It’s crucial to consider keeping your customers happy when starting a business. After all, their satisfaction will ultimately impact your cash flow.

When running a successful rental investment, establishing a healthy landlord-tenant relationship early on can undoubtedly help.

Are you wondering how to create the right impression with your renters? We’ve got you covered. This article explores the top 5 essential items for creating a perfect tenant welcome package. At the end of this post, you’ll be able to identify the best items and tips for your new renters.


Simple Home Essential Items:

Home Essential Items

1. Vital Necessities

In curating a welcome package for new tenants, you should include vital necessities such as relevant paperwork. For example, a copy of the signed lease, written rules and regulations for the property, and maintenance procedures.

You could even include step-by-step instructions on troubleshooting specific problems around the house. An example would be how to reset the garbage disposal or unclog a sink.

Other vital necessities you shouldn’t forget to include are keys or access codes if you use smart locks. Locking your tenant out on the first day could set your relationship on a rocky path.

2. Contact Information

When you’re in a new location, you might not know who to call in an emergency. Thus, it would be wise to include a list of handy contact information in your welcome package.

Of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to contractors that service the property. Including emergency carpenters, electricians and plumbers can be helpful, but you can expand.

For instance, your renters might not know the best local mechanics, grocery stores, or food delivery services. Sharing such tips can help them grow accustomed to the area faster and feel more at home.

3. Toiletries

It’s easy for toiletries and other essential tools to get lost in boxes during a move. Another thoughtful thing you can add are toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel-size soap, shampoos, and other bathroom basics.

Instead of letting your renters rummage through their things, saving them some of that stress will make you a likable landlord. You can also include kitchen basics like disposable plates, cups, and spoons.

4. Gift Cards

If you want to create a lasting impression, gift cards are an excellent item to add. Besides letting your tenant know where the best spots are, you can make their experience more delightful by offering them a coupon. After all, everyone loves a gift card.

Moreover, this item has no reason to cost you a dime, especially if you own short-term rentals. You can set up an ongoing relationship with local businesses to offer your new guests a discount. They get more customers, and you build a better relationship with your tenants.

5. Snacks and Drinks

Finally, adding snacks and drinks is an excellent idea to foster a healthy landlord-tenant relationship. Moving isn’t easy, so they’ll most likely be exhausted on your tenants’ first day in.

Thus, including energizing refreshments in your welcome package would be pretty thoughtful. Such action will guarantee a positive first impression, which can last through the renters’ tenancy.

Important Reminders to Place in a Welcome Letter:

Welcome Letter

Including a warm welcome letter in your tenant package is an excellent way to create a good impression. Advice from property management experts can help landlords craft the perfect welcome packet, but a well-written note sets the tone for your future correspondence.

Here are important reminders to place in a welcome letter.

1. Utility information

Although your lease should specify who pays for which utilities, it’s still crucial to add this reminder. A list of provider options could be helpful when the tenant foots the bill.

2. Property Rules

Besides your rental agreement, there should be a concise pamphlet with your property rules. Such handy notes will help renters remember the right policies and avoid disputes in the future.

3. Your contact

Finally, you should include your contact information. This reminder is critical if the current mode of communication you use is only active during applications. You should share a number, email, or portal that renters can use to reach you in an emergency or other needs.

Other Tips to Welcome New Tenants:

  • Clean up: It would help if you always cleaned up a bit before a new tenant arrived. After the stress of packing, entering a tidy home can be a big load off one’s shoulders.
  • Offer to Help: Suppose you can offer to help with the logistics. Moving is a tedious process that requires a lot of strength, so assisting with the burden can be a great relief. You don’t necessarily have to carry boxes; you can also help them secure permits and arrange packing.
  • Answer All Questions: Finally, you should expect your new tenants to have questions about the property and neighborhood. Thus, it would help if you accommodated their questions and provided valuable answers.


Move-in day is the perfect opportunity for you to start laying the groundwork for a healthy landlord-tenant relationship. With these top 5 essential items, you should be able to curate the perfect tenant welcome package.

If you’re a long-distance or busy landlord, you can still provide thoughtful care to your renters. Outsourcing such duties to an expert property manager take the stress off you while achieving the desired outcome.

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