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What Are The Tools To Manage Your Remote Employees?

If you read blogs and surveys, chances are you already know people prefer to work from home. Good to see that many companies are now allowing employees to work remotely and are comfortable with it. The research is also pointing to remote employees to be more productive and engaged, and the concept is helping to save costs for the company.

You need to keep two things in mind while hiring remote employees:- 

  • self-motivated, strong communication skills, confidence to work independently.
  • Tech-savvy persons.

The thing is, remote work is often a team sport- something you cannot do without the aid of technology. With that in mind, we have made a list of tools that you will need for online collaboration and to manage your remote employees.

Tools To Manage Your Remote Employees

1. Zoom: The best tool for video conference

If you have ever worked remotely or had to contact abroad through video calls, chances are you have dealt with the glitches of video conferencing tools. Frozen video, absence of sound, audio/video desynchronization- to name a few. 

Thankfully, It has been seen that the company has a rapid growth from 30,000 users in 2014 to 700,000 users in 2017 in 3 years.

Zoom is a great option for all-hands company meetings, it consistently works well with up to 65 virtual meeting attendees. This works well for informal ?hangouts? too- each talk can hold a unique theme or question setup, and anyone free or available can show up to the meeting as well.

When you are in charge of a 100% remote company, it is crucial to have reliable ways to communicate your team members with each other- and actually see each other as they do it. ?Jumping on a Zoom call? is a way to make it mainstream, and we all have adopted it.

2. GitHub: The best option for software development 

Designers and developers work from different aspects, but they all carry important value for the team and they must work together to bring in the best quality digital products. 

GitHub turns it into a reality by allowing members to host and review code, manage projects, and build software. It is considered as the best platform for developers, as the ratings from the G2 crowd (4.7 out of 5), Capterra (5 out of 5), and TrustRadius (9 out of 10) suggest.

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3. CloudDesk: Manage your remote employees

As the manager, you have the utmost responsibility to keep them engaged and productive at work during office time. But how can you do that when the spans around different time zones?

You see, the technology works like a charm to put off the pressure from your shoulder. With CloudDesk® remote employee monitoring software, you do not only keep employees engaged to work, but also help them to perform better with solid analysis.

The software keeps track of working hours and helps to analyze performance by showing productivity and idle times. It helps to ensure employee engagement by sending periodic pop-ups to the computers.

You can detect employee malpractice and performance degradation with this tool, as it keeps tabs on running apps and web usage. Your employees can also work flexible time by pausing its clock- allowing themselves to continue the job without taking a day off for personal reasons. Try the tool using its 14-day free trial to get a clearer understanding.

4. Dashlane: Secure your password(s)

Working with a remote team and collaborating tasks often require sharing access to some common tools. In a time when everything is virtual, you are not safe storing passwords on a computer spreadsheet. This is why password managers like Dashlane are important. It keeps the data safe and makes it easier for team members to log into essential tools on the go.

Dashlane is successfully carrying the best reviews, with the example of 4.7 out of 5 on G2 Crowd, 8.7 out of 10 on TrustRadius, and 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra.

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5. Google Drive: Manage your files, virtually

Digital file management is a must for businesses from every industry. The importance is even heavier for remote-first companies, as the geographically variant team members may have to access files when the file owner is offline.

Google Drive carries outstanding ratings on review sites (4.6 out of 5 on G2 Crowd, 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra, and 8.6 out of 10 on TrustRadius), which is not surprising all- given that it can seamlessly integrate with all the other apps within G Suite.

When your team spans multiple continents with different time zones, you carry the duty to keep everyone on the same page for day-to-day operations. Google Drive helps to communicate and collaborate with your team members. 

Each business is unique- so it is difficult to say which utilities should be your top priority. Nonetheless, to say, they all have their own potential. But when your team is working from different locations, it is best to have a single place to keep the information. And make sure to keep track of their performance with the correct tools to prove you are as capable to manage your remote employees.

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