Are you disappointed that it’s 2022 and you still can’t download photos from Instagram? Well, there are plenty of third-party tools that can help you out. But not all tools will be available for free or give you anonymous access or, in fact, safe to use. For example, have you heard of InstaDP? 

It’s one of those tools that can help you to download profile pictures from Instagram, and that too in a large size – you can even share the photo with others! 

  • But should you download it on your phone? 
  • Is it safe to download this app on your device?

Wait, we have a better idea! Why don’t you scroll down and read how was our experience with InstaDP?


Reviewing InstaDP: What Is InstaDP?

Reviewing InstaDP: What Is InstaDP?

Before starting with the review, check out the table below for a fair idea about InstaDP!

OrganizationContact Privacy Inc. Customer 7151571251
OwnerContact Privacy Inc. Customer 7151571251
CountryUnited States
Address96 Mowat Ave M4K 3K1 Toronto ON
DescriptionView anyone
Register Website 
Registrar Phone+1.8772376466

Welcome to a review session where we check out InstaDP for real! For the ones who have never heard of this app, InstaDP is a type of free tool which is also known as Instadp story viewer since it allows users to search accounts for viewing their display pictures quickly. 

Additionally, users can also use the app for downloading Instagram reels, stories, and more. The app claims that it can work seamlessly on both public and private accounts, but is that actually true? While so many users sing praises for the app, we have also come across a few completely different opinions. So is InstaDP safe? Is InstaDP legal?

Guess what, we have got all those answers for you – keep reading to find out now!

Instead of typing ‘instadp stories’ on Google and downloading the tool right away, let’s check out the basic features of the app, including how does Instadp works. You have to scroll down to find out!

Features Of InstaDP:

Features Of InstaDP

The most popular features of InstaDP are as follows,

  • InstaDP allows users to view display pictures from Instagram in the format of a large file. The app also lets users download these display pictures easily.
  • Additionally, users can not just download display pictures from Instagram. In fact, users can also download Instagram reels, stories, videos, and static posts. 
  • Moreover, the InstaDP works seamlessly on all public, private, celebrity, and even business-related Instagram accounts. However, you cannot view or download posts from private accounts, but you can still view and download the display pictures of the same. 

How Does InstaDp Work?

How Does InstaDp Work?

It is not that difficult to figure out how InstaDP works. Follow the steps mentioned below and find out this app can help you out!

  1. Visit the official website of InstaDP – type  on Google Search.
  1. Once you appear on the official website of the tool, simply enter a username of your choice. 
  1. Now click on the ‘search’ button.
  1. In case you are seeking to download reels, then you need to paste the link to the reel on the search box.

Exploring InstaDP: Pros And Cons Of InstaDP

Exploring InstaDP: Pros And Cons Of InstaDP

So, without wasting any more, let’s check out the pros and cons of Instadp story viewer! Then, scroll down to read more about the same!

Pros Of InstaDP:

The benefits of using InstaDP are as follows,

  1. InstaDP is an entirely free application – you don’t need to pay a single penny to use this app. 
  1. Users can take the help of this tool for downloading HD-quality videos easily.
  1. The app works well both for social media professionals and amateurs. 
  1. InstaDP downloads full-size display pictures from Instagram, and you can even view these.
  1. InstaDP allows users to download pictures anonymously – you don’t need to reveal your identity while downloading someone’s DP. 
  1. The app allows users to download photos on PCs, and that too, without any limitation. 
  1. Additionally, users can also instantly save stories on Instagram.

Cons Of InstaDP:

Yes, we did manage to find more than one Instadp con. The disadvantages of using InstaDP are as follows,

  1. Users have faced issues while placing profile links.
  1. Several users have complained that many features of the app are inaccessible. 
  1. Instagram videos or photos can not be downloaded or saved sometimes. 
  1. The app promotes a purpose that can easily turn into stalking – after all, you won’t like someone downloading your pictures anonymously. 

If Not InstaDP, Then What? Alternatives Of InstaDP

As we mentioned in the very beginning, there are several third-party apps in the market that you can use for performing the same functions as InstaDP. But are these any good? So we decided to find the next best alternatives to InstaDP! Scroll down to find out now!

  1. 4K Stogram 

Download it here: 

  1. StoriesIG

Download it here: 

  1. Dumpor

Download it here: 

  1. StorySaver

Download it here: 

  1. Ingramer

Download it here: 

  1. InstaStories

Download it here: 

  1. Storiesstalker

Download it here: 

  1. Bigbangram

Download it here: 

  1. Barinsta

Download it here: 

  1. StoriesGrams

Download it here: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Instadp mentioned below.

1. Is Instadp Safe To Use?

Yes, according to the internet, users claim that InstaDP is completely safe to use. But just in case, it’s always best to read a few quality reviews of any app before randomly trusting whatever everyone’s saying on the internet. 

2. How Can I See Insta Dp?

Follow the steps mentioned below to view Insta DP,
⦿ Copy the username of the person whose DP you want to view.
⦿ Paste the username on the search box at the top.
⦿ Select the menu option and then click on ‘view’ to see the photo in a large size.
⦿ You can also save the photo on your device.

3. Is Instadp Safe Quora?

Quora proclaims InstaDP ‘safe to use.’ Moreover, the app is completely anonymous to use, which means you can download pictures of your crush without revealing your identity. Sounds pretty fun to us…what about you guys?

4. Why Insta Dp Is Not Working?

There could be several possible reasons why Insta DP is not working for you! For instance, it could be a lot of cache on your device, or there could be a corrupt file messing with the apps on your phone. But, in general, Insta DP is a safe application and doesn’t stop working randomly. 

Our Verdict: It’s A Green Light For InstaDP

The fact that there are hardly any user reviews on the internet on InstaDP is a little strange – maybe the brand’s not done great marketing, or it could also mean users had a forgettable experience. On the other hand, it could even mean users didn’t find much to complain about and were satisfied with the tool.

In fact, we had a pretty great time with InstaDP, to be honest, and would definitely recommend you to use the same! Meanwhile, tell us about your thoughts and experiences with using this tool!

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