Is Nursing the Right Career for You?

Is Nursing the Right Career for You?

Many people who decide to get into a career in nursing choose this path because they want to help others and make a real difference in real lives. As a nurse, you have a unique opportunity to make a serious impact on the lives of the people that you are working with. If you are a highly empathetic person who enjoys caring for and being there to support others in their time of need, nursing could be the ideal choice of career for you. But is nursing right for you? Here are some of the main reasons to consider a career in nursing to think about when determining if this is the career that you ultimately want.

Career Options:

Are you happy to do the same kind of work for a long time, or do you want an exciting career with plenty of different options to choose from? In nursing, there are several specialty areas and career advancement opportunities that you can take advantage of. Since nurses are required in every area of healthcare, there is something for everybody whether you want to look after mothers and babies or work on cutting-edge healthcare research in the latest clinical trials. Nursing as a career is hugely diverse and there are endless opportunities for moving sideways or upwards within the field. Whether you want to focus on looking after a certain type of patient or are considering moving up the career ladder by becoming a family nurse practitioner who can prescribe medication and diagnose patients, nursing is a great choice for people who don?t like staying still in their career.

Satisfaction and Reward:

Satisfaction and Reward

Some people don?t really mind what they do for work as long as they are paid a good salary, but most people who get into nursing are not thinking about the money. While there is definitely a chance to earn a good wage as a nurse, it?s a job for people who want to do something more meaningful and special with their time than simply earn money. Nursing is one of the most rewarding and personally satisfying jobs in the world. No matter what level you are working at or the area of nursing that you are working in, you?re sure to feel satisfaction like no other when you play a huge part in helping restore a patient to good health or when a patient returns to thank you for being there for them in their time of need.

Various Work Environments:

Not all nurses will work in hospitals. As a nurse, you will have the chance to choose from a wide variety of different work environments. Hospitals are, of course, the biggest employers of nurses across the country, but you could also find yourself working in outpatient clinics, doctor?s offices, retail clinics, prisons, schools, birthing centers, sexual health clinics, at research facilities, universities, and colleges, and within the community to name a few. Throughout your career as a nurse, you might find yourself working in a range of different environments, giving you the chance to gain new experiences and find where you enjoy working the most.

Career Growth and Progression:

Career Growth and Progression

Along with the many specialty areas for nurses to work in, those working in this career will have opportunities to move up the career ladder into management and leadership positions. Nurse managers and nurse executives are often tasked with managing teams or managing hospitals and clinics. If you are a natural leader and are drawn to positions where you get to inspire others to be at their best when it comes to delivering and improving the standards of patient care on offer, this career option could be an ideal choice for you.

Flexible Work:

Are you looking for a career that offers flexibility? If a 9-5 job isn?t the right choice for you, you will be glad to hear that nurses are needed every hour of the day, which often means that there is more flexibility available when it comes to the hours that you work. Whether you need to start working early in the morning so that you are available to collect your kids from school by the time that they finish, or prefer to work overnight shifts, nursing is a career where it?s easier to get hours that work for you. In addition, many nurses in settings like doctor?s offices and schools do work a 9-5 day, so that?s an option too for those who need or prefer it.

High Job Demand:

There?s never been a better time to become a nurse, with a shortage of these healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions looking to hire thousands of new nurses in the upcoming few years. Getting qualified as a registered nurse means that it will be easier than ever to find work wherever you go in the country. And BSN qualifications are recognized everywhere in the US; all you need to do is pass the state?s NCLEX exam in order to start working as a nurse there.

Travel Opportunities:

Travel Opportunities

If the idea of traveling to different areas around the country to care for patients appeals to you, you might want to consider work as a travel nurse. Travel nurses typically work for agencies who will find work for them where they are needed the most. You could be traveling to an area that has been particularly hard-hit by an outbreak, for example, or where a natural disaster has occurred to offer support to the healthcare professionals working there.

Learning Opportunities:

Last but not least, whether you have just graduated high school or are looking to change your current career to nursing, there are more opportunities than ever available for getting qualified. Those who want to change their career to nursing might benefit from online nursing degrees. Studying online offers more flexibility, making it the ideal option for those who need to continue working while studying.

Whether you?re trying to decide on a future career or are thinking of a career change, could nursing be the right choice for you?

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