If you know well about LinkedIn, then we don’t need to tell you it is one of the best marketing software of 2021. However, as the software is proactive and open for all, people do scam using this software nowadays. So, if you become the victim of any kind of scam, you must report against the account. 

You have to know how to block someone on Linkedin. When you learn, you can easily stay away from troubles. It happens to many people that someone is offering a job and later asking for money for form fillup and all. If you see such things, don’t pay cash and instantly report against the person and block them. 


When To Block Someone?

It is necessary to know when you will get to know the person is cheating with you or harassing you. After getting the indications about the scam, you must block the person. To make other people away from the problem also share your chats with the person.

In that way, you can stay away from scam and also can make other people stay away from these types of fake profiles. But it is highly important to know how to block someone on Linkedin. But, before that let’s see when you will block someone.

1. Fake Profile Details

When someone will send you a request on your LinkedIn profile, see who is the person he does in real life. Most of the time, people put wrong answers on their profile details. These things happen regularly.

So be aware and look at his job profile, education, and all. When the person is fake, he will give wrong details that will never match with a normal person’s profile. And if you see something is wrong in the profile. You don’t need to accept the request. You block the person instantly.

2. Offensive Chat

When you access a LinkedIn account you will see people will send messages and also will introduce themselves to you. Linkedin is a marketing platform that people use for official reasons. If any person wants to know about your personal life, be assured that the person is not right.

Naturally, people generally don’t ask to know anything except the job, education-related matters. And if the person tells you something offensive on LinkedIn, instantly block the person. Is the question arise like can you block someone on LinkedIn? The answer will be definitely you can. Feel free to block someone in need.

3. Ask For Money

If a stranger asks for money, you have confirmed yourself that the person is not right. If you apply for an online course, then they can ask you for money. But if you see a person is asking for an amount for no valid reason that means it is totally fraud. You have to be aware of the person and never ever send money to the person.

If you see the reason is genuine and you will be benefited by spending money then only send money. When someone asks for money, clarify the reason. If you see the reason is not clear block him. We will tell you how to block a person on LinkedIn.

However, these are the times when you can block a person from doing harm. And if someone mocks you personally then also block the person and make a report on the account.

How To Block A Person On LinkedIn

Before going to block someone you need to know what will happen after blocking. When you block someone, he or she can never see your profile and also will be able to send you messages. Whenever the person will try to access your profile he or she will fail to do that. So, it is perfect for you to stay away from a fake person. So, let’s see how to block a person on LinkedIn.

1. Find The Profile

The first time, you have to find the person whom you want to block. If the person send you chats then you can directly go to the profile from the chatbox. On the other hand the person sends you a request, there also you can easily visit the profile. However, finding the profile is important, otherwise you can’t block the person on LinkedIn.

2. Open Profile

After getting the name, you have to open the profile and will see the picture of the person. Here the person can post a funny, cartoon picture which is not mandatory to look at. At the corner of the page, you will have ‘click more’. Press the thing and there you will get the block option.

3. Block the Person

Now in the last part, you click on the block button. When you press the block button, a question may come that is ‘are you sure to block the person?’ if you are sure about the block then press yes, and then the person will be blocked automatically. The process of blocking is very easy, so block the person and get away from troubles.

The Final Words

Now you have already learned how to block someone on Linkedin. Don’t hesitate, if someone does wrong with others then the person must deserve a block. You keep yourself away from the disastrous situation and block the person. It is a better option to avoid this kind of person.

After facing such a problem, you may feel responsible to others. In that time, take a screenshot of the profile and block the person. Along with blocks, don’t forget to report against the person. When you report, the person will lose access to the profile. Don’t tolerate nonsense, just block any a single click and protect yourself from all the nonsensical stuff. 

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