What Is Perfmon.Exe? How To Fix The Issues With It?

Are you a computer geek constantly looking for terms like perfmon.exe on Google? If you are one of those people, you have arrived at the right destination. Scroll down and find out what is perfmon.exe and how to fix issues associated with it. And if you hate anything to do with technology, then you definitely should consider this an educative opportunity!

Without wasting any more time, let?s talk about perfmon.exe in detail.

What Is Perfmon.exe?

The definition of Perform.exe is not as complex as the term sounds. If you are wondering, what is perfmon exe, you need to understand that it is a type of process behind the Windows performance monitor. It is well known that this process gobbles a vast quantity of CPU resources.

Industry experts recommend using an extensive quantity of resources while taking the help of perfmon.exe because the process does monitor and track a vast number of performance components. As a new user of this process, always remember that while the process is operating at a normal speed, it must never display the usage rate to be 90% or higher.


If you are wondering how to access the process, don’t worry because we are here to tell you! Simply navigate to the ?start? menu and enter a text that says, ?resmon.exe? for opening the  perfmon.exe. Keep in mind that while the process is in the default state, there?s no cause for a threat.

At the same time, understand that this process has the highest rate of reliability. This is because every time the system gets updated, consistent verification of digital signatures is carried out!


Now that you know how to open the process, it is best that you understand where it is located. It is essential that you have this information because some virus might hide in your system under the alias of this process. The Perfrom.exe is a file that can be located in two places.

  1. Folder C : \Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386
  2. Folder C : C:\Windows\System32.

In case, you are not able to locate the file in either of the two places then you have got a virus using the file?s name.

Possible Issues With Perfmon.exe:

The probable error messages that you might see are the following:

  1. ?File not found: perfmon.exe?
  2. ?Cannot find file: perfmon.exe?
  3. ?The device is not recognized missing perfmon.exe file?

The Perfmon.exe file is linked to the USB portal of a desktop, keyboard, mouse, and other connected hardware devices usually with the help of a USB wire. The wire might cause errors or the file might not work smoothly for some other unidentified error.

Unidentified errors are more often than not caused by disputes related to the installation of files or configuration of the same. This can also be caused due to some virus attack on your system. In this context, the following must be noted,

  1. If there are any disputes between configured files, all applications will simply be unable to move information between the required files.
  2. In case a directory or a file is damaged or abused in any which way, the complete application will simply not load.
  3. Lastly, if the system is maliciously attacked by any outside elements, the system will simply freeze and the user will not be able to carry out any functions on the system.

How To Fix Issues With Perfrom.exe?

When any of the above-mentioned issues take place, check whether any hardware or software has been randomly added. If that is the case, you need to disconnect the software or hardware for solving the problem. In case that doesn?t work or there have been no new additions, scroll down and learn how to fix these errors!

Start Scanning For Any Updates For The New Equipment:

If new hardware or software has been added to your system and disconnecting them is not solving the errors, it is highly probable that the new additions will need driver updates. In this case, you simply need to install some safe drivers and restart your system.

Follow the steps mentioned below for executing this step effortlessly!

  • Tap ?win + X? simultaneously and select the device manager option. Now tap on the right-click button on your mouse for selecting the abused driver and updating it.
  • Now simply select the automatic search option for the updated driver.
  • Your system will display a few instructions on the desktop screen for you to complete the driver update.
  • Now restart your system and verify whether the error has disappeared or not.

Download And Install Updated For Your Operating System

It does not matter which operating system you have been using, it is a good habit to download and install the newest updates related to security for reasons of safety. Here?s what you need to do!

  • Tap ?win + I? simultaneously and navigate to the ?settings? option. Once you reach the settings option, simply select the ‘update and security option and move on to the next step.
  • Now tap on the ?windows update? option. Once you have selected the ?windows update? option, look for the ?Check for updates‘ option on the screen?s right side.
  • Now if you come across any available updates, you will notice that windows have begun automated downloading. All you need to do is restart for completing the process of installation.
  • Once your system has been updated, it?s time to reboot the system. This ensures whether the Perfmon.exe errors have disappeared or not.
  • In case the Perfmon.exe errors are still there, you have to use an antivirus or antimalware application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Stop Perfmon exe?
Yes, you can stop Perfmon.exe by launching the process and following the steps mentioned below,

  • Go to user-defined and right-click on ?data collector set?
  • Tap properties
  • Navigate to stop condition option

2. Is Perfmon exe A Virus?
Microsoft Operating System has many legitimate components including Perfmon exe, which is also known by a different name, ?Resource And Performance Monitor.?
3. Is Perfmon exe Safe?
Yes, since it is a system file from Microsoft, the security of the Perfmon exe is 100%.


Now that you have enough information about Perfmon.exe, solving errors won?t be a problem for you anymore. In cases where scanning showcases some kind of a threat from a source of the virus, you can try to reboot your system in safe mode. You can also do a clean boot for the same.

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