Tiktok Launches New Chat-GPT Like Tool ‘Feishu’

The Parent Company Of Tiktok Launches New Chat-GPT Like Tool ‘Feishu’

Recently, the parent company of Tiktok ByteDance has unveiled the Chat-GPT-like tool specifically designed for office workers. This generative AI tool has been incorporated with its popular Feishu enterprise collaboration platform.

This chatbot is dubbed the Intelligent Buddy. This will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence flawlessly into the regular workflow of users. This chatbot will offer a versatile virtual assistant capable of handling many other handles.

This will be from scheduling meetings to summarizing documents. This chatbot provides translations. Feishu CEO Xie Xin revealed that when they saw AI at that time, it was all about changing how we work, even though it was all about pushing for the evolution of our organizations.

As per the CEO, entrepreneurs must ensure their companies can adapt quickly. So that they can get ready for the fast-moving era of artificial intelligence.

This ChatGPT tool is all about enhancing productivity and streamlining communication within organizations. Even Feishu AI assistants by tik-tok will also be able to free up employees? time and let them set aims on valuable outputs.

As per the information by Xie, customers will be able to select their preferred language models for their chatGPT assistant. The company also revealed that some Chinese companies are using Feishu Intelligent Buddy. These also incorporate a prominent gadget manufacturer.

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