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E-Commerce Clash: Weighing The Options Of WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

In recent times woocommerce and bigcommerce pop up as one of the most popular options when enterprises and SMBs consider picking up the platform. This is all about building their new online store.  If you have to determine woocommerce vs bigcommerce then which would you choose? Let me know!

After all, both these platforms might look similar at a superficial glance, and in this case, people might get confused in terms of picking up the better option. After thorough research, I have come up with some significant points in terms of determining which will be the best woocommerce or bigcommerce.

If you want to help make it easier then you have to compare this with BigCommerce in terms of price, usage, and so on. Eventually, woocommerce is another one of the best ecommerce sites which also has unique requirements.

Let?s Discuss The Quick Comparisons Of Woocommerce Vs Bigcommerce

After a thorough search, I have come up with some comparisons of woocommerce vs BigCommerce. Below I am going to discuss the quick comparisons on it.

1) Arguing Ownership Dilemma

While you are setting up the ecommerce platforms at that time you would want to choose the right things. In this case Woocommerce along with BigCommerce both dependencies are high. In case the BigCommerce goes bust someday then your store will take a hit too.

Arguing ownership comparisons of WooCommerce and BigCommerce such as:

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress CMS. Therefore you have to install this. Apart from that you will also have to host a reliable ecommerce provider which hosts this. On the other hand, WooCommerce lets you switch to your favored hosting solution providers within just minutes via the migration system.

Meanwhile, BigCommerce is a hosted ecommerce application which means you can?t host this anywhere else. After all, if you are not the sole owner of the hosted space then you can share with other BigCommerce stores.

2) Tackling Security Loopholes

Security is one of the major concerns for businesses when it is about making online sales. After all, both these two ecommerce websites are quite a bit secure in terms of privacy policy. Although the balance needle slants the title towards Woocommerce.

Actually, the security of WooCommerce which is mainly based on most of the hosting services and hosting providers are PCI compliant. Not only that but the majority of people also get free SSL certificates and also the CDNs for your online store.

Meanwhile, BigCommerce is another certified PCI-compliant platform that ensures that you will never lose any sensitive customer data. Not only that but this also has an option for a dedicated SSL certificate which comes at any additional cost.

3) Discussing Scalability Woes

Do you know in recent times many online business owners have ignored the platform?s scalability factor? Especially, while you are starting the online store for the first time. But for most online stores this issue becomes faster and also difficult to scale up.

WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce application that is easy to scale. Above all this online store has helped to build small and medium-sized ecommerce online stores. Not only that but you can handle more than 1 Lakh products and also can make several transactions per minute.

Above all this is a self-hosted ecommerce online platform that you can only require to enhance the server storage space. In this case, it is one of the easiest ways in order to scale up the business. Even this provides impeccable security.

4) Comparing Price Points

Pricing is another one of the most interesting things about ecommerce platforms. Technically speaking woocommerce is a free online ecommerce store. In this case, you have to pay for hosting and custom domain costs which you can start for your ecommerce website.

As I already have mentioned woocommerce is a free ecommerce website. In this case, these are easier to download and even install in just a few minutes. Not only that but there are no other hidden costs or even charges. This means you just have to host a reliable and also this provides a secure ecommerce hosting platform.

Meanwhile, the BigCommerce plan starts from $29.95. This has a processing fee for debit and credit cards. The plan starts at 2.9% with every $.30 per transaction. Apart from that this includes both such as paid and free themes. This means you can even get other extensions for the BigCommerce website which you have to give monthly charges.

5) Examining The Customization Options   

You must always gain the option to customize your online store. In this case, you will have to tweak so that you can make your online store user-friendly as much as possible.

Actually, woocommerce is one of the most customizable ecommerce applications. On the other hand, you can also code or even hire a developer if you want to customize your online store. Aside from that you can build such a website where you can also customize your site?s theme in such a way as you want.

Do you know woocommerce offers hundreds of themes just like Magneto. It even allows for greater customization. On the other hand, woocommerce has several tutorials which are available online for easy customization.

BigCommerce allows you to customize your store similar to bigcommerce. But in this case the playfield is quite a bit limited. In particular, this offers several free and paid themes. Not only that but any user can?t compete with woocommerce. Again you have to be heavily dependent on this platform.

6) Inventory Management Comparison   

One of the most common challenges which ecommerce owners face is inventory management. In this case, Bigcommerce and woocommerce both provide a superb inventory management system. Basically this is one of the key features among them.

With the woocommerce platform like shopify you can manage multiple plugins in order to manage your inventory. On the other hand, woocommerce platforms also allow you to examine and experiment plugins. This mainly serves the best business-specific inventory management requirements.

On the other hand, BigCommerce has also a pretty good system in terms of inventory management. Not only that but you also get third-party integrations when it comes to inventory management.

In Conclusion

I have discussed woocommerce vs bigcommerce above in this article. After all when this is about choosing the ecommerce platform then it is as important as choosing the niche. Aside from that you must have to conduct thorough research on both when it is about building a business.

Actually having ideas about the pros and cons of both of these ecommerce platforms is quite a bit important. Unlike BigCommerce, woocommerce is not an open source platform at all where doors are opened in terms of building a business. I hope you liked this article. In case you have queries then please comment below!

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