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Is Your Video Content Accessible Enough?

From the video itself to the platform and the presentation, creating good content is tough, but in a highly competitive world, what else would you expect?

Video content alone won?t make the grade ? it needs to be edited and marketed with the help of a strategy for it to become truly effective.

Whether you?re a live streamer who wants to grow your fanbase or you?re a small business owner looking to get their brand noticed online, making better video content can help, provided people can access it in the first place.

Is your video content accessible enough? If you feel like you could be doing more to make your content inclusive, consider these points.

Audio Description Services

Audio Description Services

You can greatly improve video accessibility with audio description software, as it essentially enables those who are blind or live with vision impairments to benefit from your content too.

Not everyone can access content using their vision alone, so it?s important to put measures in place to ensure nobody is left out.

Since the technology and the service exists, there isn?t an excuse to not at least include the option in your content.

  • It is also worth noting that if you aim to make your video content as authentic and as professional as it can possibly be, letting the publishing sites take care of your accessibility efforts might not always be good enough, so enlisting the help of a seasoned SaaS provider may be for the best if you need to retain the highest form of accuracy and quality.


Captions are a must for anyone wishing to create & promote video content that everyone can benefit from.

It doesn?t just serve to support those with disabilities either ? there are plenty of circumstances in which audio could be unavailable for the viewer.

Depending on what kind of video you?re trying to create, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both open and closed captions.

For example, what kind of experience are you trying to create for your viewer? If you know you?re going to be posting content onto a platform that doesn?t support closed captions, then open captions can ensure that you are still able to provide the subtitles.

Another time when you might need to use open captions is if you?re presenting video content to an audience that speaks another language from you, just like in the movies.

Ultimately, it depends on the situation, so make sure to stop and think about who is consuming your content and what you want the content to achieve before posting anything in the future.

Sign Language

Adding sign language options to your videos could also be another avenue to explore if you want to cater to those who are unable to read subtitles or benefit from audio.

This could be a superb way to add another layer of accessibility for your audience and to ensure that at least the option is available should someone need it.

Share Your Transcript

Share Your Transcript

By making the transcript of your video available to your audience, you can be sure that you have another way of making your point aside from just the video content itself.

To make sure you reach your entire audience, it?s probably best to put accessibility first.

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