reduce cost of living for bachelors

Tips to reduce cost of living for bachelors in Bangalore

If there is one thing most of us have bemoaned as a young working professional or a college student, it is the complicated math one needs to do just to manage living expenses through the month. Hindsight always makes you a tab bit smarter. And gives you more listeners for the experience you can share. So here are a few tips from our own days as newcomers to Bangalore:

Pick an all-in-one accommodation:

Found yourself a boys pg in Bangalore that is only a 10-minute walk from college? Or excited about that beautiful apartment on the fifth floor that has just been renovated? Well, it?s great that you?ve checked off some essentials (well-designed space, proximity to your place of study, etc) but these should be just the starting point on your list. Moving to a new city involves a lot of responsibilities, and you won?t want to be burdened with figuring out a host of lifestyle needs when someone else can conveniently arrange these for you. There are professionally managed accommodation operators who provide amenities like food, WiFi, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance services, common-use appliances, and more. A dedicated team manages service delivery so you don?t have to worry about coming back to the hundred and one chores that would need your attention were you to be on your own in a new city.

Figure your Meals:

What?s the one thing that is likely to sour your mood quickly? Coming back to poor or boring food after a tiring day. Or worse, having to cook a meal when you would rather just crawl under the blankets and ignore a grumbling tummy. And even if you think of yourself as a foodie who will manage with eating out, that can become sour pretty quickly if it takes a hit on your wallet and well-being. Food expenses are likely to be your biggest expense after rent, so it is ideal to pick a place that takes care of this. The advantage of managed accommodation spaces like Stanza Living is that you get to pre-book from a range of menu options curated and prepared by highly qualified chefs and all of this included in the monthly rent you pay.

Cut down on commute expenses:

The most annoying expense on the list, hands down. And this one costs you, not just in monetary terms but also in terms of the time and energy you waste stuck in the city?s interminable traffic jams. The smartest option would be to find a place to stay within a few manageable kilometers of your workplace/educational institute. Considering the city?s lovely weather, you would also be grateful for the extra walk it affords.

Plan expenditures:

We have been there too ? planning weekend after weekend trawling a new city?s glittering shopping arcades, multiplexes, and cafes ? feeding the ever-hungry consumer in us. Let?s just admit, it?s fun to splurge on things you love. And ?planning? expenses in advance just takes away the thrill of spontaneity. But unless you are minting your own money, it would do you well to pick and choose how you want to manage your finances. We aren?t saying that you need to scrimp and save, but there are some smart decisions that can help you with a little more money in the bank every month. How about going for a professionally managed accommodation where you need only bother about an all-expenses inclusive monthly rent, instead of an apartment where you might need to manage all household expenses separately? Or how about splitting expenses for shared things ? OTT platforms, grocery shopping, etc with PG mates so you save more? You will only have yourself to thank for any extra cash you save.

We hope that these suggestions will help you navigate the pitfalls we often found ourselves own selves in.

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