to meet that criterion, the software can simply unfollow those accounts.
  3. Clear Stats – Without accurate stats, there?s no point in incorporating a social media strategy. As a result, the software does show you stats on what?s working, what?s not working, and the like.
  4. Scheduler For Instagram Posts – This one?s our all-time favorite, mostly because all the scheduler apps do not offer promotional and growth features. But this addition has really made it revolutionary as a result. Moreover, you get so many features in one place.

Now that you have a fair idea about the features of Ingramer let?s find out the advantages, disadvantages, and pricing of the same!

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ingramer:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ingramer


The advantages of Ingramer are as follows,

  1. The Ingramer software is easy to use, and that is more essential than most features. If any software is not easy to use or access, then there is no point in using it. By easy to use, we specifically mean easy for amateur users.
  2. Secondly, the next thing that can plague users is naturally the safety and security aspects of the same. So the website is secure and has an HTTPS source. Moreover, the website also has email and other contact information visible for the same. Thus, if there are any security issues, you can always get in touch with the Ingramer team.
  3. Thirdly, the pricing is also a pro in this case. The fact that all pricing packages are visible to all users and the payment getaways are all verified and secure makes things much better in the process. In addition, even the pricing packages are pretty cool – there are packages starting at 37 dollars (2 weeks), and the package can go up to 144 dollars for three months.


The advantages of Ingramer are as follows,

  1. Firstly, the Ingramer software boasts that they provide support round the clock every single day. However, many users have mentioned how that is not true as they have failed to receive consistent customer support from the software.
  2. Secondly, there is no relevant ?help? page or ?frequently asked questions or FAQ? section for guiding users on how to use the software. Thus, if someone is going to invest money in the software, naturally, this will be a matter of doubt.
  3. Thirdly, Ingramer uses bots on Instagram to get results makes things a little dicey. It might all look fine in the beginning, but if you keep using bots for growing your gram, sooner or later, your audience will understand, and that will definitely hamper your organic growth. It might all look fine in the beginning, but if you keep using bots for growing your gram, your audience will understand, and that will hamper your organic growth.

Let’s Talk About The Ingramer Pricing:  

Of course, if you plan to use Ingramer, you must pay some money to utilize the services that Ingramer provides. In this case, there are some pricing plans for Ingramer that you must know about. Therefore, the pricing plan lets you learn more about several tools and features. Below, I am going to discuss the pricing of Ingramer software.   

1) Basic  

First, you must know about the basic plan that Ingramer has provided. This plan starts at $38 per month and offers some of the leading promotional tools on this platform. With this, you can attract more potential clients, which will help you build up the audience base for your profile. Furthermore, you can get Ingramer’s VPN, which has been included for free, along with the hashtag generator software tool.   

2) Advanced  

Next, you must know about Ingramer’s advanced plan. After all, this advanced plan of Ingramer is priced at just $45 per month. If you pay this annually, this is the most famous and remarkable plan offered by Ingramer.  

Above all, this comes with Promo and several other direct services allowing you to promote your account. You can also organize your DM with Ingramer’s CRM, especially for online and Instagram chat services.   

3) Pro Plan  

Ingramer will also offer a pro plan. This one pro plan costs just $59 per month while you pay this annually, and then you can access all other primary services. Not only that, but being an Ingramer user, you can also get several different tools, including Promo, Direct, Scheduled Posting, and VPN services.  

Additionally, the hashtag generator and stories saver are also there. The one thing that you won’t be able to access with the pro plan is the Ingramer search tool.   

4) Custom  

One of the best things about Ingramer is the custom plan. This will allow you to customize your payment plan. This would be considerable if you chose other modules you wanted. Above all, there are different tools that you would have to access. Aside from that, this would also allow you to only pay for the features. This pricing plan is fair for you and within your business’s budget.   

Who Should Use Ingramer?  

Well, have you done installing the Ingramer software tool? And you didn’t know for whom this tool is for? Don’t worry! Below, I am going to discuss who should use the Ingramer tool.  

Independent Freelancers   

Being an independent freelancer, you can use social media platforms. In this way, you can spread the word about all the services you get. Aside from that, this is an excellent tool. In this case, it will become easier to grow your account, and you can get a lot of followers more quickly.   


If you plan to set up a new business and want to make an immediate impact on social media platforms, then Ingramer is for them. This will allow you to get your account up quickly. This would also be beneficial to run with a growing follower count.   

Small businesses  

If you already own a small business, then Ingramer is for them. This allows you to grow your IG without requiring you to invest a lot of time. In this case, money would be paid to go through the procedure.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many users have significant FAQs regarding Ingramer. Well did you know what they are? If not then go through the portion below where you can get to know about some significant FAQs regarding Ingramer.  

1. Does Ingramer Work?
Yes, Ingramer works pretty well. However, initially, it is quite slow. But that?s okay, considering Instagram usually does its best to get rid of such softwares. So there?s no point expecting so much from the same.
2. Do You Have To Pay For Ingramer?
Yes, unfortunately, there is no free trial alternative for Ingramer. However, there are various packages available and even discounts on the packages meant for 3 months or more. Thus, you can opt for a package that?s within your budget, and best serves your requirements.
3. How Do You Get Ingramer For Free?
Since there?s no free trial alternative for the Ingramer software, there?s nothing much you can do to get free access to the features of the same. Thus, there is no point trying – the pricing is quite affordable, and it?s best to go about it the right way.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the pros and cons of the Ingramer software, you can look up the Ingramer downloader and start exploring the software! Make your Instagram exactly how you wanted it to look – grow your gram today!

And don?t forget to let us know in the comments below how was your experience with using the Ingramer software!

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