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What Are The Skincare Ingredients That You Must Avoid? Let’s Find Out

While using any skincare ingredient at that time, you must be aware of the skincare ingredients you use. Why am I saying so? We use skincare products, but we are not conscious of the product’s ingredients, so we often have to face skin allergic reactions, skin irritations, etc.

Some common ingredients are mandatory at the same time to avoid, such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and so many others. Apart from that, make sure you are using dermatologically tested skin care products because it is impossible that dermatologists will recommend using such products with harmful ingredients.

If you have been using for a few years the same cosmetic products, then this is time for a change. Or else you can do one thing: change the skincare products with no harmful ingredients. At this point, you will be quite a bit confused about the ingredients. Yes! I don’t get it. In this article, I will elaborate on the harmful skincare ingredients to avoid.

What Are The Skincare Ingredients Which You Must Avoid   

What Are The Skincare Ingredients Which You Must Avoid

Let’s talk about the harmful ingredients to avoid in skincare. This means you always have to ensure that the products you use are at least good for your skin. Below I am going to discuss the skincare ingredients to avoid.

1) Silicone   

If you are a true beauty skincare master, you will surely go through such ingredients that are bad for your health. One of the most dangerous ingredients often used in skin care products is Silicone. This synthetic polymer is used in skin care products because it is super smooth and helps ease fine lines, wrinkles, and so on.

But the question is, why is this ingredient required to be avoided? First, Silicone is not a biodegradable product that can build up in the natural environment. Secondly, this ingredient can be difficult to remove from your skin, which means the clogged pores and lead are to be broken out.

Now the main question is whether you should avoid Silicone or such skin care products that contain Silicone. I will be suggesting you, not necessarily. If you are using skin care products that contain less Silicone and don’t have any sensitivity concerns with that, then you won’t have to avoid mandatorily using this product continuously.

If you want a more natural skincare routine, you must first skip using chemical market skincare products. Do you know why this is so? Because those silicone-contained skincare products won’t help you to achieve skin objectives such as glowing and healthy skin.

2) Artificial Colors And Dyes   

Multiple skincare products contain harmful ingredients, such as pure essential oils, antioxidant-rich carrier oils, artificial dyes, etc. Do you know how dangerous these ingredients are? In this case, artificial colors, dyes, and so on can damage the skin.

Multiple chemicals are used in skin care products that look more appealing and attract you more. But after using it for one week or even one month, skin irritation will start along with other problems.

In addition, no artificial colors and other dues can interact and create reactions with sunlight, which is why it increases sun damage. For those reasons, avoiding skin care products with multiple synthetic ingredients is a must. Also, remember that products made with natural ingredients are always gentle to your skin.

3) Sulfates   

Another dangerous skincare product’s ingredient is Sulfates. This ingredient is mainly used as a cleansing agent in shampoos, soaps, and other personal care products.

This ingredient effectively removes dirt, several impurities, oil, and so on from the skin. On the other hand, they also strip away skin irritations and natural moisture. But these types of ingredients to avoid in skincare dermatologists.

There are so many types of sulfates, and the most common sulfate, which is mainly used in skin care product brands, is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These ingredients are needed to avoid because they cause eye irritation, contact dermatitis, and so on.

Multiple studies have shown that SLS can penetrate the skin and interact with other hormones, potentially disrupting the endocrine system.

4) Petrochemicals   

People are looking for chemical ingredients that are improved, new, and helpful for the skin. These types of skin care ingredients appear to be quite attractive because they provide the desired result for some time or an instant. But do you know that petrochemicals are the most harmful ingredients to our skin in the long term?

Petrochemicals are a group of more than 4000 types of chemicals that are derived from natural gas or petroleum. This type of ingredient is often used in skincare products. But my question here is why? After thorough research, I understand that this ingredient is quite cheap, and you will also get this ingredient available readily.

Do you know how harmful petrochemicals are? This skincare ingredient can cause skin disease problems such as dryness, acceleration, irritations, etc. In terms of addition, this skincare ingredient can disrupt natural hormone levels, leading to several serious health problems.

5) Phthalates   

One of the most terrible skincare ingredients that you need to avoid is Phthalates. Skincare brand uses this skincare ingredient in several products, such as body lotions, fragrances, and so on. However, a recent study suggests that this ingredient for skin care is harmful and leads to potential health risks.

Do you have any idea how many ways we have used this ingredient? Yes, we have used this ingredient in hair sprays, nail polish, fragrance solvents, and so on.

Here Are Some Tips For Reading Skincare Label  

Here Are Some Tips For Reading Skincare Label 

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While there are some ingredients that we sometimes don’t prefer to use. But without knowing how to read labels, we don’t identify the ingredients, and we don’t know whether the product is safe.

Here are the tips that we have to know for reading the skin care product’s label including:

  • First, you have to look at the products which are labeled and written “Fragrance-free.”
  • Another tip is that if there has been written “Paraben-free,” then you have avoided such products
  • Make sure you are reading such ingredients carefully
  • Make sure the products you have chosen are in glass or metal containers
  • Also, ensure that the skincare brand didn’t test the product on animals.

In Conclusion  

I have discussed such skincare ingredients to avoid the above in this article. If you have doubts about any skincare ingredient, then ensure you have researched that. Apart from that, ensure you use high-quality dermatologist-tested skincare brand products. The best skincare products are safe and healthy for your skin.

I hope you liked this article.

In case you have doubts, then do comment below. Thank you for reading till the end.

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