When you have heard the term ‘creator,’ you might probably think about content creation for social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. The AI chatbot platform of Quora, which is known as Poe, is recently paying bot creators to generate prompt bots, efforts, and server bots, which are created by developers who implement their bots with Poe AI.

At launch, there are two ways to generate income for bot creators. The first one is that the bot leads the user to subscribe to Poe, and the second one involves bot creators setting the message fee that Quora pays on each message.  

The latter option will open up soon per the company’s updated information. Quora introduced its first chatbot application to the public in February, allowing users to ask and get answers from a specific range of AI chatbots.

When experimenting with new AI technologies, the company said that Poe’s content would ultimately help you to evolve the Q & A site of Quora. Developers assumed that Poe’s content would meet a high enough quality standard in distributing Quora, where it could reach more than 400 million visitors per month.

Additionally, this application has grown to nearly 1.22 million active users per month. Several Poe users might be interacting with the chatbot platform through the web and signing up for its 19.99 USD per month. Recently, Poe’s monetization program is also available in the United States. Users need to pay just $20 to subscribe, thanks to the creator’s bots.

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