Amazon Digital is one of the premier services of Amazon that allows you to purchase and download digital content through the subscription method. Amazon added this feature to its ever-expanding line of services for its customers. If you want to know in detail about what is Amazon Digital Service, then try to read through to the end of this article.

In this article, we have provided details about Amazon Digital service, what is Amazon Digital charge, as well as what Is Amazon Digital download. You will also get to know about further key factors related to Amazon Digital that will be of great help to you if you are a subscriber.


What Is Amazon Digital Service?

What Is Amazon Digital Service

You know that Amazon offers a variety of services and products through the internet. The services that Amazon offers you digitally, where you can purchase and download Amazon’s digital content by subscription, are collectively called Amazon Digital Services.

This might include Amazon’s video content, movies, TV shows, software, e-books, podcasts, music, and many more. Basically, Amazon Digital services are the ones that you access through your phone and computer. You can access all the Amazon Digital services by subscribing to Amazon Prime and taking a Prime membership.

The following are the major services that fall under the collective category of Amazon Digital:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon Music
  • Software Subscriptions at Amazon
  • Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  • Amazon Drive
  • Amazon Kids+
  • Audible by Amazon

All the digital services that are offered by Amazon can be stored in the cloud services provided by Amazon. Hence, if you have limited storage on your computer or phone memory, you can use the services offered by Amazon cloud.

What Is Amazon Digital Charge?

What Is Amazon Digital Charge

You might see a bank account statement where you have been charged under the name “AMZN Digital.” Then you should know that Amazon is taking the Amazon Digital charge to renew your subscription to the digital services Amazon.

The Amazon Digital charge is the fee that you are charged to use Amazon Digital services through your phone or computer. Amazon generally offers you a trial period ranging from 30 to 90 days. To get a better idea of the pricing information of every Amazon Digital service option, you must look at all the subscription pages of each of the Amazon Digital Services.

How Does Amazon Digital Charge Works?

How Does Amazon Digital Charge Works

To access the free trial of Amazon Digital services, you will need to enter your own details as well as your bank account details. Hence, after you have completed the trial period of Amazon Digital Services, Amazon will start charging for the services.

The Amazon Digital charge is the auto-renewal payment introduced by Amazon. One of the major helps that you will get, in this case, is that you will not have to perform any mutual transactions at the date when your subscription needs to be renewed.

If you want to stop your membership, you will have to turn off the auto-renewal option. If you do not stop the auto-renewal option on your Amazon Digital membership account, then the amount will be deducted after the subscription period is over. and if you do not want to pay for the next subscription, you will need to go to the “End Membership” option and click the button with the same name.

What Are The Charges Related To Amazon Digital?

What Are The Charges Related To Amazon Digital

If you want to subscribe to the services offered by Amazon Digital services, there are various types of cost options, depending on the number and types of services you want to consume. As discussed before, a subscription to Amazon Digital services is only possible through Amazon Prime membership. The charge for Amazon Prime Subscription is $14.99/ month or $139/ year.

With the help of the Amazon Prime membership, you will get to watch unlimited video streaming from Amazon Prime video, get free delivery of products that you buy from, avail exclusive discounts, get a better shopping experience, get free offers on various items, etc.

You can get a free trial of 30 days on Amazon prime, after which, if you want to keep your Amazon Prime membership, they will deduct money for the subscription of the following month. However, you will have to enter your card details, from where Amazon will be able to deduct the amount.

Although Amazon Digital is a service of Amazon Prime, you can still access Amazon Digital services, even if you do not have an Amazon Prime membership. This way, you can avail the services offered by Amazon Digital. However, with the help of Amazon Prime, you will get more benefits.

How To Track Your Amazon Digital Charges?

How To Track Your Amazon Digital Charges

It is easy to track all the money amount that you have spent on Amazon. You will first need to log in to your Amazon account on the website. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Go to the “Your Account” section on the homepage.

Step 2: Within the “Your Account” section, visit “Digital Services and Digital Support.”

Step 3: Inside this section, click on “View or cancel your digital orders.” In this section, you will be able to see the transactions and even cancel your subscription to digital services.

If you turn off the auto-renewal function, then Amazon Digital will stop charging you for the services, and the subscription to the offerings of Amazon Digital will get stopped.

Summing Up

Hope that you have found enough information in this article about Amazon Digital services as well as the Amazon Digital charge. Basically, the Amazon Digital charge is the price that Amazon takes to provide the services that come under Amazon Digital. On the question of how to deal with Amazon Digital charges, we will recommend you keep track of the various digital transactions that you do with Amazon.

Furthermore, you should also make sure to review your bank statements from time to time to stay aware of your transactions. This way, you can be sure of what you are being charged by Amazon Digital Services. If you encounter any problems with Amazon Digital services, you can always contact Amazon’s customer service either through email or phone.

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