Fathers Day

How To Celebrate Fathers Day With A Toddler?

Father’s day is just around the corner.

What an exciting time for new fathers. But why celebrate when your toddler or baby wouldn?t even understand anything? Well, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the day with your little one. 

If you are wondering what to do? You have reached the right place!

Baby & Father’s Day

Just because your little one is not old enough doesn’t mean you should make the best out of this day. This is your day, and as a father, you should enjoy it with your toddler and baby.

So, take that day off and do the following things!

1. Go For A Picnic

Go For A Picnic

When you are having a day with a toddler, it is almost impossible to enjoy when you have to take care of a whining child who does not like the crowd. So, if you wish to do something outdoors, try something which will be calmer and will not include crying sessions.

An outdoor picnic with your toddler on fathers day is the perfect activity. Small bite-sized food, some fizzy drinks, and playing with your baby amidst nature. Plus, since you are driving to the destination, and your car will be nearby, packing all the essential baby items wouldn?t be difficult.

This is because you have to think about your child?s comfort as well. Okay, time to get the Gingham out.

2. Dress Up Your Baby & Take Them For A Stroll

Dressing up your baby and toddler is the most satisfying thing ever; this is because most people dream about putting their babies in those cute baby clothes. Get some cute baby onesies for your baby, especially the ones that say, ?My Dad Is A Superhero.?

We can already feel the adorable meter, and it seems to be rising!

There is nothing more adorable than dressing up your little one in these cute onesies or matching colors with their father and going on a walk. Try this Ringer Onesie, and cuteness will overload the streets on fathers day. This will also be a good time to get decked up and go to the park and have lunch outside.

You will get some time for family outings as well!

3. Try A First For Your Baby

 father having fun with his little son

Every baby or toddler has that first time for everything. 

  • The first time they go to a bookshop.
  • This is my first time going to a restaurant.
  • My first time at an amusement park.
  • The first time on a skateboard.

You can either pick one of them or pick something you would want your toddler to do for the first time. What better way to enjoy fathers day other than seeing your little one getting amused by something new?

4. Teach Your Toddler Something

No, you do not have to spend fathers day by being academic and getting them into studying. You can teach them something as simple as eating their own meal; yes, let them make a mess because that is cute.

You can teach them a new sport or can get admission for ballet class for kids see how they grasp the knowledge. These will give you so many great moments to capture with your camera. There is nothing more special than trying out new things and making home videos for you to reminisce about another Father’s Day after a decade. 

5. Build A Fort & Watch Movies

The purpose of fathers day is to spend time with your children, and if you are short of ideas, then here is a great one for you.

  • Get a fort ready with clips and bedsheets.
  • Make the seating comfortable, and save space for baby products. Everything you will need to make your toddler comfortable. 
  • Now introduce them to masterpieces like Disney and Pixar.

This can be your first movie night with your toddler and make a brand new bonding experience. If your toddler seems to like it, you can make this tradition and do this almost every week. 

Try Them Out!

Now that you have such great ideas for making fathers day special and have a new tradition with your toddler, why wait for them to grow and understand the concept?

After all, you do not really need a reason to spend some quality time with your child.

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