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2020 has been the year when people have consumed more content on mobiles and laptops than any other device. With the advent of COVID 19, people were forced to cooped up inside their homes to spread the infection of COVID 19. This made them look for ways to spend their leisure time. This is where 0123putlockers found an opportunity to establish itself as one of the best free movie streaming websites.

With the global recession and closed theaters, people found 0123putlocker as one of the best ways to invest their free time. Today putlocker falls under the top 250 most visited websites from the world.

Even after 0123putlockers being one of the most visited websites, we cannot ignore the fact that it caters to illegal content. This is why you might find this website to be banned in your country.

What Is 0123putlockers?

0123putlockers is a free movie streaming website. It has considered that 0123putlockers has the largest database in the free streaming industry. No matter what you are looking for, there is always a chance that you will find that on 0123Putlockers.

0123Putlockers Unblocked

0123putlockers is actually a mirror website of the Putlocker website. The original website was banned in 2016 after the cybersecurity team caught it. However, soon after the ban of the original websites, new proxies surfaced in the market. Currently, the unblocked proxy is “.kz.”

0123Putlockers: Watch And Download Movies For Free

Like any other website, 0123putlocker websites have a search bar at the top of the home page. This search bar helps the users to find the relevant content. You can also go through the genre and categories to find your favorite movies. Every video content has a different quality that varies from HD to the lowest pixel resolution. 

0123Putlockers Do Not Support Piracy

0123putlocxkers fall under the category of the torrent site. That means m 0123putlockewrs do not flow the piracy code of conduct. According to governmental guidelines, they are considered to be illegal. If you are found accessing this website, you can be punished severely.

Therefore define your action and remember that you are accessing illegal content. Even if you want to access 0123putlocker, we will advise you to use VPN services to mask your original IP address.

0123Putlockers Alternatives

0123Putlockers Alternatives

0123putlocker is not the only website that is best in the business. There are several other websites as well that cater to similar services to that of putlocker. Here we have listed down some of the top 0123putlockers alternatives.

1. Netflix


Well, Netflix is not a free streaming platform. You need a monthly subscription to get access to all the content on Netflix. Netflix has become popular in the last couple of years. And its popularity skyrocketed in 2020.

The best part of Netflix is that all the content you consume on this platform is legal. That means you don’t have to worry about cybersecurity. With just a couple of bucks, you can enjoy unlimited high-quality content.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix, Amazon prime video is also a paid streaming platform. As the name suggests, Amazon prime video is a product of Amazon. You can even have applications to get access to your mobile phones.

Amazon Prime Video caters to legal content; hence, you can stream freely without any issues.

3. IMDB Movies

IMDB Movies

IMDB movies are yet another popular streaming website. Although it has only limited to USA citizens. If you are looking for the latest Hollywood movies, this website certainly can satisfy your hunger.

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4. Flixster


Flixster is the latest addition to the list of best 0123putlocker alternatives. It is fairly new in the free movies streaming industry. However, it certainly has the necessary qualities to stand alongside these top alternatives.

It is mostly famous for web series and the latest TV shows. If you love watching the latest web series, Flixster is the only free solution.

5. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is one of the free streaming websites that cater free content to its users. Although the data’s content might be on a smaller scale compared to the 0123putlockers, every content is of high quality.

The best thing about this website is that it is user friendly and all the contents are well categorized. You do not have to register or login to access the content. You can simply visit this website as a guest visitor and can gain access.

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Take Away

What can be more amazing than watching your favorite movies with your partner this Christmas eve? 0123Putlockers gives you the opportunity to do the same. It is one of the most popular websites in the world right now for consuming free content. However, you need to be careful while accessing this website. This website does not support piracy, which means you can be in big trouble if cybersecurity finds you accessing this website.

Fortunately, there are VPN services that can help you mask your IP address and erase digital footsteps. You can take help from VPN services to ensure your security.