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4 Compelling Reasons To Get Your New Puppy Vaccinated 

 Bringing home a new puppy is a truly joyous occasion. You should arrange for your new puppy to be vaccinated against infectious diseases. This is not only to prevent your pet dog from falling ill but also to stop canine diseases from spreading through the dog population like wildfire. 

There are several diseases that are vaccinated against in dogs. Here are four of them: each one is a great reason to get your puppy inoculated. In addition, to protect the health of your puppy, routine vaccinations are moderately compelling.

Most of the new dog parents are aware of the only hydrophobia virus. But other than the hydrophobia virus, there are many different types of viruses present in nature that are pretty harmful to your puppy?s health.

Let?s see what the common compelling reasons to get your puppy vaccinated are.

4 Compelling Reasons For The Puppy Vaccinations

4 Compelling Reasons For The Puppy Vaccinations

Your new puppy or your new pet dog every time you have to complete the whole vaccination process.As he vacations are not only going to protect you. The health of your dog is also going to be well protected.

Here are four reasons why puppy vaccination programs are pretty effective.

1. Canine Viral Hepatitis 

Vaccinating your new puppy against canine viral hepatitis is a good idea: primarily because it can be spread very easily between dogs. The ingestion of infected urine can spread this virus. 

Lethargy and liver inflammation are the two main symptoms of this virus, although there are a great many other rather stressful effects. Dogs usually suffer lots of pain during this illness, and 20 percent of infected animals die. Vaccination is highly effective against it. Don?t take the risk! 

2. Rabies

Rabies is exceptionally rare in canines these days. This is largely thanks to vaccinations. Rabies is a terrifying disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. It is almost always fatal unless caught early. Unfortunately, the Rabbis do not have any form of cure, so your new puppy is always going to need complete protection from this deadly virus.

Animals and humans suffering from it develop a whole host of awful symptoms, including hydrophobia. If you want to make absolutely certain that your beloved dog never contracts rabies, you should ensure that they are vaccinated. Qualified practitioners such as the ones at Easy Vet will always include an inoculation against rabies as part of a puppy?s shots. 

3. Parvovirus 

Vaccination against canine parvovirus is essential. Since it was discovered in 1967, this disease has caused a huge amount of canine suffering ? and it can only be held back by vaccines. Parvovirus is a highly infectious DNA virus that rapidly compromises canine bone marrow and intestines. It is spread via contaminated feces, which happens to be released in large quantities by dogs suffering from intestinal collapse due to the virus. 

Dogs infected with the virus typically die from dehydration and shock. Always make sure to vaccinate your new puppy against this horrible illness: current parvovirus vaccines are amazingly effective at reducing risk. Parvovirus is a relatively new disease. It is important that the canine population is vaccinated before it can mutate beyond any control. 

4. Kennel Cough 

Kennel cough is one of the least disturbing illnesses on this list ? but that doesn?t mean it isn?t bad. This disease is actually a disease called infectious tracheobronchitis and can be triggered by many different kinds of bacterial infections in your new puppy. It is known as kennel cough because it spreads quickly in confined spaces containing lots of dogs such as kennels. 

The most obvious symptom of the illness is a consistent, high-pitched cough. This has variously been described as sounding like a goose honk and as if something is blocking the suffering don?s throat. Luckily, many of the bacterial infections that cause kennel cough are commonly vaccinated against. Although kennel cough is not deadly, it can cause otherwise healthy pets to live in some discomfort. 


Your new puppy is your future best friend and the most loyal companion. Every time you have to care for him, the bonding between you grows stronger over time. So from the primary stages of your dog?s life, he always needs the best care from you. Unfortunately, these four harmful viruses are pretty capable of harming your new puppy in a most deadly way. So keep following the vaccination rules and protect your puppy from dangerous viruses.

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