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Building Your Empire: WooCommerce Vs Magento – Choose Wisely

There have been so many better times where users can get involved in the world of ecommerce platforms. Although, if you are thinking about selling products online or even if it is about figuring out which platform to use then it is important to determine. Let?s compare the difference between woocommerce vs magento.

After all these platforms are packed with a lot of powerful and popular features. In this case, users have to determine which is one of the most suitable to build the e-commerce sites. Above all, this is simply a matter of learning which every option has to offer.

Although I have done a long research and come up with several factors regarding woocommerce and Magento. We have to compare these two platforms so that users can get a better handful of important ideas to build a business. Let?s compare whether this is working like Shopify or not.

Let?s Discuss The Comparison Of WooCommerce and Magento

In recent times woocommerce and Magneto are the most popular platforms. They both offer a lot of facilities and also they will work individually. Below I am going to discuss the comparison of woocommerce vs Magneto.

1) Payment Gateways

If you want to increase the leveraging experience for your customers then this is essential to provide several useful payment gateway options. In this case, woocommerce or Magento would be the most popular platforms in terms of choosing suitable payment options.

After all, Magneto and Woocommerce both offer a solid amount of options. In this case, woocommerce has already built-in payment features such as Stripe, PayPal, and so on. After all offline and back transfers and even cash options are there.

Above all this also provides an extensive gateway including Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and so many others. Furthermore, other extensions are available for Stripe, Google Checkout, and other additional payment gateways as well.

To be honest there is no real winner in this category. With every platform, you will get built-in support where some of the biggest payment gateways are there, and also a lot of add-ons.

2) Speed And Performance

Speed and performance play an important role in terms of gaining success. Above all customers will not stick around if your pages take a long time to load or even check out the process lags.

When it is about speed and performance then Magneto has faster loading times than Woocommerce. Although you can easily compare the performance and speed of Magento vs Woocommerce this can also be tricky due to several factors.

Do you know that a hosting plan is useful when it is about a woocommerce platform? In this case, the extensions that you install and whether the images all are the factors of woocommerce site. This means it is extremely faster in terms of downloading themes like BigCommerce. 

3) Ease Of Use

Especially if you are a beginner then ecommerce platform woocommerce platform will come on the top.  Aside from that developers created this ecommerce platform with severe technical knowledge. Therefore, this is not easier for regular users. Not only that, you also just have to learn the basic codes and some fair technicalities will also be suitable.

This is really one of the most complicated platforms which requires some development skills.

On the other hand, woocommerce is an incredibly user-friendly solution especially if you have enough familiarity with WordPress. In case you want to add to your online site then you have to navigate to plugins and then Add new.

Meanwhile, Magneto is another ecommerce platform that is a user-friendly platform. Not only that but this ecommerce platform also has an intuitive navigation system. After all, the setup and the configuration process are nearly not seemingless. Lastly, you also have to gain development knowledge in terms of setting this up.

4) Security

If you want to ensure that your online store is secure then you have to choose this one of the most suitable ecommerce platforms. In this case, security risks are always higher at all times. Not only that but you also have to choose a solution that will help you out in terms of protecting your business data and also customer?s personal information.

On the other hand, Magneto and Woocommerce are always open-source business platforms. In this case the store owners always need to remain active and also proactive to safeguard their sites.

Meanwhile, WooCommerce requires fewer plugins than Magneto. This means it has a lower risk of security vulnerability being introduced. Aside from that the extensions also offer security features which tend to be more complete of course than Woocommerce.

On the other hand, Magneto also offers dedicated security patches. However this is important to note that these are not easier to integrate the security features. In this case, you might have to get help from professional developers. Aside from that if you don?t have to pay assistance with the security of your store then Magneto might be the better option.

5) Scalability

Well have you compared the expandability of Magento vs WooCommerce. In this case, Magneto is one of the strongest contenders. Although this is only pertinent, you are talking about the ecommerce version rather than the free.

In this case, with Magento Enterprise you will be able to process more than thousands of orders without having any issue. On the other hand, both platforms support unlimited product purchases. No matter which platform you choose, you must decide on powerful ecommerce in terms of hosting capable traffic.

6) Extensibility

Do you know Magneto offers an impressive amount of features? In this case, it includes multi-language options along with complicated configurable products.

It is true that woocommerce doesn?t have a lot of features. Not only that but woocommerce and magento offers extendable plugins, add ons, and also themes. Aside from that, woocommerce also offers thousands of free, premium, and other types of extensions.

In Conclusion

I have discussed Woocommerce vs Magento above in this article. Already I have discussed the comparison of those two ecommerce platforms. Now this is up to you which you want to build a business. After all, I would recommend you before heading to the ecommerce platform that ensures the ROI.

This means if any ecommerce platform gives a better ROI don?t miss to build the business with that. Aside from that business customization is also an important part of building a business, enhancing traffic, finance and so many others. I hope you liked this article. In case you have queries then please do comment below!

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