There are many reasons why people book dates with escorts, and there’s no reason why it should feel at all daunting or intimidating, even if it’s your first time.

Escorts are professionals and will be able to guide you through the dos and don’t if it’s your first time, and they will let you know what services are on offer and what services are not.

It’s Date Time:

It’s Date Time

The most important part of your date is picking the right companion; you can do this by looking through Escort Services websites and reading biographies to make sure you’re picking the right person to spend your time with.

It’s important to remember that your companion is a professional, so expect to have a conversation very early on about rates, times, any screening requirements, and you’re likely to have a list of things that your escort will and will not be comfortable doing with you.

Due to the safety concerns around the sex-work business, many professional escorts will ask for some ID from you to make sure you are legitimate.

It depends on the escort as to what this is; some are happy with a LinkedIn profile, whereas others may request a more formal method of ID such as a driver’s license. If you’ve visited other escorts before meeting your new companion, your new escort may be happy to take references from others in the industry.

Planning Ahead:

Timing is everything when you make your booking, and it’s important to make sure you have a list of times and dates you’d like to meet your new companion for an appointment.

If you have a specific date in mind, such as a professional event you need a date for, be sure to mention this in your contact email. If you would just like to book your companion for a block of time, it might be worth having a few different options for time slots that you are available to give your companion an idea of your availability.

When you compose your email to your chosen companion, make sure you include all of the information they have requested to speed the process up. You’ll find the information they require in their advert; everything should be laid out quite clearly for you to see.

Your companion will usually note down the type of references or ID they require in their advert, be sure to include these in the initial email when you contact them.

Confirming and Getting Ready:

Your escort will usually get back to you as soon as possible and confirm a time and date with you or suggest a better time and date if the one you have suggested doesn’t work for them.

In this confirmation email, it’s important to make clear your expectations, such as the dress code if you are going to an event, as well as asking any questions you have.

Getting these questions out of the way, to begin with, will make for a much easier and smoother date.

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