Have you ever used OUD Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdijan? This perfume is a woody fragrance based on men and women. This is a new woody fragrance perfume. If you are asking about the definition of luxury perfume?

Then I would say the perfume, filled with sensuality and luxury odor. This perfume was created by a renowned perfumer named MFK OUD Satin Mood. He is well-known for his extraordinary craftsmanship. In this article, I will share some detailed facts about Oud Satin Mood perfume by Maison Kurkdjian.

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Why Is MFK OUD Satin Mood So Famous?   

Why Is MFK OUD Satin Mood So Famous?
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The OUD Satin Mood perfume by MFK is a mild and luxurious fragrance-based perfume that embraces the essence of sensuality and richness. Below, I will discuss why the MFK OUD Satin Mood fragrance is so famous.

This perfume is a rich and pure blend of roses, OUD, and vanilla, which creates a captivating symphony of notes. Once you wear this perfume, it will surround you with warm, sensual, and seductive vibes. MFK OUD Satin Mood reveals the velvety aroma that lingers and sticks to the skin for a long time.

Even this is one of the most expensive perfumes, which releases sophistication and confidence. This makes a perfect choice for special events, occasions, or even when you want to feel more allured.

How Does OUD Smell?   

How Does OUD Smell?
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Oud Satin Mood is a velvety textured ruby-colored note. If you want a delicious and gourmet perfume, then OUD Satin Mood by MFK is one of the best options. Below, I am going to discuss how Oud Satin’s mood smells.

This perfume smells a bit like raspberry macaron and rose cream like Louis Vouitton. While you wear this perfume, the initial fragrance will be quite sweeter. On the other hand, you will also be able to touch the sweet and earthy violet lurking in the background of this perfume.

Rather than just smell full-bodied or decadent, it manages every part of your body. This comes across as sexy and enveloping without feeling too aggressive and heavy. This is a remarkable sense of space where individual accords feel like there is a gap of space between them. It allows each one to infuse themselves with the note of sweet, creamy raspberry odor.

In just one word, it can be said that Kurkdijian has done an impressive job by inventing OUD Satin Mood in this respect. Things have become woodier, and this is a bit more vanilla-centric. The rose fades in the background and pairs with the remaining wisps of violet.

Let’s Talk About The Pros And Cons Of OUD Mood.

Let's Talk About The Pros And Cons Of OUD Mood
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There are multiple pros and cons of OUD mood by MFK. It might also be possible that the pros rate is lesser than the cons. But still, this perfume is worth using. Below, I will discuss the pros and cons of OUD Mood.


  • OUD Mood is one of the long-lasting and sparkling fragrances, especially for clothing.
  • The aroma of this fragrance is sophisticated, classy, and also elegant.
  • This rich perfume has rich Oud, rose, vanilla, and raspberry notes.
  • The fragrance of this perfume is not like other perfumes, but it is unique.
  • This perfumer considers this a gem and one of the best fragrances with a mild odor.
  • You can wear this perfume while attending any special occasion or party.
  • The generous bottle of this perfume will easily last long.
  • This is good if you are a sweet fragrance lover.


  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood is expensive in terms of price range.
  • This perfume might not be suitable for everyday wear.
  • The strength of this fragrance might be overwhelming.
  • If you are not a perfume person, then its smell can cause nausea or even headaches.

Do You Have Any Idea About This Brand?   

Do You Have Any Idea About This Brand?
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After discussing it for so long, you might wonder about this perfume’s brand. Let’s talk about this. Read till the end to know about the brand.

The MFK collection is sketched like a wardrobe with many facets of emotions. This luxury perfume is designed in terms of the traditions of luxury French perfumery. The perfumer of this scent, who is known as MFK or Maison Francis Kurkdijian, has a unique personality fostered by a creative man.

The taste for this is precise. On the other hand, one can recognize this scent as one of the world’s most celebrated perfumes because of its sensual and delicate perfectionism.

Let’s Talk About The Olfactory Notes Of Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD Satin Mood.  

Let's Talk About The Olfactory Notes Of Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD Satin Mood
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Yes! It is true that while you are using OUD Mood, it reflects the creator’s personality and desire. If you have had a dream to wrap yourself up in shimmery, velvety perfume, then you can use this. Here, I will share the olfactory notes of Maison Francis Kukrkdjian OUD Satin Mood.


Apart from its readily identifiable perfume, the violet note of this scent makes it impossible to extract its aroma naturally. Maison just uses leaves and stems for extraction. The green part of this perfume is used widely in men’s fragrances.

OUD From Laos  

The complicated and powerful smell of a woody, leathery, and honeyed scent only matches its creation. Francis Kurkdjian has chosen an OUD from Laos per sustainable and fair trade principles. He makes this scent by combining its intense flowers, spices, and other woods.

Damascena Rose  

In this perfumery, just two varieties of roses are used for fragrance. These are rosa centifolia and rosa damascena. The rose is obtained by solvent extraction. MFK Satin uses generous, rosy, and honeyed notes in the perfume’s base.

The Rich Collections Of OUD Satin Mood By MFK?   

The Rich Collections Of OUD Satin Mood By MFK?
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Yes! OUD Satin Mood has a large collection, and the price range of these perfumes is also different. Below, I will discuss the large collections of OUD Satin Mood By MFK.

  • OUD Extrait de parfume which costs $420.
  • Another is OUD silk mood extractrait de parfum, which costs $250.
  • Baccarat rouge 540 Extrait de parfum, which costs $275.

You will get this perfume in multiple sizes, such as 70 ml, 200 ml, 35 ml, and 11 ml.

In Conclusion  

I have discussed everything about Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s OUD Satin Mood above in this article. MFK is a new craftsman who serves this newest shimmering masterpiece of oriental spices, elegant floral, and exquisite OUD.

The base of this perfume, in just one word, is mouthwatering, which combines the flow across the entire skin, which brings a delicate ecstasy. On the other hand, every breath brings new delights and even bright, candied violets in terms of a smooth and heady opening. It makes you feel incredible and you don’t want to stay in.  I hope you liked this article. If you know more, then please comment below.

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