Annual or Bi-Annual Cybersecurity Testing

The cyberattacks are evolving day by day. With the help of modern tools and technologies, hackers are always busy developing new techniques to fail the security system and plans. Technology was one of the hottest topics in the market but fear of it is growing at a faster pace. If you are wondering about the situation, we are here to tell you the whole story.

Did you know around 50,000 cyberattacks happen all over the world? The number of these attacks is still growing beyond the roof and has forced every business with an online presence to hire a cybersecurity testing company. These security testing companies ensure the safety of the businesses, their employees, and customers on an online platform by making the system free of loopholes.

Do I need to get my system tested annually? Would getting my system or software tested bi-annually work better? These are two questions asked by every Software Company or business approaching a cybersecurity testing firm. We have gathered facts and reasons for you to answer these questions yourself.

Benefits of Annual Pen Testing

There are hundreds of cyber threats waiting for you to make one mistake so they can steal all of your sensitive data. Among such conditions, a lot of companies have decided to call a cybersecurity testing company and get their system evaluated. Here are some benefits of getting your system tested and evaluated once a year:

  • Annual testing reveals critical vulnerabilities present in your system. Once done, you can easily devise different solutions to make your system stronger.
  • At times, you come face to face with multiple risks. Security testing helps you prioritize all the risks so you can easily handle them all without being vulnerable.
  • Your organization needs to comply with the ever-changing market. Annual cyber testing helps you live up to the new compliance matrix.
  • Also, you stay informed about all the possible threats, security health of your system, and ways to stop or combat threats.

Benefits of Bi-annual Testing

Some companies with lots of sensitive data have thought it better to shift to bi-annual cybersecurity testing rather than annual testing. Why do they pay a cybersecurity testing company twice a year? Well, here are some reasons for that:

  • Since a huge organization keeps growing every month, bi-annual testing makes it easy for the company to stay up-to-date with the assets.
  • You receive risk profiles including strength and vulnerabilities for every asset twice a year so you have lots of time to handle them.
  • Bi-annual cyber testing makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the data flowing in or out.
  • Also, you can apply mitigating controls for all assets on the list based on the assessment.
  • Your systems become strong to face all of the cybercrimes evolving every month.


It is not easy to define which sort of testing is best as both of them have great benefits to offer. However, one can make a decision based on the size of the organization. Since large organizations have lots of assets and deal with multiple threats every passing day, it is best to sign up for bi-annual cyber testing.