Why Business Owners Struggle

5 Common Reasons Why Business Owners Struggle

Do you know why business owners struggle? That’s because business owners have many responsibilities on their shoulders, and more than often they mess up their roles. If you are one of the many people who dream of running their own business and you are considering taking the plunge, it is important not to rush.

Running a business can be a profitable and personally rewarding way to earn a living. But, it also comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty. You’ll make several mistakes along the way, but if you learn quickly, those mistakes will only leave good lessons for you.

Why Business Owners Struggle? -The Reasons

If you are about to start your own business, it might help you to be aware of the five most common reasons why business owners struggle.

1. They fail to connect with customers

fail to connect with customers

Successful businesses provide a product or service that customers need or want. Still, many businesses fail to engage with their customers on a deeper level and therefore do not understand their needs. Businesses need to find out what customers want by asking them directly. They should apply social listening tools to identify common problems of their target audience. It is one of the major reasons why business owners struggle nowadays.


You can apply social listening tools like social media, customer surveys, reading reviews, or simply have a conversation with them. Email marketing, loyalty schemes, and special offers can also help to strengthen customer loyalty.

2. They try to do too much

Many business owners wear multiple hats in the early stages of their business. But, over time the number of roles and tasks they are responsible for gets out of hand. At some point, it is important to delegate tasks to others so that each business unit gets the attention it deserves. This also leaves business owners free to pursue new opportunities and steady growth.


Business advisory services can help entrepreneurs to adapt their strategy and invest in the right areas for growth. If you don’t want to have a struggling business learn delegating responsibilities from the inception stage so that your subordinates become responsible enough to handle those.

3. They don?t use technology to their advantage

Modern customers expect fast and intuitive service whether they are shopping online or offline. Some businesses do not recognize the importance of technology. They are still unsure of its capacity to improve just about every aspect of its operations. From your website design to the POS system in your store, the right technology can lead you towards success faster.


Lack of technological resources is one of the major small business issues. But, no matter the size, any business must employ a few technological solutions to streamline the operation. Cloud-based solutions are currently in demand, so you can give them a shot.

4. They don?t differentiate themselves

Business owners can carve out a living by running an average business, which ticks over in a saturated market. Still, if you are looking for significant profits, you have to do something unique. This will not happen by imitating the competition or following the crowd. Whenever I have interviewed a struggling business owner, I found that their lack of uniqueness is something that makes them struggle so much.


Sustained growth comes from taking risks, standing out from the crowd, and being memorable. So, you can allow your employees to brainstorm new ideas, and nurture their creative persona. It will help you find better solutions to differentiate your brand from the competitors.

5. They try to expand too soon

You have to walk before you can run when in business, but lots of entrepreneurs forget this lesson. They jump at the first opportunity to expand whether they are ready or not. Before you can start to grow and diversify, you need to have a solid business infrastructure that is reaching high standards of customer service.


You can set a few feasible goals for short-term business operations, and for long-term operations. Only if you can accomplish all your short-term goals, think of expanding your business. If your short-term goals are not met, the idea of expanding the business will be a disastrous one.


We have already given you some valuable insights into why business owners struggle. But, we have found people more than often to stuck with some other questions regarding this topic too. So, we have handpicked a few such questions that can guide you better through this phase. Let’s take  a look:

1: What Are The Struggles Of A Small Business?

Ans: Small business owners are responsible for a variety of duties that consume a lot of time in their daily schedule. Entrepreneurs frequently struggle to balance a schedule that involves sales and marketing, funding, product development, and business development. Another one of small business struggles is that it may not have the financial capabilities that a larger corporation has.

2: What Is One Of The Difficulties Faced By Small Business Owners?

Ans: Lack of sufficient cash flow is one of the major difficulties in small business struggles. But lack of cash flow is also a major reason why business owners struggle irrespective of the size of their firm. Almost 82% of small business owners in the U.S. struggle due to poor cash flow.

3: What Are The Biggest Business Problems?

Ans: Some of the major reasons why business owners struggle are the lack of certainty, globalization, the hype of innovation, too many technological advancements, and lack of diversity in the organizations. For small business struggles, these problems create an even bigger impact. Sometimes incompatible governmental policies and regulations also become major reasons behind why business owners struggle.

Closing Thoughts

Are you still with us? As you can see, in this article we have given you some common reasons behind why business owners struggle. We have also given you some feasible solutions for eradicating these struggling business issues. If you own a business, you may also end up experiencing these small business issues. So, without a worry, start applying the solutions that we have talked about here, and make your business a successful venture.

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