Benefits of Golf

5 Benefits of Golf for Your Kids

It is estimated that seniors make up 26% of all golfers around the world, and it is not uncommon for people to think of golf as an ?old people?s sport?. However, the reality is that golf promises many health and social benefits for individuals of all ages ? children, teens, adults, and seniors alike!

Are you thinking about encouraging your child or teenager to start golfing? Here are just a few reasons why it?s a fantastic idea.

Golf promises regular exercise:

Golf isn?t just about perfecting that swing. It also involves rigorous physical training and lots of walking around on the green. In short, anyone who plays this sport is bound to be rather fit and healthy as a result of regular exercise. Furthermore, playing golf naturally strengthens a person?s core and improves both balance and posture.

The risk of injury is low when playing golf:

If you are worried about your child being injured when playing a rough contact sport, you are not alone. Luckily, golf is a wonderful alternative to consider if this is the case. It is low intensity, which is great for growing bodies and doesn?t involve direct contact with others.

It is also true that many parents might find themselves shying away from encouraging their kids to play sports at the age of COVID-19. Golf is a great option because it is played outdoors and allows for effortless social distancing, giving everyone maximum peace of mind.

There?s the possibility to earn a scholarship:

Obviously, you want your child to enjoy playing golf ? but wouldn?t it be wonderful if something bigger came out of their passion for the game, too?

Nowadays, young golfers can land golf scholarships to study at prestigious colleges and universities across the country and beyond. These scholarships often amount to approximately $40,000 per year!

Golf boosts self-esteem:

There is evidence to suggest that golf can improve a child or teen?s self-esteem and self-confidence quite dramatically over time. If they are dedicated enough and practice consistently, they will feel proud and accomplished as their skills continue to improve.

This pride can flood into their everyday lives and help them to feel like a more confident person overall.  They will also likely meet other children and teens who love golf and build strong, life-long friendships due to their shared interests.

Golf gets them outdoors:

Golf gets them outdoors

If you would like to see your child spending more time outside rather than watching TV or playing video games on the couch, golf is a great way to do that. They will be getting fresh air, a good dose of Vitamin D, and reducing their screen time without even realizing it!

Ultimately, golf is the perfect sport for children and teens to try out from an early age ? and it?s a sport that they can continue playing happily into their adult and senior years. So, do your best to spark an interest and support them in fine-tuning their game. They will definitely thank you for it in the future.

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