From 1990 until 1992, Tiny Toon Adventures, an American animated comedy series, aired on television. Warner Bros. Animation and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television collaborated on the project for the first time. 

On September 14, 1990, CBS broadcast the pilot episode, “The Looney Beginning,” as a prime-time special. 

Two specials were made in 1994, but the series’ run ended in 1992 in favor of Animaniacs. Sometime in 2023, a new season of the program will debut on Cartoon Network.

Most of the characters from Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes reside in Acme Acres, a fictional town that serves as the setting for Tiny Toon Adventures. 

In the show, a school is established to teach comical cartoon creatures how to be hilarious. 

Most of the faculty is composed of characters from the iconic Warner Bros. animated series, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Wile E. Coyote, and Elmer Fudd.


Buster Bunny

Buster Bunny
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The little character known as Buster makes fun of authoritative figures and people who take themselves too seriously. Much like Babs, he’ll do anything for a laugh, but he’s a bit more rational and composed.

With a few significant exceptions, such as a broken front tooth and an unclefted top lip, his fundamental look is quite similar to Babs’.

Elmyra, who wants to cuddle and adore him endlessly, frequently disagrees. The lack of redeemable social characteristics in his foes fascinates Buster. 

The bunny exclaims, “It’s time to celebrate, Buster style!”

The stars of Tiny Toon Adventures are best pals, Buster and Babs. They are not related to Bugs Bunny, their role model, and preferred instructor at school. 

Although Buster’s parents are never seen on film, it is assumed that his mother was raising him. Elmyra Duff frequently has to outsmart or escape from her since he doesn’t want to become one of her pets.

Babs Bunny

Babs Bunny
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Cartoon character Barbara Anne “Babs” Bunny appears in the Warner Brothers animated television program Tiny Toon Adventures. 

Along with her close buddy Buster, she and they make up the core cast of the program. Babs is a youthful, pink, and white female rabbit. 

She is dressed in a purple skirt, purple bowed ribbons at the points of her ears, and a yellow shirt. 

Babs is a young, naturally talented, and long-eared rabbit actor. She always launches into a fresh imitation of a famous person and bubbles over with unrelenting intensity.

For a very long time, Buster and Babs Bunny have been great friends. Babs is a member of “The Just-Us League of Supertoons” and frequently voices Wonder Babs, a bunny version of Wonder Woman. 

Babs also makes impressions of actual individuals like Joan Rivers and characters like Charlie Brown, Popeye, Yogi Bear, and Roger Rabbit.

Elmyra Duff

Elmyra Duff
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Elmyra Duff is a young, redheaded female human who is dressed in a light blue top with white frills, a light blue skirt with pleats, black strap Mary Jane shoes, and white stockings. 

In the “Acme Cable TV” episode skit “Toonywood Squares,” it is revealed that mayonnaise has a higher I.Q. than Elmyra. 

Her hair bow is embellished with a little gerbil skull, which may allude to her dark nature.

Elmyra gives “cutesy” names and considers everything “cute.” Hamton J. Pig is one of the few characters Elmyra doesn’t find adorable and cuddly since she views him as a filthy “piggie-wiggie” who needs a thorough bath. 

Elmyra is adamant that her “Monty-Wanty” loves her unconditionally despite how often he pushes her away.

Fifa La Fume

Fifa La Fume
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A cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television program Tiny Toon Adventures is named Fifi La Fume. She is modeled after Pepé Le Pew, her favorite professor and mentor. 

Another French female skunk from the Pogo comic strip, Miss Mam’selle Hepzibah, may have influenced her in little ways. 

Although Pepé seems unconscious of his offensive odor, Fifi is aware of it and regularly takes advantage of it when she is in a tight spot. 

She fell into Elmyra’s trap in the viewer mail day episode section when she pretended to be Pepé.

In contrast to her “Looney Tunes” counterpart, Fifi the Tiny Toon Adventures is considerably more multifaceted and frequently appears in narratives that do not just center on her yearning for company. 

The prom, hunting for responsible men, coping with Elmyra, and attempting to obtain an autograph from a well-known movie star skunk hottie are just a few of her follies. 

Fans think that the events in “Hare Today Gone Tomorrow” were supposed to occur before those in Out of Odor.

Monty Max

Monty Max
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Monty is a pampered, affluent child who shares Yosemite Sam’s demeanor from Looney Tunes. He is obnoxious, unpleasant, harsh, bratty, and wealthy. 

Monty declares he would sooner eat dog feces than be with Elmyra Duff, despite her crush on him. 

In Citizen Max, Max was trashing his belongings in his mansion when he saw acne on his face and looked in his bike mirror. 

Rich youngster Max is known for his epic temper outbursts. He believes he is superior to everyone, including Buster Bunny, and his life’s purpose is to ruin both of their lives.

His hobbies include stomping on rabbits, calculating his money, and deforesting the countryside. Additionally, he owns highly polluting businesses that produce elevator buttons and holes. Monty, a spoiled, extremely wealthy child, despises all bunnies, especially Buster and Babs. 

His avarice only surpasses the sawed-off bully’s fury, and Buster is constantly able to con Monty out of some quick cash. 

Max’s character is presented as extremely affluent, residing in a mansion and being an obstinate young child with no friends.

Some Minor Characters

Given below are some of the best characters that play minor roles in Tiny Toon Adventures—

Plucky Duck

Plucky Duck
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A pompous duck named Plucky Duck lives in Acme Acres and attends Acme Looniversity. In the same way, Buster imitates Bugs Bunny, and he emulates Daffy Duck. 

Plucky is frequently viewed as haughty, show-offy arrogant. Since his first appearance in 1990, he has become one of the most known Looney Tunes characters.

Hampton J. Pig

Hampton J. Pig
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A cartoon character from the Tiny Toon Adventures animated television series by Warner Bros. is named Hamton J. Pig. He is seen as extremely intelligent yet worried, frequently stressing over the results of his decisions. 

Don Messick largely provides the voice of Hamton. For a few video games created after the program ended, Billy West performed the voice of Hamton.


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A blue cat named Furball is always attempting to devour Sweety Pie. His voice actor is Frank Welker, and he appears on the program Tiny Toon Adventures. 

Although Furball is often a good cat, his natural inclinations usually win out. He stands out from his mentor, Sylvester, who talks about that aspect of his personality.

Elmyra is occasionally the owner of Furballs, although she sometimes goes overboard with the affection, hugs, and kisses. In the How Sweet It Is episode, she dragged him out of his box and brought him inside.

Watch All Episodes Of Tiny Toon Adventures

A new generation of Warner Bros. characters is introduced in Tiny Toon Adventures, and their outrageous antics equal those of their legendary Looney Tunes forebears. 

The Warner Bros. Animation studio was brought back to life with the launch of Tiny Toons in 1990. 

The characters are unrelated to the originals, despite sharing similarities with iconic Looney Tunes characters like Porky Pig and Tazmanian Devil. This spin-off animation is a tonne of fun for those who can handle its sometimes frantic pace.

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