Latest Outstanding Telegram Features

Built for security and speed, Telegram is one of the fastest and most efficient messaging apps, with over 500 million monthly users. It supports creating groups of up to 200,000 contacts while backing access and synching to multiple devices and platforms.

Telegram offers user security and privacy, thanks to the high-end data center infrastructure system offering robust encryption. You can send secure messages with high encryption that are capable of self-destructing in case of breaches. Users can also add security reinforcement to their messages by using proxy servers.

Why You Should Use Telegram?

Use Telegram

The open-source messaging app facilitates the smooth sharing of text messages, videos, images, and documents. Pavel Durov, a renowned Russian developer, is the brain behind this free-to-use messaging application.

The app comes with a mobile-friendly version as well as a PC-friendly version. Interestingly, Telegram offers seamless and intrusive market targeting, which supports the tracking of online user behaviors.

1. Video Editing And Color Correction Features

Unlike other open-source messaging apps, Telegram supports editing videos and photos. The editing tool isn?t the standard crop-and-flip tool common on other apps. Instead, the app has full-fledged editing software with advanced features such as RGB and real-time color correction. It also lets you edit basic video and picture elements, including exposure, saturation, and contrast.

The video editing capabilities improve the experience of sharing messages with friends and loved ones. You can seamlessly and efficiently add elements to the videos and fine-tune and crop them.

2. Proxy Servers

In a recent system overhaul, Telegram also added support for proxy servers. The unique feature enables you to use the app anonymously. Proxies don?t affect your internet speed but allow the fast sending of large files and videos.

To launch the proxy server on your Telegram account, head to the settings page and select data and store options. Choose and turn on the proxy settings panel from the scroll-down list. To get started using proxies on your account, contact this Telegram proxy provider.

3. Polls

Another amazing feature of the Telegram app is the polls and quizzes feature available on Telegram groups. This element is only available to Telegram group admins. Polling on Telegram works similarly to Twitter.

You can create visible or anonymous polls and one-answer quizzes as a group admin. To use polls on Telegram groups, select the group icon on the top and the attach icon. Select from the many icons on the bottom and create a poll.

4. Set Reminders

Telegram has a save message feature that lets users save crucial text messages. This feature supports storing multiple format files, including photos, text messages, and videos. Its cloud-based storage enables you to access your saved messages from various devices. The latest Telegram version supports setting a reminder on the saved messages space.

You can set the saved message reminder by heading to Telegram?s hamburger menu. On that feature, select the saved messages feature and enter your favorite reminder message. You can do that by long-pressing the send button and choosing the set a reminder feature on the drop-down list.

5. Groups? Slow Mode Feature

As a group admin, the last thing you want is to watch some group members spam others. Some users can turn Telegram groups into their marketing channels, spamming members with hundreds of messages per day. In a group of over 200,000 members, it can seem impossible to control who sends messages.

But Telegram has a functional feature that allows you to control message sharing on groups. The Slow Mode feature limits users to sending only a message within a selected timeframe. You can set the Slow Mode to 1 minute, ensuring members can only send a message every 60 seconds. You can also employ other practical ways to block spam on Telegram groups.

Telegram: The Future of Communication

If you have read this far, you now have an idea of some less-known Telegram features. It?s time you understood how these features work and why they are great for you.

Telegram also has dozens of other outstanding paid features you can add to the list. Understand the purpose of each component and how you can integrate them into your day-to-day messaging routine. For now, all the attributes we mentioned above are free.

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