Highest Paying Careers in Education

What Are the Highest Paying Careers in Education?

Whether you’re a teacher or someone looking to get into the profession, you have the right to get an appropriate salary. Your first motivation should indeed be to provide the best education possible to your students, but money is a concern for everyone. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the top Highest Paying Careers in Education. 

Education is not viewed as a field people choose to get rich in, but many jobs will give you a reasonable income and allow you to live comfortably. This is even truer when you start looking at administrative positions. Let’s take a look at some of the Highest Paying Careers in Education.

Here are the Highest Paying Careers in Education:

If you think working in the education industry won’t grant you a 6 figure salary, you are wrong. Let’s talk about the Highest Paying Careers in Education now.

1. Chief Academic Officer

Maths Teacher

If you get the job of a chief academic officer, on average you will earn almost $117,541 in the year. They are also known as directors of education. These people have the responsibility of designing educational courses. Academic officers have to manage, coordinate, direct and plan the curriculums at secondary schools.

One of the Highest Paying Careers in Education is the job role of a chief academic officer. They have to research, create, and develop an academic course. They also need to monitor the course’s success rate. If you want to be a chief academic officer, you will need a doctoral degree in educational leadership. You will have an extra advantage if you have experience in managing an education setting. 

2. Superintendent

Science Teacher

As a superintendent, you will be responsible for the educational management of an entire district. It is one of the best Highest Paying Careers in Education because it is a challenging job. You have to obtain a master’s degree in education administration or in education leadership. It will give you a chance to advance in your career, and achieve unique goals because you will manage the education of multiple high schools and elementary schools. 

As a superintendent, you can make a salary of $98,750 per year. So, you can see why we said that it is one of the best Highest Paying Careers in Education. If you have a few years of experience in the job role of a superintendent, you can expect to earn up to $156,000 also. 

3. School Principal

Education Teacher

A school principal can earn from $95,310 to $129,480 annually. It is one of the easiest, and Highest Paying Careers in Education because if you already are a teacher, you can be in the cue to be the principal. You have to oversee the entire school operations. Moreover, you must also make sure that your teachers are following the educational policies and guidelines. 

As a school principal, you also need to have a certain disposition to be confident and competent in your role. You will need to be patient and be able to adjust yourself to different situations. As the school principal, you will be responsible to hire other teachers and school staff. You will need a master’s degree in any subject, or if you have one in educational leadership also, you can do it. 

4. Post-Secondary Administrators


If you’re a post-secondary administrator, you are already working in one of the best Highest Paying careers in education. You can earn up to $94,340 per year. A college or university is responsible to appoint a post-secondary administrator. They have to handle a wide array of responsibilities such as student admission, multicultural housing, residential lives, etc. 

Post-secondary administrators will collect data about educational policies, and will also collect student, and class data. You have to have a doctoral degree or a master’s degree in education to be an aspiring candidate for this job role. Some schools may choose to set some extra qualifications too for this job role. 

5. Assistant Principal

Speech and Language Therapist

If you want to be an important member of the education board’s administration, the job role of the assistant principal is the best for you. They offer advisory skills to staff, and teachers through performance monitoring, and careful observation. The principals appoint them as student, and staff disciplinarians. You may earn up to $89,406 annually in one of the best Highest Paying Careers in Education. 

However, you cannot jump to the position of an assistant principal. You must have a master’s degree, and a few years of teaching experience to qualify for this role. Assistant principals also assess the test scores and measures how the students are meeting the educational guidelines. You will also manage budgetary issues of the school and will report student’s behavioral issues to their parents. 

6: College Professors

College professors earn up to $78470 every year, so you can see why we are saying it is one of the Highest Paying Careers in Education. You will need to have a doctorate degree in a certain subject before qualifying for this job role. A professor will design course materials, teach students, and grade their works. You will also amalgamate the course resources to enrich the class environment, and help students the best you can.

Now, the average income of a college professor will vary from state to state. It will also vary on the subject you teach, your degrees, and the years of experience you have. Professors also get to publish their works in academic journals and include that in course materials. Most schools require professors to have a doctoral degree to get a full-time job in this role.

7: Instructional Coordinators

The median salary of an instructional coordinator is approx $64,450 per year. If you are good at the job and have a lump sum of years of experience, you can also earn up to  $102,200 annually. Like many other jobs on this list, the salary of an instructional coordinator also depends on your years of experience, and on the state. 

You will simply set the standards of teaching, and the curriculum in the district. Many instructional coordinators employ new technologies in the classroom. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, and a master’s degree in education to qualify for this role. You may also devise new techniques to improve student’s education as you deem fit.


Have you got a good look at the Highest Paying Careers in Education? We have also curated a few more questions for you. So, let’s take a look:

1: Can You Make 100K As A Teacher?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can. In many states where teachers are serving for quite some years now make a six-figure salary every year. However, you must consider the subject you teach, the degree you have, the years of experience, and the state to garner that paycheck.

2: Is Education A Good Career?

Ans: Education is a highly rewarding career option for people who like to stay in this field. Even a teacher can be rich depending on the state he teaches in. You can guide the students, and help them become aspiring candidates of the future in this career option.

3: Which Jobs Have The Most Demands In Teaching?

Ans: In teaching, the jobs of a science teacher, maths teacher, or English language teacher have the most demands. So, if you are good at these subjects, keep on scoring well. You may have a good chance to become the teachers or professors of these subjects someday. 


Like many other industries, there are also some Highest Paying Careers in Education. But, you need to have a good amount of education, and working experience to qualify for these job roles. If you like studying and aspire to do something in that field, consider one of these professions. If you have any more queries, post them in the comment box below.  

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