Cookie Clicker Unblocked

How To Play The Cookie Clicker Unblocked Online? Read Now!  

Do you like baking cookies? Do you wish to play a game where you can bake cookies with a click? Then Cookie Clicker Unblocked is the best cookie-baking game you should try!

In this game, you just click on the delicious choc-chip cookie on the screen to bake cookies! The more you bake, the more you get to upgrade your bakery and attract more customers!

But how do you play this game on a device that has various gaming sites locked in it? You play it from different unblocked game websites!

Read this guide till the end to learn how to play this game unblocked online!

I thought Cookie Clicker unblocked games 66 was dull when I first played it. All I had to do was click on a cookie, and everything got automated. Since I mostly play competitive FPS games like Counter Strike 2, Valorant, and Rainbow Six: Siege, this game seemed childish and stupid in comparison. I like to use my brain cells a bit more while gaming.

However, I kept on clicking. I am a hardcore gamer, after all! Then, it clicked. Once I started baking more cookies and unlocking more upgrades, I finally understood what this game really was about. I also understood why everyone should play this game as well. Then, I realized I was enjoying the game!

Building your own cookie empire, creating septillions of cookies with each click, and earning septillions of dollars was an excellent prospect. The more upgrades I unlocked in the form of buildings, the more fun I started to have with this game.

The premise of an unblocked Cookie Clicker is simple.

You are a new baker in town who recently opened a new cookie shop. Once you open this game, you will see a giant cookie on the left side of the screen. In the middle, you will get a pixelated view of what your bakery looks like inside. On the right side of the screen, you can access the store for upgrades you can buy for your bakery.

The objective of this game is simple – keep clicking on the massive cookie on the left of the screen.

The more cookies you bake by clicking, the more cookies you sell. The more cookies you sell, the more money you earn. And the more money you earn – the more store upgrades you can purchase. This increases the number of cookies you make per click and the money you earn. Just repeat this process until you break your mouse by clicking incessantly!

Playing Cookie Clicker Unblocked is easy. All you need to do is search for Cookie Clicker Unblocked and click on any search result websites that appear.

But what are unblocked games? What does unblocked in cool math games unblocked mean?

There are various gaming websites that are blocked on school and office computers. Therefore, students and office-goers cannot game using the school and office-provided computers in their free time. In addition, they cannot do so even if they bring the computer home after school and work is over!

To solve this problem, many video game and website developers devised the idea to create unblocked games websites where you can play these games using your browser. They have termed unblocked games because these unblocked gaming websites are not blocked on school and office computers!

Here are some of the best unblocked games websites for playing games like Moto X3M Unblocked and Slope Unblocked:

Cookie Clicker Unblocked Buildings

Buildings in Cookie Clicker Unblocked hacked don?t mean buildings that you construct. In this game, buildings refer to items (and grandmas) that will help you bake millions of cookies automatically without clicking! The more cookies that you bake, the more buildings you will be able to purchase.

Here are the different buildings that you can purchase and upgrade in the unblocked games cookie clicker:

1. Cursor  

The cursor (auto clicker) is the first and cheapest building you can unlock in Cookie Clicker Unblocked. Initially, a cursor click will produce only one cookie. Later on, when upgrading your cursor, you will be baking a lot more! The cost of the base version of the cursor is 15 cookies.

2. Grandma  

Everyone loves their sweet, dear old grandma. But why is she sweet? Because she makes the best cookies! Similarly, you can hire an army of 90-year-old grandmas to work in your bakery full-time! Each grandma produces 8 cookies per second. The base price of a grandma is 100 cookies.

3. Farm  

As a genius cookie-maker, you have found a great way to make plants that sprout their own cookies! Each farm produces 32 cookies per second. The base price of the farm is 1,100 cookies.

4. Mine  

In your quest to increase the production of cookies, you have found secret caves to mine for cookies. Each mine produces 47 cookies per second. The base price of the mine is 12,000 cookies.

5. Factory  

As you have made a name for yourself in the town, your cookies have also started to spread to nearby towns. Therefore, it’s time to set up a factory and create your own cookie empire! Each factory produces 260 cookies per second. The base price of the factory is 130,000 cookies.

6. Bank  

Now that the rise of industrialization is going well, bank loans have become necessary with interest as well. Each bank produces 1,400 cookies per second, with the base version costing 1.4 million cookies.

7. Temple  

With the help of the temple, you can pray for cookies, and the cookie god will send some your way! Temples produce 7,800 cookies per second, with its base price being 20 million cookies.

8. Wizard Tower  

Since your cookie sales are at an all-time high, you have hired a wizard in your bakery to conjure up the tastiest cookies globally! Wizard towers produce 44,000 cookies per second, costing 330 million cookies to create one.

9. Shipment  

Since your cookies are world popular, you have also decided to open production centers in other countries. They will ship 260,000 cookies per second, initially costing you 5.1 billion cookies.

10. Alchemy Lab  

To ramp up cookie production, you have set up an alchemy lab. Making one costs 75 billion cookies, producing 1.6 million cookies per second.

11. Portal  

Did you know there is a secret cookie dimension where you can grab lots of cookies? You need 1 trillion cookies to open up a portal, producing 10 million cookies per second.

12. Time Machine  

With increasing cookie demand, you have used a time machine to bring cookies from other timelines. One of these machines costs 14 trillion cookies,l creating 430 million cookies per second.

13. Antimatter Condenser  

You have found a scientific way to condense the antimatter of this universe into delicious cookies. This costs 170 trillion cookies, producing 430 million cookies per second.

14. Prism  

With this powerful prism in hand, you can convert light into cookies! Prisms initially cost 2.1 quadrillion cookies and create 2.9 billion cookies per second.

15. Chancemaker  

This mythical object creates cookies – just by sheer luck! This initially costs 26 quadrillion cookies and produces 21 billion cookies per second.

16. Fractal Engine  

With this powerful fractal engine, you can duplicate cookies. It initially costs 310 quadrillion cookies and prices 150 billion cookies per second.

17. Javascript Console  

Now that you have become self-conscious that this is a Javascript game, you gained the power of a cookie-stack developer to create cookies out of codes. This console initially costs 71 quintillion cookies and produces 1.1 trillion cookies per second.

18. Idleverse  

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are various parallel realities to the one you are living in. You have found a way to contact your different selves and asked them to produce cookies as well. This initially costs 12 sextillion cookies and makes 8.3 trillion cookies per second.

19. Cortex Baker  

Apart from you, the Cortex baker is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, being the size of a planet. This baker can simply think of cookies that will be created instantly. You can acquire him for 1.9 septillion cookies, producing 64 trillion cookies per second.


Cookie Clicker Unblocked is a fun casual game you can play from any browser. Simply open an unblocked games website and start playing your cookie empire to dominate the world?s cookie market!

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