Have you ever asked yourself does Costco take EBT? Well, you are in the right place to find the answer to your question. In recent times, Costco warehouses have been quite a popular retail store in terms of buying a bulk amount of items. On the other hand, this can be appealing for households while you are in the shopping destination.

This is one of the most asked questions: does Costco accept food stamps? Every Costco warehouse location currently accepts food stamps as payment for SNAP-eligible items. Although Costco doesn’t accept food stamps for online payments, Costco gas affiliates, and so on,

As of November 2023, Costco has made this retail store one of the most suitable online stores for individuals who can rely on food stamps, known as EBT cards. This means people across the United States can shop at their nearby Costco store with this. After all, Costco’s commitment is all about providing accessible and affordable options to all shoppers, like Amazon, Big Cartel, and so on.


Does Costco Take EBT?

Does Costco Take EBT?

Food stamp users must be aware of such limitations while using their benefits at Costco. After all, it has been seen that Costco accepts EBT cards at all its warehouse locations. Below, I am going to discuss does Costco take EBT card.

Suppose you are the recipient of the SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which is mainly known as food stamps, then there are certain limitations that you should know. What are they? Well, these are such:

Firstly, it is essential to note that anyone can use an EBT card at every Costco warehouse location across the United States of America. It means that if you have a membership with Costco and are enrolled with SNAP, you can enjoy a Costco membership. On the other hand, Costco gives various offers, which the wholesale retailer gives you.

Above all, there are some significant things that you should consider first before heading to shop for Costco. Now, let’s talk about what they are.

The first restriction is that EBT cards can’t be used for online purchases, especially on Costco.com. This means if you would prefer to shop from home and have your groceries delivered there, it is one of the best options for SNAP recipients.

The Limitations In Terms Of Accepting Food Stamps At CostCo

The Limitations In Terms Of Accepting Food Stamps At CostCo

After all, the guidelines for using an EBT card at Costco have certain limitations. Below, I am going to discuss the limitations in terms of accepting the EBT card at Costco.

1) One of the most important goals of SNAP or Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program is encouraging people to eat healthily. In this case, fruits and vegetables are the most essential elements that work as a nutrition supplement. You can use food stamps to purchase fruits and vegetables at Costco.

2) SNAP recognizes the importance of protein. You can consume meat, fish, and poultry as it works as a balanced diet. In this case, it allows users to purchase food stamps.

3) SNAP or Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program recognizes the importance and benefit of protein. This means it allows users to buy meats, fish, and poultry with their balanced benefits at Costco.

4) Conversely, SNAP allows customers to buy dairy products. At the Costco retail store, you can buy essential dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt using an EBT card.

5) Supplements like cereals and bread are recognized foods you can purchase with food stamps at Costco’s retail store. On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain a diet.

6) Seeds and plants are the most important foods you can buy at Costco using food stamps. In this case, it is about promoting self-sustainable or even home gardening efforts among other SNAP recipients. You can easily purchase seeds and plants to produce food with food stamps.

What Are The Additional Food Items Which You Can Purchase With Food Stamps At Costco?

What Are The Additional Food Items Which You Can Purchase With Food Stamps At Costco?

There are certain food items that you can buy with food stamps at Costco. This means certain guidelines do not apply to every food product. Below, I will discuss the additional food items you can purchase with food stamps at Costco.

1) As per the SNAP guidelines, customers can’t use food stamps, especially for food stamps. This means if it is about immediate consumption at the store, including the food courts at Costco.

2) Another benefit of SNAP is that you can purchase alcoholic beverages. This means it is restricted to specific locations.

3) Although it is about caring for pets, you can use food stamps to buy pet foods. This means SNAP is a beneficial food stamp when purchasing pet foods at a high deal.

4) Costco never allows tobacco products to be bought at a high price by using food stamps like SNAP. This means you can’t purchase tobacco by using food stamps like SNAP.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of EBT Cards?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of EBT Cards

What is the purpose behind the EBT card? If you want to use an EBT card, it is up to you whether you qualify for SNAP benefits. Below, I will discuss the pros and cons of an EBT card.


  • One of the biggest benefits of using an EBT card is getting free monthly money. This means you never have to pay this money back. In addition, you can buy groceries using an EBT card, which means these are non-taxed. This means you will get little food based on your money every time you have to go to the store.
  • Lastly, having these benefits means you won’t have to wait for vouchers. Instead of worrying about postal delays every month, you have to reload your money.


  • One of the most significant drawbacks is that EBT cards are only accepted at some retail stores. Whether you can use this EBT card or not, you should know that only some store owners will accept EBT cards at most fast-food establishments.
  • There are several states which might restrict every type of food item. If you first begin using an EBT card, what has yet to be covered?
  • If you are using an EBT card, you have to make two distinct sections. This means one is for food, which you can pay using an EBT card, and another is for everything else, which you must use debit, credit, or cash.

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about does costco take EBT above in this article. After all, an EBT card offers a great deal, meaning you can buy items at stores. Also, remember that you can only use an EBT card at Costco locations, but you can’t buy it online.

In particular, before using your EBT card, know the terms and conditions of this. On the other hand, you can even take advantage of the store’s multiple savings opportunities without buying such items in bulk. I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, then comment below!

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